Cobalt Light Systems

Type B Liquid Explosive Detection Systems / Bottle Scanners for Screening of Liquids & Gels

Cobalt Light Systems Insight200MInsight200M – Part of the Insight Range
– Best-in-Class Type B and A Liquid Explosive Detection Systems (LEDS)
– Bottle scanner for the screening of Liquids Aerosols and Gels (LAGS)

Cobalt Light Systems supplies the Insight200M ECAC Standard 3 Type A and B Liquid Explosive Detection System (LEDS). Insight200M is Cobalt’s latest system, joining the highly successful Insight100 and Insight100M systems as part of the Insight Range. Insight200M uses Spatially Offset Raman Spectroscopy (SORS) to accurately identify liquid threats through opaque plastic bottles and tubs, coloured glass, STEBs and other non-metallic containers with exceptional detection capabilities and industry leading false alarm rates:

  • <1% operational false alarm rate for non-metallic containers
  • Insight200M has a secondary sensor which also screens metal containers (?1.5% false alarm rate for combined metal and non-metal containers)
  • Fast and easy to use: Scans in ?5 seconds
  • Insight systems are widely deployed in EU airports – including 8 of the top ten hubs – with additional installs in Asia and Australasia

The Insight200M is designed to seamlessly fit into airport operations with minimal disruption. It is extremely easy to use and gives unambiguous results in 5 seconds, with no consumables required. Insight200M can be used as a primary screening device or can be used to resolve alarms if Type C or Type D equipment is used for primary screening. The ease of use, high throughput and exceptionally low false alarm rate enables liquids screening without disruption. The low false alarm rates mean that the requirement for resolving un-cleared bottles is greatly reduced and therefore overall cost of ownership and hassle factor is low.

Company Profile

  • Insight200M

    • ECAC standard 3 (Type B and A)
    • Screens ALL containers, including metals
    • False alarm rate for ALL containers ≈1.5%
    • Fast and easy to use: Scans in ~5 seconds
    • Detects and names threat material (detection only in metal containers)
    • Compact form factor
    • Ideal as stand-alone systems for all containers or for alarm resolution with EDS for cabin baggage (C2 or C3)
  • Insight100M

    • ECAC standard 3 (Type B and A)
    • Screens ALL containers, including metal
    • False alarm rate approximately 2.5%
    • Fast and easy to use, 3 – 5 second scans
    • Detects and identifies threat liquids (in most cases)
    • Can also screen for flammable liquids
  • Overview - Centralised Insight System Management and Reporting

    • View data from multiple Insight systems in real time in a single dashboard
    • See the status of systems, diagnose problems and update software from a central server


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