Colas Ltd

Airfield Construction and Maintenance Services

Colas Ltd provide extensive airside capabilities and expertise on all aspects of airfield construction and maintenance.

From preservation to a full reconstruction Colas have a wide range of service options designed to meet your airfield requirements.

Our services include:

  • Rapid runway resurfacing without interruption to scheduled operations
  • Runway, taxiway and apron, flexible and rigid pavement construction.
  • Thin film polymer bonded overlays for use on runways, taxiways, aprons and sterile areas.
  • Fuel resistant and fuel non-resistant slurry seal systems.
  • Pavement quality concrete: including complete thresholds; taxiways and aprons; individual bay and concrete repairs, together with all associated saw cutting and jointing.
  • Removal of rubber deposits from runways.
  • Pedestrian and vehicle routes incorporating colour demarcation and anti-slip surfacing.

At Colas we have a strong, dedicated research team that have developed some of the most innovative and advanced techniques yet.

Colas have one of the lowest lost time incident frequency rates in the industry.

Colas is a UK base company that draws on the experience and resources from the international Colas Group, which is one of the largest civil and military airfield contracting organisations in the world.

Our mission is to offer an outstanding service and sustainable processes, while delivering the optimum cost effective solution. We are at the forefront of developing new techniques and practices for runway maintenance.

In addition we undertake work ranging from routine maintenance to major airfield construction projects with the highest regard for safety and responsible working practices.

Company Profile

  • Airfield Maintenance

    We have the ability to offer a variety of sustainable techniques in airfield maintenance catering to your specific requirements. We specialise in routine maintenance on a national scale, ranging from overband sealing, joint sealing and concrete repairs etc.

    We have dedicated Airfield Maintenance teams which carries out routine maintenance to ensure the airfield is kept operable at all times. Below are some examples that we cater for:

    • Runway Retexturing
    • Epoxy Repairs
    • Grooving
    • Overband Sealing
    • Joint Sealing
    • Concrete Repairs
    • Minor Civils
    • Block Paving
    • Saw Cutting
    • Fuel Resistance
    • Drainage

    Our dedicated team of engineers and technical support can help to find your ideal solution.

  • Airfield Treatments

    We believe that all maintenance issues have a suitable economic and sustainable solution that meets the operational and budgetary requirements of all airfields.

    To be able to deliver the optimum solution to the client, we offer a number of products and processes, designed to fit the maintenance requirements.

  • Airfield Treatments

    The following process can be offered as potential solutions, based on the level of deterioration and maintenance requirements.


    Preservation works through a Gilsonite rich membrane that penetrates into the upper surface layer. The membrane permits the binding of the surface aggregate and surface fines, to form a protective sealant, whilst sealing in essential oils and resin. This sealant offers a high barrier of defence against surface oxidation and deterioration as well as stopping water penetration and salt ingression.

    Slurry Surfacing

    Slurry surfacing is a relatively cheap alternative to traditional surfacing options, that allows runways and taxiways to restore pavement surface friction, at a fraction of the cost. Our slurry teams are fully converse with working within the Defence Estates standards and specialise in airfield refurbishment.

    Repave Hot In-situ Recycling

    Repave is a hot in-situ recycling technique offered by Colas Ltd. The process involves heating up, scarifying and recompacting the surface, while then applying a new thinner layered surface course. The benefits of the repave process are that existing materials are reused, thus reducing both CO2 and Energy consumption , reducing the use of expensive virgin materials and providing a strong thermal bond to reduce any minor cracking.

  • Airfield Treatments


    Both deep in-situ and shallow in-situ recycling can be utilised on taxiways, car parks and general aviation areas to utilise the existing materials to restore the strength and serviceability back to the pavement.

    The processes involve reconstituting the material and adding either cement or bitumen to rebind the surface prior to compaction.

    To recycle in this manner not only has excellent green credentials but can also be economically advantageous.


    This is the removal of up to 50mm of old asphalt, and then the reinstatement of the runway with new asphalt. UKAS approved laboratory teams are available to ensure total quality control. They can advise the best resources needed for your situation. We have our own resurfacing group and equipment available at your disposal.


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