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Concourse Display Management project manages high-end duty free retail displays all over the world. There’s no location too exotic. Because we’re 100% dedicated to travel retail, our clients can achieve their full potential in this hyper-lucrative but very demanding environment. Our goal is to unleash our clients’ brand potential within duty-free, hassle-free.

Concourse Display Management specialises in Global Travel Retail furniture design and installation. We:

  • help to build brand presence in critical retail locations
  • save money by delivering integrated and right-first-time services
  • strengthen relationships between brands and travel retailers
  • make life easier by taking away the hassle

The entire Concourse Display Management team has accumulated many years of experience in retail furniture design, production, distribution, installation and associated services.

  • We have built and installed displays on boats, in the Vatican, in airport concourses…
  • We have experience in over 200 duty-free locations worldwide
  • We have a great working relationship with ALL the major duty free retailers

We have 12 Global Project Hubs. London • Geneva • Dubai • Singapore • Hong Kong • Sydney • Frankfurt • Moscow • Bucharest • Istanbul • Miami • Sao Paulo

Please click here to view a small selection from our global portfolio.

Company Profile

  • Duty Free Displays

    How We Work

    Successful travel retail design is about a great deal more than smart retail furniture. Concourse has developed integrated goal-oriented approaches that focus the entire process on results, including:

    • Design: fitting the work to the shop environment… and getting the specification right from the word go, can mean massive savings down the line
    • Build: exacting quality standards make for easy installation and unit longevity
    • Installation: on time, to budget, and with all the necessary paperwork in place
    • Service and maintenance: 365-day support keeps your retail presence bright and shiny!
    Duty Free Displays
  • Travel Retail Furniture

    Delivering Value

    Suppose a retailer opens a new store and your brand isn’t on show at the outset – you stand to lose sales, space and credibility.

    Concourse helps brands to plan ahead, meeting deadlines and following through with carefully managed solutions that maximise the return on your investment.

    To save time and money, as well as ensuring quality, we manufacture furniture in a variety of locations. This minimises shipping and international duty costs, and means we’re always in the best place to keep tabs on progress.

    • UK
    • USA
    • China
    • Turkey
    • Spain
    • Germany
    • Hungary
    • Russia
    • Scandinavia
    • Malaysia
    • Australia…
    Travel Retail Furniture
  • Duty Free Retail Design


    Make the most of Concourse’s specialist knowledge and professional representation! We know the issues associated with duty free work and how to manage them:

    • Fire regulations governing furniture
    • Health and Safety requirements for equipment and installations
    • How to get retail furniture and tools through security
    • When we need to pre-book sniffer dogs to clear furniture through airside
    • How to organise airside passes
    • How to get equipment on ferries
    • How to make sure equipment fits into stores
    • How to ensure vital pricing communication is executed
    • How to make sure we meet deadlines
    • How to manage complex transport and customs logistics
    • We do detailed site surveys beforehand and provide full installation reports on completion.
    Duty Free Retail Design
  • Duty Free Retail Furniture

    Project Management

    With projects being executed thousands of miles from your headquarters the Concourse Display Management gives you transparency, certainty and peace of mind. Clients have access to web-based project management systems, where they can see progress on all their projects.

    • Project deadlines
    • Design sign offs
    • Production photos
    • Site surveys
    • Installation reports
    • Project overviews
    Duty Free Retail Furniture

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