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Airport Access Covers & Drainage Grates Specialists

Crescent is well known globally as a Manufacturer of High Quality Gas and Water Tight Access Covers and Linear Drainage Gratings to suit the needs of Airports and Seaports. Our products have been used on Airport Runways, Pavements and around Parking Hangars of many International Airports and Military Airfields. Some of the projects executed by us are as follows:

  • Dubai International Airport, UAE
  • Hamad International Airport, Doha, Qatar
  • Williamtown RAAF Airbase, NSW, Australia
  • Kuwait International Airport, Kuwait
  • Delhi International Airport, India
  • Mumbai International Airport, India
  • Hyderabad Airport, India
  • Bangalore Airport, India
  • Sydney Airport Qantas Hangar, Australia
  • Gladstone Airport, QLD, Australia

Crescent’s products are meticulously designed by our Product Engineering Team and produced with care to meet the high quality standards required at Airports to withstand the stresses of Ultra Heavy Load traffic movement – F900 load. Even though we have a comprehensive range of products readily available for the Airports, we are flexible to design and fulfil specific needs on projects on case to case basis.

All our products are manufactured in Ductile Iron Grade 500/7 as per EN 124 standards.

Our Airport F900 product range includes:

  • Gas and Water tight Access Covers – Concrete Infill and Solid Tops
  • Trench Drain systems
  • Hydraulic – Easy Lift Manhole Covers

Crescent Foundry was established in 1982 and specialises in castings for all infrastructure and drainage needs. We have been successfully supplying products to over 50 countries around the world in all the five continents.

We are accredited with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. Our products are certified by MPA – Germany, BNQ – Canada, BSI – UK, BVQI – New Zealand, SABS – South Africa.

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Gas and Water Tight Access Covers

Crescent Airport Access Cover range is available in both Recessed for filling with concrete and Ant-slip Solid Top style. The assembled product is available in multiple clear opening sizes to suit the size of underground chamber. The final product can be assembled together with One, Two or Three Covers to suit the Pit opening. To provide access to specialised underground equipments at Airports with large Pit openings, Crescent provides a Multispan unit consisting of multiple covers arranged together with removable steel beams that can all be taken out one by one and make the entire Pit opening accessible.

We also specialise in covering long linear pits run with access covers supported by frames on two sides that can be arranged one after the other in a long trench run. Crescent has also executed projects where a combination of Access Covers and Grates were used together in the same trench system.

All Access Cover assemblies have been manufactured, machined to precision and assembled together to maintain its gas and water tight properties to protect any water leakage into the chamber below. We provide height adjustment bolts  on both sides of the assembled unit to assist in installing the Manhole Cover uniformly.

Download our Single Part Product Range.

Download our Two Part Product Range.

Linear Trench Grates

Crescent F900 Trench Grates are used for draining out water from the surface of Airport runways. The Trench Grate units are supplied with two supporting Frames on both sides securely bolted together to ensure stability of the unit when moving heavy wheel loads pass on the top. The units can be arranged in linear fashion one after the other bolted together at ends. The Grates are supplied both as a single unit or as a linear trench run. Our Grates are available in widths starting from 300mm and go up to 900mm.

The units are machined to ensure no rattling between frames and grates and uniform fitment.

Hydraulic Easy Lift Assemblies

This is a solution to facilitate frequent access to underground installations on Airport runways. These products are manufactured to suit the size and needs of our customers. The Cover can be lifted effortlessly as a hydraulic mechanism is fitted under the Cover.


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