CSS – Complete Sealing Solutions

The Airport Cutting and Sealing Specialist

With our own developed technology and our own team of dedicated specialist CSS already has a proven record in complete A-Z based sealing solutions for airport runways, freeways and parking garages. Results from several Danish airports including Kastrup Airport in Copenhagen and Keflavik Airport on Iceland proves that our work is state of the art, when it comes to form the necessary synthesis regarding knowledge, technique and logistics under the delicate circumstances you always meet working in an airport environment.

CSS Complete Sealing Solutions – The Airport Cutting, Sealing and Grouting Specialist will work directly for any airport or as a subcontractor for any international contractor company meeting all safety regulations and clearings. We offer to take care of the entire process from cutting, chamfering, backstop, primer and finally the actual sealing process.

We have recently provided solutions for Copenhagen Airport in Denmark, Keflavik Airport in Iceland as well as the military facilities in Aalborg and Skrydstrup, also in Denmark. We are certified with the strictest Danish building standards and we believe, we can make a significant difference at your airport, as well.

When we are making the cutting with diamond blades, our machine needs water for cooling down the blades. For this process, we have access to the most advanced mobile and environmentally friendly equipment, where we clean the water for all dirt from the concrete and reuse all the water needed, which brings the water consumption down from the usually required amount of app. 40 tons to a stunning one ton total consumption per day. Together with our highly skilled and dedicated crew, we can make the entire production process hassle-free, even under the most delicate conditions that the airport environment often gives.

We shall gladly set up a personal meeting to discuss a specific task or provide a quote for your upcoming building and restoration tasks as well as to offer you a test work at your airport upon request. Our mother tongue is Danish, but we also speak English and German.

Please visit www.completesealingsolutions.com and please call us on +45 74 61 40 03 for any question or enquiry. We are here and happy to help you.

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CSS – Complete Sealing Solution
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