CTI Systems OEM

Focus On Aircraft - OEM

CTI Systems develops production, assembly/installation and maintenance systems for all reputable aircraft manufacturers. Another focus is on platforms and equipment with connection to fully-automatic material flow.


As a market leader with decades of experience and global references, we offer you systems that provide first-class performance, highest possible reliability and increased system availability to meet rising production and maintenance requirements in the aircraft industry.

Company Profile

  • OEM operators are looking for:

    • trusted partnership (SQIP)
    • cost effective solutions
    • delivery on schedule
    • capacity
    • availability
    • advanced technology
    • recognized integrator
  • Added value from a "one stop shop supplier" for turnkey installations:

    • CTI Systems meet OEM expectations
    • CTI Systems is A-Supplier
    • CTI Systems is SQIP Partner
    • CTI Systems – wide range of expertise (products and technology)
    • CTI Systems partner for customized solutions
    • CTI Systems – Transparency for the customer (CPS/WWS)
    • Monthly KPI Communication

    CTI Systems equipment leading equipment for manufacturing, assembly and logistic efficiency!


CTI Systems S.à r.l.
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L-9779 Lentzweiler
  • +352 2685 2000