CTI Systems

CTI Systems - The inventor and world market leader of teleplatforms, offers the complete portfolio around aircraft MRO, painting and production.

With more than 60 years of aviation experience and as the inventor and undisputed global leader in teleplatform, CTI Systems‘ advanced MRO and painting systems are in use by all commercial aircraft OEMs and MRO service providers worldwide.

These are complemented by a wide range of dedicated access and handling systems that provide unsurpassed short turnaround times and the highest standards of safety for the staff and aircraft.

CTI Systems’ state-of-the-art equipment for MRO applications offers the highest level of productivity in aircraft manufacturing and maintenance. It is the one-stop solution provider with the best fitting MRO components for application, tailored to specific task.

CTI Systems offers proven solutions for MRO:

  • Teleplatforms – for aircraft painting, washing and maintenance
  • Dockings – for aircraft maintenance and overhaul
  • Fall Arrester Systems – to let your staff work safely
  • Aircraft engine handling systems – for maintenance centres and in test cells
  • Hangar cranes and patented rails (monorails) with interlocks
  • Access platforms for production lines (OEM)


Teleplatform (Aircraft Manufacturing & Maintenance and Aircraft Painting)

From the inventor to the market leader – CTI Teleplatforms First introduced and launched on the market, the teleplatform patented for CTI Systems in 1974 ushered in a new era in access technology for aircraft manufacturing …

ITP – the Intelligent Teleplatform & Robotic Painting

Safety, Ergonomy and Efficiency CTI Systems is constantly investing in the development of new and innovative technology that will help to make its products safer, extra efficient and more ergonomically advanced. Newly developed digital features integrated into …

Aerial Jib Platform

For Aircraft Manufacturing and Maintenance, and Painting   The Aerial Jib Platform (AJP) - The advanced access during aircraft paint process. Suitable for narrow-body models such as the A320 and B737 as well as wide-body aircraft, the …

Docking & FAL Systems

CTI Systems docking systems are used in aircraft maintenance and overhaul. By enclosing all relevant work areas on the aircraft, they allow simultaneous access and work in any desired work area, resulting in shortest possible …

FP30 – Overhead Fall Arrester

CTI Systems' FP30 fall protection – Aircraft inspection and maintenance regimes in complete safety Aircraft maintenance often requires technicians to work at considerable heights. Therefore, it is essential that the proper equipment is in place to …

Work Platforms in Test Beds and in MRO Centres

Work Stations in Test beds: To allow personnel to fine tune engines between test runs within the test cell, access is provided by a scissor-lift work platform that raises workers to the height required to carry …

Crane Systems

Safe and controlled handling of sensitive components is essential in aircraft manufacturing and maintenance. CTI Systems' cranes are particularly suited for these complex material handling tasks: Sophisticated design combined with integrated electronic control even allows coordinated …

Slewing / Transfer Cranes - TARCA

Ensuring optimised transport and rotation of the engine In the center of preparation halls of engine test stands, transfer cranes transport the engines from the workstations to the entry track (monorail) of the test stand. Slewing cranes, …

Access Platforms for Production Lines – Transport, Handling and Storage Systems

Access Platforms – for aircraft production lines Designed to operate at different heights and offered with a choice of load capacities CTI Systems' range of work platforms includes models that are perfect for a variety of …

Company News

CTI Systems has unveiled its latest aircraft service tool - the L-AJP (Large Aerial Jib Platform)

– On October 5, 2023, CTI Systems in Luxembourg unveiled its latest aircraft service tool - the L-AJP (Large Aerial Jib Platform) - to the public for the first time at their premises in Lentzweiler, Luxembourg. Developed …


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