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CTI Systems - Aircraft Paint, Maintenance and Manufacturing Solutions

With more than 55 years of experience, CTI Systems is one of the world’s leading suppliers in the aircraft MRO sector.

Especially known for its installations of teleplatform & crane systems at major airlines & MRO companies throughout the world with a market share of more than 90% in this sector, CTI Systems provides a complete product range of highly effective systems for manufacturing, painting and servicing of aircraft:

  • Teleplatforms (elevated telescopic work platforms) for aircraft painting & maintenance
  • Overhead crane systems
  • Aircraft docking systems for MRO
  • Engine handling installations for jet propulsion centers & test cells
  • MRO Spare Parts Supply Chain (Handling and storage solutions for materials & aircraft components)
  • Aircraft Access Solutions for Manufacturing, Painting & MRO

Company Profile

  • Aircraft Access Solutions for Manufacturing, Painting & MRO

    CTI Systems’s aircraft manufacturing, painting, maintenance, repair and overhaul systems are in successful operation at major aircraft manufacturers, airlines and aircraft MRO companies throughout the world, e.g.

      • Etihad Airways Engineering (ADAT)
      • AIRBUS
      • AIR CHINA
      • AIR FRANCE
      • AMECO
      • ASIANA
      • BOEING
      • CARGOLUX
      • EMIRATES
      • GAMECO
      • IBERIA
      • KLM
      • LTU
      • MNG
      • N3-EOS (ROLLS ROYCE)
      • PW TEC
      • SASCO
      • STTS

    Elevated Telescopic Work Platforms – Teleplatforms

    Telescopic work platforms, so called teleplatforms, were invented and patented by CTI Systems for quick access to upper aircraft work areas.

    Developed for service on aircraft, teleplatform application in aircraft hangars and manufacturing facilities improves and facilitates performance of aircraft manufacturing, painting, aircraft light/line maintenance, repair and overhaul.

  • Docking Systems for Aircraft Maintenance

    Aircraft docking systems are composed of platforms being arranged around the aircraft – either ground supported or roof-suspended. Simultaneous access to relevant aircraft work areas is thus enabled always considering aircraft dimensions and safest work conditions for the personnel.

    All components to be maintained can be accessed at the same time by usage of aircraft docking systems, i.e. the aircraft service will be performed within shortest possible downtime. CTI Systems offers aircraft docks for aircraft types on wheels or on jacks for dedicated types or any aircraft fleet mix for maintenance, repair and overhaul.

    Aircraft docking systems for painting, final assembly and conversion complete CTI Systems’s aircraft dock systems scope.

  • Aircraft Engine Handling Installations for Maintenance & Test Centers

    CTI Systems offers a wide range of installations for aircraft engine dismantling / re-assembly lines in JPC’s (Jet Propulsion Centres) or for engine preparation and test runs in engine test beds

      • Motorized transfer cranes with interlockings for in-hall transport
      • Twin hoist carriers and CTI Systems -patented monorail gantry systems for engine transport
      • PLC-operated slewing cranes for engine orientation and alignments
      • Manual workstations, individual height adjustable for optimized access
      • Jigs and handling devices for engine work stations
      • Work platforms for engine test runs

    Either attached on roof supported or floor mounted gantry design, the customized systems allow transfer of engine components or the completed assembly. Both design variants can provide either manual or semi-automated operation.

  • Overhead Crane Systems

    An efficient production process is highly influenced by the optimal material flow. Overhead crane systems are often the best means of transportation for various handling requirements. CTI Systems’s overhead cranes solve even the most complex material handling tasks in a cost- efficient way. CTI Systems offers a great variety of cranes all of which are available in manual, semi-or full-automated modes, e.g.

      • Overhead cranes
      • Interlocking cranes
      • Travelling cranes
      • Automatic cranes

    CTI Systems overhead crane systems grant custom-made solutions supporting any individual task and being specifically designed for heavy loads, bulky goods. The CTI Systems overhead cranes can also perform the most sensitive handling tasks.

  • MRO Spare Parts Supply Chain solutions:

    CTI Systems Spare Part Supply Chain Solutions, granting complete  material handling and tracing throughout MRO centers.

    All handling sequences of Spare Parts materials processing, land-/airside receiving through breakdown, various inspections to the storage or kitting areas and forwarding to work shops and hangars can be realized by most feasible handling components and controlled and traced by CTI Systems in-house Software components. CTI Systems offers all integrated Hard and Software system components from one hand:

      • Semi-/automated transfer/conveying systems with integrated workstations
      • High bay warehouse, AGVs and overhead  crane & monorail handling systems,
      • Small parts warehouse and tailor made storage solutions for hazmats, bulky goods like carpets, sheet metals, pre-assembled MLG’s, fan cowls, etc.

    The entire production line will be under control of the CTI Systems own developed management system MFC (Material Flow Control) with gateway  to the client’s ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning).


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