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High Mast Lighting for Airports

CU Phosco Lighting are the market leaders in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of high Mast lighting for airports. CU Phosco Lighting undertakes contracts at airports worldwide, working closely with numerous large facilities including Heathrow, Manchester, Dubai, Melbourne, Bristol, Abu Dhabi, Dublin, Beijing and Changi.

Our high masts and luminaires are present in the most demanding climatic conditions from typhoon winds in the South China Sea to the high temperatures of the Middle Eastern summer.

As a company we look after our customer from initial consultation through to installation, final commissioning and follow up maintenance. Our dedicated Contract Services Division is able to manage your projects in the UK, Europe and Worldwide. To achieve this we recognise the need to build honest relationships with our customers, to offer products at fair prices and importantly to support our customers on the use, maintenance and eventually replacement of our equipment. This all adds up to a level of support which is unparalleled in the lighting industry.

To be confident in providing the quality and support our customers require, we manufacture products which meet the customer’s technical performance and which are also appropriate for the environment into which they will be placed. Sometimes these aims are contradictory and it is then where the knowledge and experience of our staff is called upon by customers to ensure the best compromise of performance and durability is achieved.

Our Contract Services Division are an experienced team who are able to supply, install and maintain high masts using their own ASLEC and NICEIC certified personnel.

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Company Profile


    CU Phosco Lighting offers customers who require it, a turnkey package. We will design the lighting scheme, check that all equipment to be supplied conforms to the specifications, design and arrange the installation of the foundations, design and install the electricity supply, manufacture the High Masts and luminaires, deliver the equipment, install the equipment and commission the equipment to confirm that the specification has been achieved.

    CU Phosco’s award winning LED products offer an innovative and energy saving solution to HID lit areas and highway lighting projects. We design, supply and install LED upgrade packages for existing projects to reduce energy and cost.

    Our High Masts offer ease of maintenance with a simple and effective winching system which allows the lighting ring to be lowered to ground level for lantern maintenance.

    CU Phosco Lighting believe that Health, Safety and the Environment are paramount across the breadth of the operations undertaken by our teams. All activities are carefully assessed by fully qualified managers and supervisors using risk assessments and method statements.

    CU Phosco Lighting operates an Environmental Management System which complies with the requirements of ISO 14001:2004 for the testing and manufacturing, management of installation work, inspection and maintenance of exterior lighting. The system aims to recognise and reduce the impact on the environment.

  • High Mast LED Floodlighting


    FL800R LED FLOODLIGHTING SYSTEM provides an innovative new approach to floodlighting.

    To build a system, FL800R modules can be grouped as a luminaire in single, double, triple or quad configurations and arranged on a mast with full azimuth rotation and tilt function. WB830 gear box provides remote mounting for LED drivers and controls whilst the WB855 gear box is used for side entry mounting.

    Each module has a range of optical distribution options and a range of elevation angles to build a combined luminaire photometric output that meets even the most challenging of schemes.

    FL800R module uses AeroFlow® Cooling System to provide exceptional thermal management. Maximised heat dissipation enables a compact luminaire design, which can be retrofitted onto existing masts.

    Lumileds LUXEON® M LEDs and AeroFlow® together deliver high lumen output with very low lumen depreciation over life, this minimises energy and operating cost by reducing overlighting.

    FL800R offers an extremely competitive solution to replace traditional HID sources with performance, versatility and reliability from the latest technology.


    • Lumileds LUXEON® M LED
    • Superior luminaire efficacy up to 127 lm / W
    • High Colour Rendering Index (CRI > 70)
    • Constant Light Output (CLO)
    • Instant hot restrike
    • AeroFlow® Cooling System
    • Demountable driver compartment
    • Low wind profile area
    • Low maintenance costs
    • Full Cowl, distribution cut off 5º below horizontal
    • Flexible and programmable lighting control options (CMS)
    • IP66 ingress protection
    • 100% recyclable

    • High flux density and efficacy LED
    • Reduces energy costs and carbon emissions
    • Improved safety and visual performance
    • Minimises overlighting, saving energy
    • Suitable for high security and safety critical lighting tasks
    • L80 > 100,000 hrs, Ta = 45ºC
    • Flexible mounting allowing cost savings
    • Allows mounting on existing columns / masts
    • Minimises Total Cost of Ownership
    • Dark sky friendly, minimal glare
    • Full control and monitoring of each luminaire
    • Consistant high performance in aggressive environments
    • Fully compliant with WEEE and RoHS regulations
  • High Mast LED Luminaire


    P855 is a highly innovative, High Mast LED luminaire with 360° rotating STAR-optic®. The functional yet compact design delivers exceptionally powerful optical and thermal performance, whilst maintaining a low weight and wind area.

    P855’s wide range of optical distributions coupled with 360° rotation delivers unlimited freedom in lighting design regardless of luminaire orientation, whilst optimising energy efficiency for even the most challenging scheme.

    It is the ultimate solution to replace traditional High Mast HID sources with superior efficacy and reliability.

    Key Benefits

    • STAR-optic® system delivers 360° variable photometry
    • Hybrid reflector + lens optic minimises light at angles near the horizontal
    • Slim, elegant and state-of-the-art design
    • High flux density and efficacy LED
    • Powerful output up to 36,000 lm
    • Superior luminaire efficacy up to 122 lm / W
    • Wide range of light distributions
    • Low lumen depreciation (L95 at 90,000 hours) at full power
    • User friendly installation
    • Maximised savings on energy and maintenance costs
    • Minimal total cost of ownership
    • Up to G6 glare rating. Dark sky friendly, no upward light
    • Flexible and intelligent lighting control options
    • Lightweight and low windage allowing retrofit onto most existing masts
    • IP66 ingress protection for Optical & Driver Compartment
    • 100% recyclable, low carbon footprint
  • High Masts

    Tailor Made

    High Mast lighting is the most efficient method of lighting large areas at airports with the minimum number of obstructions. CU Phosco, the world leaders in High Mast lighting, have achieved that distinction by continuous development, investment and innovation, working with numerous airports worldwide. Our experience is unequalled in the number of High Masts we have made and the many different environments in which we have installed them over the past 50 years.

    CU Phosco High Masts are manufactured at our dedicated High Mast production facility in the UK.

    Why CU Phosco High Masts?

    • To illuminate large areas with minimum obstructions
    • For a complete design, manufacture and installation package
    • High Masts can be used in confined spaces and do not require a large area to be cleared
    • Unique patented double drum winch with individual adjustment possible on each drum
    • Any height mast shaft from 10m to 60m manufactured by us to your specification
    • Mast and fittings can be maintained at ground level for greater safety
    • Minimum maintenance required with sealed for life bearings on mast pulleys
    • Quick raising and lowering system
    • Light and portable power tool which can be carried to inaccessible sites with ease


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