Airport Boarding Pass Printers/Bag Tag Printers/RFID Ticket Printers/ATB Printers

CUSTOM – A success story in innovation, technology and vertical markets.

Custom was founded 20 years ago by its current President, Carlo Stradi and Director of Research and Development, Alberto Campanini.

Today Custom is a leading company in Europe and among the top world leaders in the realisation of systems and printing solutions for receipts and tickets so called “Mechatronics”, where Mechanics and Electronics are integrated: a cash register, a fiscal printer, a travel document printer (airline, rail and boat tickets) or admission tickets.

Custom operates in several vertical markets including the automation of cash points, supermarkets, restaurants; ticketing and receipt automation services; in the industrial production of electronic measuring and control devices that require printing reports; in the lottery and betting sectors.

The company has always been focused on understanding client needs and market requirements, providing customised solutions and ensuring high standards of assistance and service.

It has been able to significantly grow in the last 5 years thanks to its constant attention to the market developments foreseeing the trend; this thanks to the large investments in research and innovative technologies which allowed us to be flexible creating specific solutions.

Characteristics that distinguish Custom are its ability to be multi-sector, in a market where its competitors tend to be specialised in one sector.  Its technological know-how, achieved thanks to exclusive patents and the time to market

Company Profile

  • RFID Boarding Pass Printer for OEM Integration


    • KPM302H prints on ticket width from 20 to 82.5mm, with paper thickness from 80 to 255gsm.
    • Highly reliable cutter > of 2.000.000 cuts
    • Enhanced quality head for a crisp printout with very high printing speed, 200mm/sec
    • AEA CUTE and CUPPS version for an easier integration in any airport sw architecture
    • RFID version: multiple SAM management
    • Internal barcode scanner for stock validation and fraud prevention
    • 1D and 2D  IATA barcodes printing
    • Fonts: TrueTypeFont support, any language available
    • Sensors: fully adjustable bottom and top opto sensors for any ticket width. Ticket presence sensor
    • Interfaces: Serial / USB / Ethernet
    • Ethernet and web-printing server for remote printing/setting

    KPM302 H has Ethernet interface with integrated web server  that allows remote monitoring for complete diagnostics in real time of the printer’s status.

    Thanks to the integrated client mailing, KPM302 H is able to automatically send an e-mail to inform you of a possible failure or end of paper

    It is also possible to install applications, updates and configurations in real time through the web!

  • MicroPlayer

    easy, fast and ultra compact system for managing multimedia contents

    Custom MicroPlayer is able to distribute videos, images, web pages on a TV/monitor with HDMI input at HD resolution!

    Each MicroPlayer can pilot a TV/monitor and it’s predisposed to be connected to the web for the remote management of contents.

    It’s available an internal 1.2 GB memory and it’s also possible upload and update quickly multimedia contents through additional SD card, up to 16 GB.

    MicroPlayer manages different multimedia formats:

    • Video (mpg2, mpg4, divx)
    • Pictures(jpg, png, tiff, bmp)
    • Music (mp3, wav, wma)
    • Web (web pages, streaming)

    Thanks to the “MicroPlaylist Manager” software, it is possible to configure the contents remotely through an Ethernet connection, and then play them as you wish in a preset order.

    Using a timer function, you can also programme the viewing of an event at a set time or day.

    If, for example, a bar with a Microplayer wants to show a football match for its customers on a given day, it can programme this and various other contents, such as sliding messages containing promotional offers, information on future appointments, discounts and even news flashes related to the event being shown.

  • High Performance BPT and Ticket Printer


    B202H is a sturdy and compact ticket printer suitable for parking, public transport, event box offices, theme parks, health care provider. B202H also prints on thermal wristband for theme parks and hospitals.

    B202H assures high durability due to the robust steel internal construction and high performances thanks to the next generation  Arm processor (266MHz, 32MB Ram, 32MB flash memory) for printing at 200 mm/sec also PDF 417, DataMatrix, Aztec

    2D barcodes and True Type fonts , any language available. It prints on different ticket widths from 20mm to 54mm.

    Equipped with RS232 / USB interface and fully adjustable bottom opto sensor for any ticket width, top-opto sensor and center hole mark

    B202H comes with a suite of software for remote status (Status Monitor Driver) for getting the status back all-in-one with your application and RFID setting software.

    Coming soon: Optional barcode reader
    Coming soon: Optional RFID encoder

  • High-end ATB and BT Ticket Printer


    TK302 is the most advanced ATB and BT ticket printer in the market for applications requiring durability and latest technologies. The printer can be equipped with the optional barcode scanner for validating pre-printed barcoded tickets and with the several RFID modules for HF and UHF.

    TK302 is available in AEA CUTE and CUPPS version for an easier integration in any airport sw architecture.

    The internal optional barcode scanner makes TK302 suitable for all ticketing applications where the fraud risk is very high and for enforcing the access controls.

    TK302 is very fast up to 200 mm/s printing speed in printing tickets. Different ticket width from 20 to 82.5 mm easily adjustable by the user. Paper thickness from 80 to 255 gsm.

    • 1D and 2D barcodes printing
    • TrueTypeFont support, any language available.
    • The external power supply is detachable to increase flexibility of installation.
    • TK302 is complete with a display of 2 lines by 20 characters.
    • Serial / USB / Ethernet interfaces

    TK302 has Ethernet interface with integrated built-in web server allowing to a complete remote monitor and real-time diagnostics of the printer.

    The integrated mail client can automatically send an e-mail to inform you of a possible support need or simply ask for a paper change.


Via Berettine, 2 43010 Fontevivo
VAT: IT02498250345
  • +39 0521 680111