Airport Security Seals, Bottle Protectors & Safebags for Air Transportation

DEBATIN provides an extensive range of packaging for almost every application used in aviation, catering especially to the security-sensitive field of air transportation.

DEBA S.T.E.B., the internationally-approved safebag for transporting liquids, gels and aerosols, proven and tested for packaging items purchased in duty-free shops.

Individually-designed carrier bags for airport shops.

Safebags for transporting money and valuables, equipped with extensive security features, including an RFID chip.

Bottle protectors for the safe transportation of glass bottles.

Security labels that provide reliable protection against tampering. For sealing containers, doors, etc.

Tamper-proof seals for sealing trolleys, containers, etc.

DEBATIN is also your partner for any custom-made design.

Company Profile

  • DEBA S.T.E.B.™

    Safebags for air transportation

    Approved world-wide for liquids. gels and aerosols.

    Liquids, gels and sprays that are purchased in duty-free shops after security control has been passed, have to be packaged in a tamper-proof transparent bag.

    DEBAS.T.E.B. (Security Tamper-Evident Bag) meets all the requirements of the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) and the ETRC (European Travel Retail Council).

    DEBAS.T.E.B. security bags are available in 4 sizes. They have an additional compartment for storing sales receipts.

    • bags made of extremely tear-resistant 50 μm / 70 μm coextruded, transparent, special film
    • stable, broad welding with security logo
    • tamper-evident seal closure reliably indicates any attempt of manipulation
    • robust strap can hold heavy loads
    • bag includes a separate compartment for sales receipts
    • 4 different standard sizes cover everything from perfume flacons up to magnum champagne bottles
    • individual sizes available upon request
    • advertisement on the back available upon request.
    • optional feature: your advertisement on the back.
  • DEBASAFE™ Safebags with a system

    DEBASAFE safebags are used anytime when protection against tampering has the highest priority. Our safebags are used all over the world by companies transporting money and valuables, as well as by banks, chain stores and airlines.

    The police force, customs authorities, judicial authorities, etc. use DEBASAFE for securing and safe-keeping objects, confidential docu- ments, evidence and material samples.

    Our standard product range of DEBASAFE security bags includes all popular applications related to cash handling:

    • Bags for banknotes in various sizes and with the imprint for the particular application.
    • High load capacity bags with handle for coins.
    • Coding with Code 39 or Code SSCC (Serial Shipping Container Code) with guaranteed worldwide unique 18-digit code.

    DEBASAFE security bags are “made in Germany”. In our factory in Bruch- sal we produce, in addition to our standard stock range, also your highly individual security bag.

    Customised to size, printing, closure and other features – such as multiple receipts, document pouches or RFID-chips – we produce for your individual needs on time and in top quality.

  • DEBASEAL™ Security labels for air transportation

    DEBATIN sealing labels are ideal for sealing containers, doors, etc., in the case that no eyelets for seals are present or if seals are unsuitable for whatever reason.

    You have the choice between seals that can be removed without leaving any residue (blue) or seals that leave behind a residue indicating that the container, etc. has been opened (red). Dimensions: 100 x 20 mm

  • DEBASEAL™ Security seals for air transportation

    Security seals in a variety of sizes and designs for all applications in aviation.

    • ideal for sealing airline trolleys, catering containers, emergency exits, etc.
    • highly tamper proof
    • stem diameter from 2 mm – for narrow openings
    • digital transfer printing provides high legibility and high resistance to wear
    • wide range of seals for all kinds of application



    Carrier bags

    • Individually designed lStrong carrier bags to cover all shopping needs
    • eye-catching design with high-quality print according to your size requirements
    • ask us for a custom-made solution



    Bottle protectors

    • Very flexible, covering different bottle sizes
    • does not add any substantial weight
    • environmentally-friendly, made of recycled material


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