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Airport Planning, Design and Advisory Services

Deerns specialises in Airport Planning, Design and Advisory Services.

Deerns 4We are an independent, multi-disciplinary, engineering consultancy founded in 1928 to provide expert design services in the fields of building services, sustainability, energy supply, and master planning. We excel in combining sustainable and innovative concepts with reliable and practical implementation to help our clients build comfortable, safe and sustainable working and living environments.

We became involved with the development of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol in the 1960’s, and still are a valued partner of the airport today. Based on over 50 years’ experience, Deerns has developed a strong international airport practice that is fully dedicated to creating safe, sustainable and comfortable airport environments. We work closely with airport operators, architects and contractors in various stages of airport (re)-development. Projects have been realised for more than 100 airports, all over the world.

We are independent from manufacturers, vendors and contractors. As such we ensure that our clients always receive the best solution to meet your business needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your inquiries.

Company Profile

  • Airport Planning and Development

    Deerns takes a holistic approach to developing airports. An airport to us is not merely a collection of buildings and runways: it is an important entity in local and national economies and societies. Airports generate employment and increase the connectivity of a city with the rest of the nation and the world. As such designing airports is a responsibility we do not take lightly. Deerns provides a service portfolio that helps our clients build safe, sustainable and comfortable airport environments.

    Airports are constantly in flux. An ever increasing part of the world population enjoys flight as means to travel, either domestically or internationally. Airports are cornerstones in our global economy. As such countries rely on them for the connection to the world. Increasingly airports are viewed upon as prestige projects for cities and countries. But airports also have a great impact on the local community.

    Thus holistic airport planning and development is vital to sustain airport operations in the long run. Deerns is able to assist airport in a variety of ways with their strategic planning and development that is based on operational experience, process expertise and state-of-the-art technical knowledge. Our early engagement with a project enables clients and architects to understand the implications of the demands presented by the airport processes and regulations at an early stage. We are able to translate stakeholders’ requirements into technical solutions and integrate them into the operational airport environment.

    Our Airport Planning and Development portfolio encompasses:

    • Airport Master planning
    • Terminal Planning
    • Airport Operational Planning
    • Terminal operational optimization
    • Sustainability Strategies
    • Certification
    • Sustainable Aerotropolis Development
    • Utility and Network Planning
    • Smart Networks
  • Advisory Services

    In addition, Deerns provides advice to airports in planning stages and throughout the operation. We make a wide range of skills, knowledge and experience available to our clients. As such Deerns is a partner of choice for any airport (re)-development or expansion project..

    Research projects may involve operational studies, technical analyses and reviews of policies or procedures. When new opportunities or solutions are identified we are able to assess their feasibility and develop business cases for their implementation.

    Our staff have a wide range of experience with airport operations, endowed with the knowledge and expertise to analyse and benchmark facility performance. We combine our knowledge of the operational environment with detailed technical knowledge of systems and equipment to best serve our clients.

    We maintain our position at the forefront of technological developments by participating in industry initiatives and establishing best practices. Our staff are involved in the drafting of various industry standards.

    We see asset management not only as a way of cutting costs, but as a way of creating benefits. It is a source of innovation for the creation of new revenue streams. Communication and information technology provide a continuous stream of new possibilities for monitoring, analysing and optimizing everything that goes on at the airport. Rather than simply being a user of IT-systems, airports are now providers of services: to the passengers, airlines and tenants but also to local businesses and urban areas. By combining knowledge from a large number of airports, and from a wide range of projects in infrastructure and the built environment, we are able to realise the full potential of airport facilities.

  • Airport Systems Design

    Deerns is one of the few engineering consultancies with in-depth expertise in virtually all facets of airport systems design and processes; Security, Telecommunications, Passenger Processes, Baggage Handling, Aircraft Ground Handling, Airfield Ground Lighting and Navigational Aids.

    The importance and complexity of technology within the airport environment is growing rapidly. Airports rely on a number of specialized systems in order to facilitate airport-specific processes. As a result, independent consulting engineers are vital to the success of airport development, construction and operation. These systems deal with communications information and the processing of passengers and their baggage, the aircraft ground handling and the aeronautical navigation and surveillance.

    Our Airport Systems Design portfolio encompasses:

    • Terminal Systems: Check-in systems, Telecommunications, Baggage handling, Security, Public address voice announcement, etc.
    • Aircraft Ground Handling: Hydrant refuelling, Passenger boarding bridges, 400Hz ground power, Pre-conditioned air, Potable water, Aircraft sanitary services, Visual docking guidance system, Apron floodlighting, etc.
    • Aeronautical and Meteorological Systems: Aeronautical ground lighting and signage, Navigation and landing aids, Ground control and surveillance, Air traffic control and communication, Meteorological facilities, etc.
    • Building Physics: Acoustics, Heat gains, Insulation, etc.
    • Transportation and life-safety: Escalators, Travelators, Elevators, Flow simulation, Fire exit strategies, etc.
    • MEP Systems: HVAC, High medium low voltage systems, sanitary services, etc.


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