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DERMALOG is Germany’s pioneer for biometrics and the largest German biometric systems and devices manufacturer. The company provides turnkey biometric identification solutions, including high-performance AFIS and ABIS systems, as well as the latest generation of fingerprint and document scanners. Biometric border control systems, identity cards, passports, driver’s licenses, and voting systems complete the product range.

To develop and implement Border Control Systems, DERMALOG offers checks for secure border management – relying on experience gained from projects worldwide. The solutions include fully installed Border Control Systems with DERMALOG’s Smart Border Engine (SBE). In addition, the company provides interfaces, logistic structures and software modules to related peripheral authorities – such as Federal Police forces and government agencies. As a result, travelers crossing the border – arriving or departing – get their passports scanned within a few seconds. DERMALOG software offers several possibilities – from authenticity checks to matching existing database entries.

DERMALOG technology is currently used in over 250 large-scale installations around the globe. The company’s products can be found in banking, public administration and law enforcement and protect the identities of millions of people in more than 100 countries.

DERMALOG • The Biometrics & Security Innovation Leader

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Fingerprint Scanner LF10 - Unchallenged Speed, Reliability and Image Quality for Tenprints, Singleprints & Rolled Fingerprints

The DERMALOG's LF10 is the first tenprint and rolled fingerprint scanner providing liveness detection. Using its large scanning area the LF10 is optimized for creating high quality images. Its advanced optical system captures plain fingerprint …

All-in-One Scanner VF1 - for fingerprints, ePassports, ID cards, signatures, boarding passes, barcodes, photos etc.

DERMALOG’s VF1 is the world’s first multipurpose scanner for fingerprints and documents. Its latest sensor technology makes this possible with one single device. For the first time all capabilities of an optical tenprint scanner (4-4-2 …

Automated Border Control - Innovative Passenger Processing

The system is specifically designed for automated border control at airports, seaports, and high-security areas where rapid and reliable personal identification is required. DERMALOG is a pioneer in this segment and has developed the market …

Camera Tower CT1 - Automated Facial Image Capture for Border Checks

CT1 Camera Tower is DERMALOG's latest solution providing secure, fast and convenient facial image capture at border crossings. It conveniently and efficiently processes travelers through a fully automated workflow, including an automatic high-speed camera system. …

Document Scanner XF12 - Border Control at its best

DERMALOG XF12 Scanner is a compact, full-page scanner that provides automatic, accurate data extraction and document verification. The device is able to read multiple document types (Passports, ePassports, ID Cards, visa, driving licences). Printed data …

Self Registration Kiosk for traveler enrollment and verification

DERMALOG's new generation Self Registration Kiosk is the solution for a secure, fast and convenient border crossing experience. It processes travelers most efficiently by performing self-service enrollment and verification of biometric and biographic data. The …

Company News

Smart border control solution receives innovation award

Once again, the German Design Council has honored technical innovations with its German Innovation Award in Berlin. DERMALOG Identification Systems GmbH received an award for its new camera system that simplifies border checks. With its CT1 …


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