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Dimaim Systems is a global company committed to the success of our customers through leveraging technological solutions for airside and landside infrastructures and systems. We deploy full turn-key solutions focused on centralized monitoring and control, maintenance management applications, AOCC (Airport Operational Control Centres), and passenger-centric solutions, with the objective of providing robust and powerful tools for the airport stakeholders. In a nutshell, our innovative and fully tested applications integrate the different airport operational areas and combine their data for a unified and holistic global management.

At Dimaim Systems we create specialized business applications focused on optimizing operational and maintenance efficiency through the combination of expertise and specifically designed technological solutions for the Airport Business. Our real-time solutions comprise both monitoring advanced technologies for asset management, as well as operation and maintenance applications for airside and landside infrastructures, with the benefit of local and remote-control systems.

We deliver turn-key ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) solutions designed in a modular and expandable architecture, aimed at interfacing the Operational, Management and Commercial Departments with platform solutions that contribute to increase status awareness, performance and collaboration, while monitoring in real-time service levels and passenger experience.

Through our deep knowledge and expertise on the airport operative assets, we also provide technological assessment for process optimization, and highly skilled interim management for operations and projects. With our broad portfolio of solutions and services Dimaim Systems helps airport operators reducing business risk to airlines, passengers and airport operations, while refocusing resources on higher priority tasks.

Our variety of certified solutions for the Airport Business is based on a deep knowledge on the airport sector, together with a more than 20-years expertise on technology and innovations, resulting in Dimaim Systems designing tailor-made solutions and adding a differential value for the airport operators and passenger-experience.

Through our Centralized Monitoring Solutions, we provide turn-key applications capable of integrating and capturing the requested data from the variety of equipment at the airport, PBBs, GPUs, VDGS, PCAs, Automatic Doors… and providing automatic information for the different airport stakeholders. This also boosts airport managers’ capabilities to monitor and control both in-house as outsourced services.

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Company Profile

Centralized Monitoring System

Technological Solutions for Airside

One of the differential products we have developed at Dimaim Systems is the Gate Management Solution, comprising both Centralized Monitoring as well as Maintenance Management of airside and landside assets.

Our GMS is based on integrating the information captured from the field equipment through IoT and make it useful (accessible, easy to read and automatic decision-maker) for the airport stakeholders. This is possible because we design each architecture totally customized for every Customer, so the GMS they get is specifically oriented to their requirements, and not a standard solution or application.

The monitoring part of our Solution, the CMS (Centralized Monitoring Solution), provides detailed information of the airport layout, divided into lawyers, so every user can reach the specific gate or airport area, and go into the detail of the searched asset within the airport, getting in real-time all its data and how it interlinks with the Airport operations. This means not only airline information, aircraft type and plates, arrival and departure times, but also all type of technical information that can help airport stakeholders to take immediate decisions.

It also integrates the maintenance module or MMS (Maintenance Management Solution), with which every action taken on each asset is immediately reported and logged, helping Airport Maintenance Department to see the complete picture and take needed actions, coordinated with Operations. This is very useful for capacity and resources planning, moreover when through its mobile application every action is communicated to the field technicians, allowing them to answer on the spot, thus reducing out-of-service ratios and increasing SLAs achieved.

Another unique characteristic of our GMS is that through AI and rules it analyses the different information captured either during the operation or maintenance of the assets, and it turns it into precise orders/operations/actions, thus permitting for example, automatic auditing of maintenance performances, re-scheduling of pending work-orders or unperformed preventive maintenance tasks… In general, it provides stakeholders with straightaway solutions to the daily operations at the airport.

The expandable architecture is aimed at growing and changing with the airport, so we have solutions based on local servers, either physical or virtual, as well as cloud-based ones, being a common feature on all of them the active redundancy and the ownership of all data belonging to the Customer. Besides, the capacity to integrate our Solutions with Maximo or SAP, commonly used at airports, make our developments the perfect approach.

Maintenance Management System

This solution allows for the management of all preventive/corrective and predictive maintenance operations as well as enhances the digital/electronically controlled maintenance revisions and inspections that need to be carried out in the different assets.

With this solution, the Platform System database is filled with all the corrective procedures, based on the manufacturers’ manuals, associated to the equipment malfunctions/anomalies, allowing for the database to be continually consulted and updated. But at the same time the preventive checklists and tasks are stored, so the system will automatically inform about the maintenance actions to be performed.

Being it a digital system, it eliminates the need for paper documents to be kept/taken, as the system incorporates portable devices from where the end user can access every maintenance checklist and digitally mark it when done. It ensures that if any specific maintenance task has not been carried out, an alarm / reminder is automatically sent, and the task is re-scheduled.

Tasks as well as periodicity of all the maintenance tasks can be modified or updated when needed, and graphical colour codes are shown depending on the importance of the maintenance pending task. A wide variety of output formats is available and all measurable KPIs information is provided.

With the maintenance module, it is also possible to keep track of the available spare parts at the airport, controlling location, supplier, codes, lead times, as well as providing statistical failure ratios and usage.

Thanks to the advanced technology and the continuous changes in the Airport Business, there is a need to attend maintenance issues also remotely, therefore we provide with the Platform System an option for a remote access through a safe and secure external connection to the complete local information. This option ensures also that from our headquarters in Spain we can log into the system and provide specific help on-line.

Remote Control Solution

Dimaim Systems has developed a universal, fully secured and certified Remote-Control System for Passenger Boarding Bridges, independent of the manufacturer and type of PBB, thus allowing for existing or new units to be easily retrofitted, with the aim of reducing accidents and optimizing turnaround times.

The remote operation comprises the total PBB movement, including full docking manoeuvre from the parking position to the ultimate contact with the aircraft, and full undocking movement from the docked aircraft back to the parking position.

As variations to the standard remote control, our solution includes automatic pre-positioning, automatic undocking from the aircraft to the parking position, automatic communication with the Docking Guidance Systems and CCTVs to ensure the incoming aircraft is the right one according to the AODB and is correctly parked in its position…

With one single remote control position all PBBs at the airport can be monitored and controlled, allowing for the operator to switch from one stand to another with just a click of the mouse, thus making sure that the operations start on-time. This greatly reduces apron accidents involving transfer vehicles, staff movement around aircrafts and an overall CO2 emissions reduction due to less vehicles required.

This automatic synchronization with the Operational and Maintenance Departments optimizes the overall turnaround times, and by so doing, enhances the passenger experience, but it also helps the reporting and analysing of all performed operations. And it is precisely this full management control, that enables our solution to be interlinked with an AOCC (Airport Operational Control Centre), where needed management and strategic decisions can be taken and implemented in real-time.

Our solution is linked to the centralized monitoring systems and other existing airport data platforms, so that information is shared in real-time, thus allowing the different Airport Divisions to be proactively informed. Taking into consideration the huge number of different types of Passenger Boarding Bridges and manufacturers, our solution is unique as it can be installed and adapted to all of them. This is a great achievement and a very big innovation, because it helps standardizing the PBB operations, while ensuring a secure communication.

Consultancy, Technological Upgrade & Refurbishment Solutions

Technological Solutions for AirsideDimaim Systems provides consultancy services for gate design and equipment provisions, with specific knowledge on Passenger Boarding Bridges, Ground Power Units, Pre-conditioned Air and Visual Docking Guidance Systems.

Our team has more than 20 years of experience in the refurbishment and upgrade of gate equipment, and we have the infrastructures, expertise and capabilities to manage full upgrade and refurbishment programmes, where we design, develop and implement hardware and software systems to bring the assets to the latest state-of-the-art and increase their life cycle. Our solutions optimise the operations, maintenance and services of the equipment being upgraded.

Usually, equipment performance deteriorates over its operating lifetime, as components can turn into obsolete or wear out, and new processes require new functions to improve operability, together with updated software and licences. We have full expertise on bringing gate equipment to the latest version in order to increase their operating lifetime, specifically in the following areas: support and relocation, setups and installations, engineering, design and software development, calibration, fine-tuning and troubleshooting, and all of them both locally as remote.


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