Airport Flight Strip Thermal Printers


Working with BOCA SYSTEMS for more than 20 years, DØT TECHNOLOGIE is acting in aviation providing bag tags and strips printers. All of our printers are using the direct thermal print technology allowing simple mechanics, reliability as well as a perfect print quality.

Years after years our printers are updated with the latest electronic innovations in order to propose the most reliable product at a right price. Moreover our customers benefit from our unique position of both printers and tickets manufacturer maintaining the critical compatibility.

DØT TECHNOLOGIE is choosing the best thermal paper quality to keep a clearer and durable printed information and preventing premature head failure.

With a numerous number of printers sold every year DØT TECHNOLOGIE is able to provide a technical assistance as well as a fast maintenance service including parts in permanent stock and free replacing unit within 24 hours.

Our printers meet the strict requirements of the major international agencies including FAA and DSNA. With more than 20 years experience in this domain DØT TECHNOLOGIE is offering the best solution to replace old equipments with modern and silent printers.

Company Profile


    The new range of printers allows each customer to define the printer he needs. Depending upon the structure of your program you can choose to use a cutter or separate the strip manually, to store any special font or logo in flash memory to have a display or not etc …..

    With various options you are free to configure the printer you need at the affordable price. Now, all flight strips printer are showing the capability to connect a low paper detection sensor and the optional ethernet interface. Printers are equipped with a patent protection system of printhead.


    Our unique position of both printers and tickets manufacturer is a guarantee to maintain the critical compatibility of both product lines. Thermal printing technology is a very safe method to print onto paper without any other consumables. But the result depends very much of the paper quality and the inks used when tickets are pre-printed. Thermal printing technology is an economical method to print as long as you are using the right paper to extend the printhead life. DØT TECHNOLOGIE has selected the best thermal paper as we propose a loyalty program including free replacement printhead when using our paper strips.


    For more than 20 years now DØT TECHNOLOGIE is servicing BOCA thermal printers. Our main dedication is to respond very quickly to each customer using our printers. We extend the initial warranty to several years through maintenance programs adapted to each customer and its location. With our experience of thermal printing technology we are able to guarantee the continuity of our service with fast repairs and a free unit replacement when needed. We are using an express delivery service capable to reach even distant users within 20 hours. We keep in permanent stock parts and replacement units.


    DØT TECHNOLOGIE is able to look at all requests requiring customer specifications. We are able to adapt not only the hardware but also our software to fit reasonable requirements. We have recently developed a firmware destined to replace old and historical thermal printers with a plug and play method saving a lot of time of engineers. Besides this flexibility we are supplying utility program able to manage control and update printers helping local technicians to increase the disponibility of the printers. When necessary we propose all users to update their printers with the latest firmware in order to never have obsolete product.


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