ATC Tower Consoles and Control Room Technical Furniture / Display Wall Systems

Ehmki, Schmid & Co. Mechanische Systeme GmbH (ESCO) of Fahrenzhausen, Germany, has been active in the field of ATC Tower Consoles and technical furniture right from the company’s inception in 1974. The modularity and flexibility offered by a proprietary system of aluminium extrusions and connectors allows ESCO to design and manufacture functional furniture solutions which house today’s ATC technology as safely and stylishly as ever.

ESCO supplies, directly or in cooperation with systems integrators, consoles and technical workstations for a vast variety of applications on an airport: Tower, radar control, traffic control, movement control and security and fire brigade control rooms.

35 years of experience with designing and supplying more than 4,000 custom-made workstations and consoles underwrite the professionalism and reliability of one of the world’s leading suppliers of specialized ATC furniture solutions.

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Company Profile

  • ATC Tower Consoles

    Functional design: One of the key advantages of a modular aluminium extrusion system like ESCO’s “com-desk” is the high degree of flexibility and adaptability which it offers.

    This pays off doubly when dealing with the confines and access challenges of ATC towers – ESCO can combine perfect ergonomics (including glare suppression), appealing, modern design and additional functionalities (like electrical adjustability) in one custom-made tower console ensemble that doesn’t waste an inch anywhere.

  • General ATC Consoles

    Radar control consoles in Ehmki, Schmid & Co.’s “multi-rack” system are modular both in function as well as design, with an incredible selection of surface finishes and design options on offer.

    ESCO can deliver a single, customized console as easily as a series of 3-120 units – and even the latter will be designed, manufactured and installed on-site, anywhere on the world, within 4-6 months.

  • Complete Control Rooms

    In addition to the technical furniture itself, ESCO can design, coordinate or supply the complete furnishings of the whole control room, including the consoles, chairs, lighting, display walls (cube walls) and peripheral furniture (sideboards, mobile containers and closets – kitchen sink available on request), ensuring that everything fits together seamlessly in function as well as design.

  • Tower Cabs

    Ehmki, Schmid offers integrated solutions from tower cabs over interior designs (tower consoles) through to light guns, climate solutions and computer floors.

    All tower cabs comply with the current regulations relating to noise and heat insulation. State-of-the-art aluminium facades (completely maintenance-free) and a modular system offer nine standard sizes ranging from 6 to 60 square metres usable space.
    Special sizes are also available.


Ehmki, Schmid & Co., Mechanische Systeme GmbH
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