Airside Drainage Gratings and Manhole Covers in Ductile Iron, Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminum

EJ specialise in Access Covers and Drainage Gratings for Airports Runways, Pavements and Taxiways.

Leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of access solutions for water, sewer, drainage, telecommunications and utility networks worldwide.

We are now a global enterprise that spans 5 continents promoting innovation, quality and a commitment to customer service. Our commercial presence around the world includes 50 sales offices, 10 manufacturing facilities and multiple research and development centers.


EJ manufacture an extensive range of:

  • manhole covers
  • airport drainage gratings in ductile iron, galvanised steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

Our range includes :

  • Ermatic machined modular solutions
  • Linear trench drainage products and
  • Gratings specifically designed for environments that undergo excessive load conditions.

EJ has a solution to suit your project specification with the best quality products and the best customer care.

When surface water needs to be drained from runways, aircraft pavements, taxiways, civil airport and dockyards where access is required to key assets, these access chambers need to accommodate extreme wheel loads (Loading Group F900 or extra heavy duty).

Our ductile iron products range from class B125 to F900 loading and are manufactured according to the EN124 standard.

EJ is independently certified by MPA –NRW to serve the German market, BSI Kitemark for the English market, UA for Austria, EMI for Hungary, COPRO/BENOR for Belgium, KOMO for the Netherlands, AENOR for Spain, IO CERT for Poland, NF for France, IGH for Croatia, CERTIF for Portugal, ZAG for Slovenia, ICECON for Romania and TSU for Slovakia.

All products are certified and comply with BAA, ADP, AENA, ANA, ENAV airports and ports authorities.

Our fabricated access covers steel solutions (AG, SW, FF, RS, Lynx..) can be manufactured in 125 kN to 400 kN load tests.

OUR PRODUCTS respond to your needs

EJ offers a broad range of options such as safety grids, hinged & assisted F900 covers by mechanical or gas spring strut to reduce the lifting effort (Assist lift covers), bespoke locking devices, emergency exit systems, anti-slip or recessed covers, watertight solutions.

Many of our airport castings can be made-to-order with custom logos and messaging, in many languages, to meet your project specifications.

Our products are installed in airports worldwide

Airport Infrastructure Access Solutions  by EJ can be found at numerous locations such as:

  • Europe: Frankfurt Am Main Intl. FRA, Stuttgart STR, Franz Josef Strauss Intl. MUC, Milan Linate LIN, Malpensa Intl. MXP, Barcelona El Prat BCN, Bilbao Loiu Airport BIO, Adolfo Soarez Madrid Barajas MAD, Manchester Runway Ii MAN, London Heathrow LHR, Paris Charles de Gaulle CDG, Liverpool II Airport LPL
  • USA: Los Angeles Intl. LAX, Detroit Metropolitan DTW, Chicago O’hare Intl. (ORD), Washington Dulles Intl. IAD, Dallas-Fort Worth Intl. DFW, Las Vegas-Mccarran Intl. LAS
  • ASIA: Soekarno-Hatta airport, Jakarta CGK, Bangkok Intl. airport BKK, Changi Intl. Airport SIN, Beijing Capital Intl. PEK,
  • AFRICA: Ouesso Airport OUE, Coutonou Airport COO , Dakar Int. Airport DKR, Air.Yaounde Nsimalen YAO, Banjoul Airport BJL

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Company Profile

  • The EJ guarantee is Safety, Reliability and Expertise

    For Airport and Port project teams who require world class access and drainage systems, the EJ range of products and services provide the insurance you need, always.

    The EJ solutions are reliable and approved by European certification bodies thanks to 135 years of market expertise and proven manufacturing processes.

    We are committed to incorporating safe practices into everything we do.

    Customer care remains our priority at all times.

  • Hinged Hatch

    Infrastructure Access Solutions designed to withstand the most intense situations.

    Hinged and assisted access cover & frame: bottom flange or top flange.

  • Modular solutions with unique safety, functionality and ergonomic features : ERMATIC®

    The ERMATIC® modular range of Solid top or Recessed access covers are designed for a wide variety of underground services. Machined to 0.12mm tolerance on the vertical and horizontal surfaces of both the cover and the frame, they are available in B125 to F900 load classes. All components are designed and manufactured in our European production facility certified to the ISO 14001, ISO 18001, ISO 9001 management systems.

    When installed correctly, ERMATIC® products are non-rocking, silent under traffic and prevent the ingress of dust and debris. They are also water resistant under normal rainwater conditions with the addition of a film of grease. All ERMATIC® covers are designed to meet the requirements of the EN124 standard.

  • Drainage Gratings

    Gully gratings designed to accept water in circular, square or rectangular shapes.

    From C250 kerb side applications to heavy duty F900, our gratings are designed with maximum waterway drainage areas and are essential for effective storm water management in airports.

    Side entry gully grates, dished gratings and trapped gully pots also form part of the EJ drainage solution with additional anti – theft features available.


In house design ductile iron linear drainage grating and frame

Large waterway area capacity: 2386 cm² High drainage efficiency: smooth ribs design to enhance water dynamic behavior Third party certification Options Special coating Grating finish or linear duct

In house design ductile iron lift assist and watertight cover and frame

Applications For refueling, lighting, water, sewage and electrical airport networks Benefits Watertightness and safety: FOD Tight locking system Easy opening: Lifting effort < 25kg: mechanical stainless steel strut 10 years warranty Safe opening: safety Bar Very …

In house design ductile iron compliant double lift assist covers and frame

Applications For airport refueling, lighting, water, sewage and electrical networks Benefits Safety: FOD Tight locking system Easy opening: Lifting effort < 25kg: mechanical stainless steel strut 10 years warranty Safe opening: safety Bar Very large clear …

In house design ductile iron triangular covers and frame with safety bars For airport electrical and lighting networks

Benefits Safety: safety bar blocking at 90° Easy opening: triangular covers Security: turnbuckle locking system with coded key Third party certification Options Opening assistance Custom badging Special coating Safety grids and ramps

In house design ductile iron circular cover and frame For airport sewage and water networks

Benefits Large clear opening Stability: non rock by means of polychloroprene cushioning insert glued to the cover Third party certification Options Locking Circular frame Custom badging Special coating Selflevel installation Vented cover

Company News

EJ are exhibiting at Airport Show 2023, DWTC, Dubai, 9-11 May.

EJ will be exhibiting at Airport Show 2023, in Dubai Our specialist staff will be available at s1300 to answer any questions about our extensive range of access solutions. Learn more about our innovative airport solutions and …


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