ELAG Group

Manufacturer of Paper Products, Helping Customers To Reduce Plastic To Go All In On The Environment And Also Hygiene.

ELAG is a manufacturer of paper products for the airline and HoReCa market. ELAG is headquartered in Switzerland, with sales offices and warehouses in Switzerland, France and Australia, and the production in France.

Helping customers to reduce plastic and go all in on the environment. Products are eco-friendly, the paper is FSC certified, and there is a strong focus on hygiene.

An example of a hygienic solution is the ELAG Pochetta Cutlery Pouches with included napkin. 100% paper and 100% hygienic. Not only as an in-flight catering product, but also lounges, restaurants and food court venues love Pochetta as a more sustainable solution.

As an option, Pochetta is available with wooden cutlery for take away outlets.

Another sustainable restaurant and take away product for airport food venues Is the ELAG paper Ovenbag.

The Ovenbag is designed to heat up or toast snacks and sandwiches and is compatible with all types of ovens including microwaves, high speed ovens, panini grills and galley ovens.

ELAG is also the main producer of airsickness-bags. In Europe, the majority of airlines use ELAG’s airsickness-bag.


Pochetta Cutlery Pouch

The Pochetta cutlery sleeve offers everything: cutlery, napkin, bag - complete and ready! ELAGPochetta has further advantages. Time savings: one swift movement and the table is set. And clearing the table is also much quicker …


ELAG Ovenbag makes manufacturers and consumers happy. It guarantees clean hands and clean ovens. Preparation and consumption of hot meals become very easy thanks to ELAG Ovenbag. The high-quality bag is certified up to 220C° …

Airsickness-bag (SFB)

Anyone who travels knows the ELAG Airsickness Bag. For half a century, the Airsickness bag has served travellers well. Absolutely tight and a hygienic is a must for any airline. This travel companion is versatile …


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