Airfield Safety Lighting

ELAUL, created in 1949, specializes in mobile airfield safety lighting and in safety electrical equipment such as submarine emergency lighting among other.

Our products are conceived and assembled in our facilities in Southwest of France and comply with the highest quality standards.

ELAUL has been working with ASECNA (Agency for Air Traffic Safety in Africa and Madagascar) for many years and is a long-term partner of prestigious entities such as ADB SAFEGATE, ADP (Aéroports de Paris) and the armed forces

(NATO: F-2762).

Our company provides tailored solutions to adapt to the changing needs of our customers. (Halogen or Led lights, workshop chargers or chargers on trailers, adaptation of the size of the equipment according to the client’s requirements).

Our lights are eco-friendly and equipped with recyclable NI-Cd SAFT Batteries, one of the world premier professional accumulator batteries specialists. They have the advantage to not requiring charging regularly and can be stored for long periods of time without discharging.

They can be provided in a full range of luminous variations.


ELAUL portable runway lights

Omnidirectional low-intensity off-the-ground beacon lights for night VFR suitable for airport use. LED lighting device with several levels of brightness 1. portable light complying with FAA (Ref: AC N° 150/5345-50 B) 2. 25 cd low intensity light …

Charger for ELAUL’s flightcase for 8 beacons and ELAUL’s metal charging station for 14 beacons

2 types of chargers available. The first version is conceived to be connected to the flightcase to enable the charge of 8 beacon lights. The second is designed to be compatible with the metallic structure used …

Trailers, flightcase and metallic structure support for charging and carriage of mobile runway lights

Trailers conceived for 30, 60, 84 beacon lights, fligftcase conceived for 8 beacon lights and a metal structure support with a capacity for 14 beacon lights enable the storage, charge, and transportation of the lights …

ELAUL rechargeable guidance wand

Our guidance wands are suitable for airport use. They are multicolour(green ,white, red) and they eliminate the saturation effect usually encountered with the use of incandescent lighting. The use of this technology diminishes the maintenance operations …


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