Airfield Safety Lighting

ELAUL, created in 1949, specializes in secured airfield safety lighting and in safety electrical products such as submarine emergency lighting.

All our products are conceived and manufactured in our facilities in South West of France and comply with the highest quality standards.

ELAUL has been working with ASECNA (Agency for Air Traffic Safety in Africa and Madagascar) for many years and is a long-term partner of prestigious entities such as ADB Airfield Solutions, Thorn Airfield Lighting, ADP (Aéroports de Paris) and the armed forces (NATO : F-2762).

Our company provides tailored solutions to adapt the changing needs of our customers (halogen or Led lights, workshop chargers or on trailers, adaptation of the size according to the requirements).

All our new lights are more eco-friendly and equipped with recyclable Ni-Cd SAFT batteries, one of the world premier professional accumulator batteries specialists. They do not need to be charged regularly and can be stored during long periods of time. We also offer a complete range of luminous variations.

Company Profile

  • ELAUL Portable Runway Lights

    Available in halogen and LED version. Can be provided together with the ELAUL charger.

    This new portable and rechargeable light offers the possibility to choose the brightness level you need as it is perfectly suitable for airport use.

    • Omnidirectional low-intensity off-the-ground beaconing lights for night VFR
    • Led lighting device
    • 4 versions:
    1. Portable light complying with FAA ref AC n°150/5345-50B
    2. 25 Cd low-intensity light, OACI appendix 14 and STAC
    3. 50 Cd low-intensity light, OACI appendix 14 and STAC
    4. Device gathering all 3 versions (selection thanks to a rotary commutator located on the front face)
    • All versions are declined into the following categories:
    1. Runway edge lights: white or yellow
    2. Runway threshold: green
    3. End of runway light: red
    4. End of runway and runway threshold light: green and red on 180° each
    5. Taxi way lights: blue
    6. Steady or flashing
    • Option: all lights can be operated remotely (for model n°3 commutator suppressed)

    Ni-Cd battery supply

    • Light supplied with a magnetic suction cup on its base ensuring stability on the runway (optional anchor plate) or in the trailer during charging time.
  • Trailer for 60 Runway Lights

    The mobile emergency lighting device includes:

    1 covered trailer provided with:

    • Up to 60 self-supplied lights (maximum capacity of the trailer)
    • The ground mounting devices
    • 1 lot of accessories and spare parts
    • 1 charger able to charge up to 60 lights:

    The trailer enables to transport runway lights, the ground mounting devices thereof and various spare parts to aerodromes and runways.  It is provided to be drawn by vehicles equipped with Ø50mm hitch balls

    The following accessories are provided with the trailer:

    • A 200mm x 200mm anchor plate. 3mm in thickness

    For each beacon light bought with the trailer

    • 4 anchor pegs per plate – approximate length 25cm
    • Lot of spare parts and accessories:
    1. spare protective glasses
    2. spare 12V 5W halogen bulbs
    • 1 socket wrench adapted to traffic legs and wheels
    • 1 hammer, 1 peg extractor
    • 1 level plate

    The whole lot is stored inside the trailer, in storage boxes provided for this purpose.

  • Charger for ELAUL Runway Lights

    The essential characteristic of this type of charger lies in its ability to charge the beacons during a period of time limited by a timer. It allows also the permanent connection of the beacons to the charger in order to maintain their charge.


    • Supply by network single-phase current 230VAC 50 Hz.
    • Protection of the charger by circuit breaker.
    • Apparatus equipped with a standardized 2P+G 16A plug.
    • Absorptive power: 480 VA.
    • Load circuit for 12 beacons.


    • Wall mounted cabinet (Height) 600 x (Length.) 600 x (Width) 300 mm – IP20
    • Weight : 36Kg approximately (cabinet + cables and sockets)


    Interventions on the electrical supply network should be carried out only by qualified personnel.

    Connection on mains
    The mains protection must be carried out by a breakdown which is able to manage the fugitive overcurrent, due to the magnetizing current.

    Charger Protection
    The protection of the charge is carried out by unipolar fuses.

  • ELAUL JB31T Signaling Wand

    The new ELAUL JB31T signaling wand is suitable for police, navy or airport handling use.

    Rechargeable with the JB28 charger. Only one charger is needed for two wands.

    Colors can be changed as often as often as wanted thanks to the left switch and the torch can be switched on and off thanks to the right one.

    Standard colors are red – white – green, but other colors are available on request!

    The signaling wand is perfectly suitable for police controls:

    • Red for stop!
    • Green for trafic!
    • White: the traditional color!

    When the torch is on, colors are off.

    Technical specifications

    • Dimensions:                        (L) 455 x (Dia.) 55 mm
    • Weight:                                550 gr
    • Handle (L):                          210 mm – material : ABS
    • Lighting part:                       235 mm – material : Polyamide
    • Battery:                               Ni-Cd 2.4V 4Ah
    • Torch running time:             4h
    • Signaling led running time: 20h
    • Charge time:                       8h
    • Can be charged with car charger (JBV)

    The signaling wand does exist without torch and in a D-cell version.


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