Ground Electric Power Supply Systems for Aviation

ElectroAir supplies ground electric power supply systems for aviation. Whatever your needs, we can provide a complete solution for you that will minimise the cost of ownership and consumption of resources on the maintenance of all types of aircraft and helicopters.

ElectroAir is a manufacturer, developer and designer of ground power units. Our new generation ground power units are unique to other ground power units on the market, that combine extensive technological expertise and innovation for civil and military customers along with the consumer-focused mindset of two of the best (and most important) aeronautic heritages in the world: safety and reliability.

These are the most advanced products in the GPUs market segment, they are designed to anticipate the market needs and they are able to generate profit for airports, airlines, maintenance repair organisations and ground handlers, as well as provide comfort for consumers and care for the environment. We offer a complete one-stop GPU solution including stand-alone, mobile, Hybrid diesel-engine driven and under ramp GPUs (frequency converters, rectifiers and combined units) as well as PIT systems, cable extenders, charger-dischargers, load banks, quick starters and control and testing equipment.

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Company Profile

  • ElectroAir Strengths

    ElectroAir offers more than just ground support equipment for aircraft, (besides GPUs, Pit systems, cable extenders and service during the whole lifecycle of the delivered equipment). We customize the production for each project according to the criteria of the client to ensure only the exact parts needed are produced exactly as planned. We work closely with our designers to develop the most cost-effective customized equipment layout.

    ElectroAir’s research and development department continuously analyses the potential risks at airports; our equipment goes beyond mere compliance with all current safety regulations but also explores options for the use of the equipment to minimize incidents and maximize our customer’s performance and profit. Our Ground Power Units are extending the life of your aircraft and are helping improve your operational efficiency, return of investments as well as the on-site environmental performance.

  • ElectroAir's Overview


    • EV-Chargers
    • Hybrid Diesel-Battery GPUs
    • Fully battery powered GPUs


    • Expanded our sales to more than 70 countries
    • 74 Pit systems in Beijing Daxing Intl. Airport
    • 178 Pit systems, fully equipped in Quingdao Jiaodong Intl. Airport, China (Largest airport in the world!)

  • Hybrid Diesel GPU

    We focus on minimizing the cost of ownership and consumption of resources for our clients. That’s why we offer our Hybrid Diesel GPU.

    It is a hightech product that brings new technologies and innovation into industry of aviation:

    • Works both as diesel and electric from 3x400V mains power
    • Possible to work both inside and outside hangar
    • 50/60Hz 220V and 3x400V connections for other tools available
  • ElectroAir Workflow

    1. Design

    Winner of the designer of the year award and despite having a wide range of standard equipment, our team is always ready to produce special executions of our products. We have highly specialized professional designers to create special units with extraordinary performance and features. We are always minimizing the equipment costs which suit to our customer`s ROI. Our design is in strict compliance with all the required standards related to electrical, mechanical, safety protection, electro-magnetic compatibility and environmental aspects.

    1. Production

    In our production process we use the best materials and components from reliable suppliers. We follow all the necessary standards such as ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 and OHSAS 18001:2007. The production process is automated; every unit is duly tested to guaraantee the highest quality of products.

    1. Commissioning

    We are always ready to conduct commissioning either at our factory or at client’s place of use. Our engineers will come to the commissioning with necessary equipment and instruments, adjust and align the equipment according to any special requirements of the client. At the same time we also conduct training for the maintenance and operation personnel, granting them certificates of successful passing of the training process.

    1. After sales and warranty support

    Technical support during the entire period of operation is guaranteed by our electrical and mechanical engineers. Our customer care team is ready to help you on 24/7 basis. We also have certified engineers all over the world to be closer to the client. The regular time for problem solving is 24 hours.

    1. Spare parts

    We guarantee spare part storage within minimum period of 15 years. Moreover, we have stocks of spare parts in every part of the world to accelerate the process of solving any issues that may occur. We propose also to keep an initial spare part set at client’s facility in order to speed up the process of fixing any failures.


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Company News

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At ElectroAir we are launching our newly developed product to make our life greener. In frame of Estonia’s greenEST program, we are glad to present our option as an efficient solution for improving EV airport’s …

ElectroAir is Recognised by Government and State of Republic of Estonia as Design Applier of the Year 2021

On the 7th of October the best companies were recognized at the “The Estonian Entrepreneurship Award 2021” event. We are glad to announce that ElectroAir is recognized as “Design applier of the Year 2021”. ElectroAir is …


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