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Airport Noise and Flight Track Monitoring Systems

To help your airport grow tomorrow, EMS Brüel & Kjær helps you manage the noise today. As the world leader in Airport Noise Monitoring and Flight Track Monitoring Systems, EMS has the broadest and deepest range of environment management and stakeholder engagement tools on the market.

If you need data beyond question and a full suite of analysis tools to fulfil your regulatory obligations, ANOMS provides a full featured airport noise monitoring solution.

For airports just starting out in noise management our NoiseDesk solution provides automated monitoring and a task-based interface to reduce the need for specialist staff and reduce the learning curve.

If your community wants transparent information about airport operations, we give you web-based tools to display aircraft tracks and noise levels around the airport, as well as detailed historic information so your community can easily self-investigate.

We also offer a complete set of service solutions from sound level meter calibrations to fully outsourced NoiseOffice services.

We help airports manage their growth by ensuring regulatory compliance, minimizing their environmental footprint and building strong community partnerships.

We work closely with our client base of over 230 airports on 5 continents to meet environmental challenges, both today and into the future.

Company Profile

  • ANOMS - Airport Noise and Operations Monitoring System

    ANOMS is the world-leading, complete solution for accurate monitoring and management of noise and flight tracks at any size airport and across multiple airport locations.

    The system is modular and accommodates many data sources, ranging from any number of noise monitoring terminals (NMTs), radar and flight plan systems and weather information to provide a complete picture of operating conditions at the airport and the source of any environmental disturbances.

    ANOMS is easy to use and provides the most accurate and reliable data available to support your noise impact reduction strategies and community engagement programs.

  • NoiseOffice - Noise Data Management Services

    NoiseOffice is a subscription service providing the information you need to run your noise management program without the need for a large capital outlay.

    Services include:

    • Reliable and precise monitoring of noise impact
    • Routine compliance reports
    • Investigation tools needed to engage stakeholders
    • Data integrity and validation, auditability and long term records management
    • Ongoing access, management, support and refresh of all necessary technology

    In brief, NoiseOffice provides:

    • A configurable menu of services tailored to each client’s needs
    • Frees up local/airport staff for high-value activities & community engagement
    • Secure system and data availability, reliability, and integrity by leveraging world’s largest and most experienced operations team
    • Lower total cost of operation
    • Proven in some of the World’s largest and most complex airports
  • NoiseDesk - Web-Based Airport Noise Monitoring

    NoiseDesk is a web-based airport noise monitoring application that enables you to run an airport noise programme without building an entire environment department.

    Rather than providing a mountain of data to process, NoiseDesk informs you of what needs your attention. Airport personnel use an easy-to-learn data analysis, mapping and reporting interface, while we manage the background data collection and processing.

    Utilising the proven ANOMS system currently in use at hundreds of airports worldwide, NoiseDesk offers access to all of our other modules, including WebTrak, MyNeighbourhood and Flyquiet, if required.

  • Noise Monitoring Terminals

    We offer a wide selection of noise monitoring terminals specifically designed for outdoor use in a wide variety of climatic conditions for both permanent and portable situations. We also provide hardware components for integration into existing systems.

    Our noise monitoring terminals can be operated remotely through a variety of noise and environment monitoring software solutions.

    Our design philosophy has always been focused on optimized up-time, minimal data loss and modular components to enable our systems to grow with your needs.

    Continual improvement based on feedback from our clients; some of the world’s biggest airports, ensure you get a state-of-the-art and robust solution for all your noise monitoring requirements.

  • WebTrak and WebTrak MyNeighbourhood

    Online flight and noise information for the community

    WebTrak provides your local community access to flight and noise data, both in real-time or historical mode. Self-investigation functions including location tools and the ability to search by date and time enable anyone to answer their own questions about flights and noise around the airport, thereby freeing airport staff for other activities.

    Because it’s a software service, WebTrak is hosted, maintained and continually upgraded by EMS. WebTrak provides all the latest community engagement tools, without the maintenance requirements of old fashioned, locally installed software solutions. Best of all, it doesn’t require a huge cash outlay up front, doesn’t require more time from your staff and system administrators and doesn’t become obsolete or outmoded in a year. WebTrak is user-friendly and designed to integrate simply into your airport website.


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