Aviation & Environmental Consulting Company

Established in 2004, ENVISA is a global environmental consulting company specializing in sustainable aviation.

Our world recognized team of experts provide support to the industry’s biggest companies and influential research projects in such topics as environmental impact and trade off assessment, local air quality, global emissions, emissions trading scheme, noise modelling, air craft recycling research & LCA, forecasting, and environmental management.

As one of the world’s most cutting edge environmental research companies, ENVISA believes responsible environmental stewardship is not only a fundamental part of doing business; it is at the core of who we are as a company.

Envisa has traditionally provided consultancy and worked for many major companies & organisations to help deliver scientifically rigorous reports and real world solutions. One of ENVISA’s main missions is to bridge environmental performance and cost effectiveness in the transport industry, specifically in the aviation ecosystem.

More recently, we have diversified our services, introducing audits, and a range of web based tools designed to facilitate complex data driven calculations. Combined with our in-house training capabilities, this provides a “pick & mix” solution to our client’s challenges.

Company Profile

  • Environmental Dashboard for Airports

    Envisa provides airports with a unique offer of integrated consultancy services supported by our webportal AeroGenie, to easily monitor their environmental impact. There is a growing challenge airports face frequently including limited resources with critical deadlines, compliance with regulations and industry standards, any stakeholders looking for environmental accountability, and the constant pressure to reduce energy and carbon costs Envisa presents an innovative Web-App & Dashboard Aerogenie.

    This tool was created to answer the growing challenges airports face frequently. To answer these challenges, aerogenie delivers integrated environmental solutions, assures quality, compliance and optimized resources. Modules in Aerogenie include: Carbon, Energy, Noise, Local Air Quality, Waste, Water, and Corporate Social Responsibility. The dashboard includes an exhaustive database: It is able to consider more than 10 fuel types, over 600 aircraft type, and over 1000 emissions sources.

    Overall Aerogenie delivers an efficient way of handling complex data for defining environmental strategies. The dashboard has a fully secured & encrypted data warehouse on cloud servers, with customized versions available for deployment on the intranet. This tool is available in French and English, and requires no installation or specific software to run.

  • Airport Noise, Carbon, Air Quality Management

    The team at Envisa has over 10 years of specialized experience in noise, carbon, and air quality management services.

    Noise Management Services include: Data inventory, Noise Scenarii & analysis, Noise Impact report. Expertise in major noise models like INM* & STAPES

    Carbon Management Services include: Level 1-3 Carbon Foot print services which encompass data inventory, environment report, cost analysis, carbon mapping, reporting, target setup and management plan, submission management for carbon accreditation after verification, and cost-effective implementation plans.

    Air Quality Management Services include: Data inventory, Scenarii & analysis, Local Air Quality action plan. We have over 10 years of direct development & support for Eurocontrol + contribution to ICAO/CAEP air quality guidance.

  • Aircraft Recycling

    Envisa announced a new business venture in 2014 for the recycling of aircraft parts. Envisa worked in collaboration with Bartin Recycling on the AiMeRe project:

    A project meant to define advanced methodologies for optimized metals and materials recycling of ageing aircraft at end of life. A major goal was to contribute to the profitability of the industry and the preservation of environment.

    It was this project that served as an inspiration to create a platform to not only buy and sell aircraft material in an easily accessible way, but also to simplify the process of finding service providers to meet the needs of MRO’s, Aircraft owners, airlines, AFRA accredited members, recycler, MROs, and OEM’s on a global level. Aerobay is due to be released in it’s beta phase, February 2015.

  • Environmental Training

    In the winter of 2014 Envisa officially launched INOWORLD, a training center complete with an e-learning platform to create bespoke trainings for clients on request. Inoworld’s courses are designed for stakeholders who want to learn or improve their knowledge of environmental regulation, policies, best practices, and environmental tools primarily targeting the aviation sector.

    Our training center offers a range of training to develop tomorrow’s experts in all environmental aspects. We offer courses at our facilities in Paris as well as onsite instruction by international experts to tailor to your company’s needs, customizing courses to groups with specific needs.

    In the winter of 2015, ready-made e-learning courses will be available for purchase on such topics as Airport Security, Carbon Foot Printing, AEM, and the ALAQS tool. Past training courses given include courses on the Emissions Trading Scheme, and AEM tool.


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