Ercon Composites

Frangible Masts, Approach Poles, Anemometer, Glide Path Masts, Runway & Taxiway Signs

ERCON Composites is a leading manufacturer from India manufacturing complete range of Frangible Masts and Approach Poles. A high quality of:

  • Frangible Masts and poles – for Approach Light, Wind Sock, Weather Instruments etc.
  • GP Mast
  • Runway, Taxiway and APRON Signages (Illuminated and Non Illuminated)
  • Distance To Go Markers (DTGM)

are being made and supplied to Airports in India and worldwide. Frangible Hut is also available from the Ercon Group.

All products are manufactured as per FAA requirements, as per Annex 14 and meets Frangibility, deflections and Strength as per ICAO Part 6 where applicable.

Ercon Frangible Masts and Approach Poles have been Tested and certified under full scale test for Frangibility deflection and strength as per ICAO Part 6 by Independent Government agency under witness of Airport Authority of India.

All Ercon Frangible airport products are made from High Strength Fibre Glass material with inbuilt frangibility mechanism by design of its material and construction. These products are finished with special UV protective coating to provide long outdoor weathering life. ERCON Fibre Glass Frangible Mats, Poles, Signages, DTGM have good resistance to weathering, salt and snow.

Ercon has a strong experienced design team with great flexibility to adapt its products to meet special requirements of its clients. All kinds of adaptors and mounting accessories are provided of frangible material avoiding and minimising metals to prevent any damage to aircraft.

Ercon Composite is committed to providing highest quality of product to its customers at the most competitive prices.

Company Profile

  • Ercon Frangible Approach Light Poles and Masts

    For Approach Lighting :

    • Poles up to 4m ,
    • Lattice mast Fibre Glass up to 12m
    • Combination Tiltable Mast (Fibre Glass + Metal) up to 30 metres

    Ercon Frangible Fibre glass Poles and masts are made from special grade of Resin system with high glass content providing it great strength against deflection and meeting the frangibility criteria. These ERCON Masts and Poles are very light weight thus requiring no special equipment to install.

    Approach Light and wind sock poles Available from 0.5m to 4m height and lattice masts are designed upto height as per client requirement.

    Cross Arms for mounting Lights are also available of same Fibre Glass material.

    All ERCON Poles and Masts are provided with special Tiltable base plate at bottom which makes Installation and maintenance very easy. Once correctly Installed, it ensures no future realignment is required. For High Masts special intermediate Tilting mechanism is also provided for lowering only the top portion for easy maintenance. Complete foundation and Installation details are provided with supplies.

    Airport standard Yellow or Red & White colour are provided as per clients requirement. Alternative colours are available.

    Cables can run inside the hollow poles, and special ERCON GRP (fibre glass) conduits and cable Trays are available for cabling on the Masts.

    Extra Tall masts above 12m upto 30 meters are available, with top 12m of Fibre Glass Frangible mast and rest in Metal with Tiltable mechanism both manual type or Winch type available.

  • Ercon Frangible Wind Cone Mast

    Designed as per ICAO frangibility part 6, the mast is made of Fibre glass lattice structure generally of 6m height with Wind Sock of 900mm dia and 3.6m length, externally Illuminated as standard.

    Optionally internal Illuminated mast can also be supplied. The mast is tiltable from the bottom for better performance and strength.

  • Ercon Frangible Glide Path Masts

    Ercon has successfully designed Frangible Glide Path Mast of 15 meters height, meeting FAA requirements of Wind Speeds, Deflection and Frangibility.

    ERCON GP mast is made in 3 sections, easy to assemble at site and is designed to meet wind loads of 140km/hr wind speeds.

    The GP mast is provided with ladder for maintenance. Special GRP cable Trays or GRP Conduits are available for cabling purpose.

    Ercon Frangible Weather Mast

    Normally 10m height as standard with central as well as bottom Tiltable mechanism, the mast is suitable to install weather instruments. Mounting arrangement can be modified and supplied tailor made as per user requirement.

  • Ercon Frangible DTGM

    Ercon Frangible Distance To Go Markers (DTGM) are designed and manufactured as per FAA annex 14 and ICAO Part 6 frangibility requirement.

    It has been tested on the Airport for Frangibility criteria, after meeting the Jet blast of Sukhoi SU30 for 3 months, it was tested for Frangibility and performed as per expectation.

  • Ercon Frangible Signages

    1. RUNWAY Signs
    2. Taxiway Signs
    3. APRON Signs

    Ercon Composites manufactures Frangible Signages for Runway, Taxiway and APRON as per Annex 14 chapter 5.

    The signages are available as Illuminated and Non-Illuminated as per clients requirement.

  • ERCON Frangible Airport Fencing Glass

    Ercon Frangible Airport fence system is very strong, and being non metallic – has no interference with the ILS system, thus it is highly useful for the modern airports.

    Also it is corrosion resistant and being non recyclable finds no Thieves/vandals, thus it provides the maximum life and safety.

    It is very easy and quick to Install. It can be designed for any height from 1m to 3.5 metres.

    Advantages of a Ercon Glass Fibre Airport Products Include:

    • Maintenance-free mast
    • UV-resistant
    • Corrosion-free
    • Temperature/weather resistant
    • Electromagnetic Transparency
    • Light weight – easy to Install
  • Projects

    • ERCON COMPOSITES, INDIA supplies Extra Tall FRANGIBLE Fibre Glass Approach Light Masts from 4m to 24 Metres Height to Servomonsk Airport in RUSSIA . It has withstood extreme weather conditions and temperature ranging from -30 deg C to +34 deg C for past 2 Years
    • ERCON COMPOSITES India Supplies Frangible Fencing to BAHRAIN AIRPORT
    • ERCON COMPOSITES Supplies 8 nos of Frangible Glide Path Masts of 15 meters height to various airports in Spain


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