Ercon Composites

Frangible Masts, Approach Poles, Anemometer, Glide Path Masts, Runway & Taxiway Signs

ERCON Composites, a leading Indian manufacturer, produces a comprehensive range of Frangible Masts and Approach Poles, meeting FAA and ICAO standards. This includes:

– Approach light, Wind Sock,
– Metereology / Weather Instrument Masts
– GP Masts
– Illuminated/Non-Illuminated Runway, Taxiway, and Apron Signages – Distance To Go Markers (DTGM)

Ercon’s products feature built-in frangibility and are constructed from high-strength fiberglass with UV protection. Tested and certified under ICAO Part 6, they resist weathering, salt, and snow.

Backed by an experienced design team, Ercon customises products and provides frangible adapters and accessories, minimising aircraft risk. Committed to quality and competitive prices.


Ercon Frangible Approach Light Poles and Masts

Poles up to 4m Lattice mast Fibre Glass up to 12m Combination Tiltable Mast (Fibre Glass + Metal) up to 30 metres Ercon Frangible Fibre glass Poles/Masts have strong resin with high glass content for deflection …

Ercon Frangible Wind Cone Mast

Designed as per ICAO frangibility part 6, the mast is made of Fibre glass lattice structure generally of 6m height with Wind Sock of 900mm dia and 3.6m length, externally Illuminated as standard. Optionally internal Illuminated …

Ercon Frangible Glide Path Masts

Ercon's 15m Frangible Glide Path Mast meets ICAO standards for Wind Speeds, Deflection, and Frangibility. It's 3 sections, easy to assemble, withstands 140km/hr winds, and features maintenance ladder. Use GRP cable trays/conduits for cabling. Supplied …

Ercon Frangible Weather Mast

Normally 10m height as standard with central as well as bottom Tiltable mechanism, the mast is suitable to install weather instruments. Mounting arrangement can be modified and supplied tailor made as per user requirement.

Ercon Frangible DTGM

Ercon Frangible Distance To Go Markers (DTGM) are designed and manufactured as per FAA annex 14 and ICAO Part 6 frangibility requirement. It has been tested on the Airport for Frangibility criteria, after meeting the Jet …

Ercon Frangible Signages

RUNWAY Signs Taxiway Signs APRON Signs Ercon Composites manufactures Frangible Signages for Runway, Taxiway and APRON as per Annex 14 chapter 5. The signages are available as Illuminated and Non-Illuminated as per clients requirement.

ERCON Frangible Airport Fencing Glass

Ercon Frangible Airport fence system is very strong, and being non metallic – has no interference with the ILS system, thus it is highly useful for the modern airports. Also it is corrosion resistant and being …

Company News

Ercon supplies 12 large size Frangible FOD Masts to CHANGI AIRPORT

Ercon received a very prestigious order to supply 12 nos of FIBREGLASS Frangible masts for mounting  FOD ( Foreign object detection ) camera  on the mast in the thick of the COVID PERIOD OF summer …


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