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Mission Critical private radio infrastructure (TETRA, LTE) for airports

private network radio infrastructure for airportsETELM has been designing and manufacturing radio infrastructure (TETRA and LTE) for private networks (PMR) since 1981. ETELM is working for Mission Critical users that can’t rely on public networks. ETELM has strong references in deploying radio infrastructure for airports and developed specific applications for the different kind of users.

ETELM is a French company supplying globally. Its technology is fully developed and manufactured in France and over 50% of its systems are exported (Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle-East).

The ETELM 4G Linked range of products links both Narrowband and Broadband into a single, fully distributed core network. This solution enables standard LTE, TETRA, DMR, Analogue and P25 base stations to directly connect to the same LTE Core network avoiding the necessity for gateways or black boxes.

Innovation is ETELM’s signature and some revolutionary LTE products are just being commercialized.

ETELM has combined its technological expertise with his experience of the business needs to develop solutions tailored to each of its customers.

Based on a technological heart of top performers, ETELM offers flexibility and agility that allows the integration of its solutions in complex environments (application, operational or environmental constraints etc.)

Key ETELM solutions and services for airport communications

  • 4GLinked: hybrid solution (narrowband and broadband) for airports
  • Services for best radio coverage with TETRA, LTE and WIFI
  • Fully standardized (ETSI, 3GPP)
  • Scalable, Resilient and Flexible
  • Compatible with all terminals of the market
  • Full API for customer developments
  • Specific applications for group management based on flights
  • Ready-to-use solutions
  • End to end solutions
  • Consultancy (coverage, audit, architecture, etc.)
  • Voice and Data Recording Solutions
  • Geolocation
  • Radio planning services
  • Fully integrated Broadband and Narrowband services
  • Multiple technologies and seamless interoperability between users

ETELM’s website :

Company Profile

  • TETRA infrastructure

    ETELM has been designing and manufacturing TETRA infrastructure solutions for more than 20 years. ETELM’s TETRA solution are flexible and completely future proof as they can be directly integrated along with broadband LTE.

    ETELM’s TETRA portfolio include :

    • Portable / transportable / rackable base stations
    • TETRA Switch
    • Dispatcher including Geolocation application
    • Management Console
    • Communications & location recorder with advanced research tools
    • Full API to develop your own applications
  • LTE / 4G infrastructure

    ETELM used its extensive radio expertise to develop its own LTE radio base stations (eNodeB) in order to be able to fully adapt it to the customer requirements (band, environment, coverage, etc.).

    ETELM’s LTE/4G portfolio include :

    • Macrocell, 15W transmission, MIMO, working in several bands
    • Picocel, 250mW transmission, MIMO, working in several bands
    • Smallcell up to 1W

    All these solutions are fully compliant with 3GPP / ETSI standards (3GPP LTE rel 13) and has been successfully tested with a wide range of EPC core and terminals.

    It is fully compliant with the MCPTT standards and offers all the Mission Critical features (Push-To-Talk, Emergency calls, Group calls, Alerts, etc.)

  • Radio planning and architecture services

    With 35 years’ experience in the radio planning exercise, ETELM is the perfect partner to help you plan your deployment based on your needs in terms of coverage, rate, applications and services.

    ETELM took part of radio planning in several airports and is equipped with all the tools required.


  • Unified Platform : TETRA & LTE on a single EPC core

    LTE Core – Interface between systems:

    The core network (EPC) is based on IP technology. It allows the interconnection between the eNodeB and the base stations of different technologies. With our directly connected LTE, TETRA, DMR & Analogue all radio systems can use a single transmission system.

    Integration with other technologies:

    ETELM recognized the value of 4G LTE and agreement with other manufacturers has developed a range of “4G linked” basestations, integrating different technologies on the same LTE core network. Thus, users can combine the benefits of different technologies making seamless, individual and group calls between subscribers of different technologies.

    4G Linked benefits:

    • A single fully distributed, IP Network
    • Fully integrated Broadband and Narrowband services
    • Multiple technologies and seamless interoperability between users
    • Static and dynamic groups between different user types
    • Architectural flexibility with respect to the coverage, frequency, expected services and costs
    • Migration facilities and extensions


ETELM LTE Macrocell – e-LBS

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ETELM LTE Picocell – e-LBSp

The e-LBSp is an LTE eNodeB base station for remote and harsh environments operating in different frequency bands (700 MHz, 900MHz, 1.8GHz, 2.3GHz and 2.6 GHz) both in TDD and FDD. Its compact dimensions, ease …

ETELM TETRA base station – e-TBS

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