Turnkey Power Protection Systems For Airports

EURO-DIESEL provide power protection systems which are protecting airports in 15 countries from the consequences of mains power failures and power quality issues. Our designs are modular and scalable and can grow with your needs.

We were established in 1989 in Liège, Belgium by innovators who specialised in critical power supply systems. Today, EURO-DIESEL has 11 subsidiaries, a network of distributors in major cities around the world and teams of skilful personnel and engineers who are passionate about UPS and generator products. We enjoy a high-profile reference list due to the quality, robustness, and longevity of the NO-BREAK KS® and the dedication of our service personnel.

We understand the severity of a power failure to your organisation which is why we provide a comprehensive service to clients covering all aspects of power protection and have established local offices to provide support and a fast response in call out situations.

Our turnkey service includes designing, conceptualising customised UPS systems, manufacturing, delivering, installation, testing and commissioning as well as long-term service and maintenance programs to ensure sustainability and longstanding customer satisfaction.

The design of the Dynamic Rotary Uninterruptible Power Supply (DRUPS) system, the NO-BREAK KS®, together with the user-friendly HMI system, the KS-VISION®, have been perfected to give a user-friendly experience and fulfilment in terms of reliability, cost of ownership and assurance in times of need.

It incorporates the latest techniques, whilst using standard components; the NO-BREAK KS® system has had a proven record of success since its conception more than 25 years ago which has resulted in the rapid growth of EURO-DIESEL’s activities across the globe. The NO-BREAK®KS is engineered to meet the most stringent level of reliability, highest efficiency, longevity and consequently, lowest economical and operational cost.

Company Profile

  • Dynamic Rotary Uninterruptible Power Supply

    Ensuring power continuity to the key electrical elements within the heart of every airport is obviously essential and key to ensuring its safe operation.

    The NO-BREAK KS® is a Dynamic Rotary Uninterruptible Power Supply (DRUPS) System with power ratings from 100 kVA up to 3000 kVA, operating at 400 Volts low voltage up to 20 kV medium voltage configurations, suited for both 50 and 60 Hertz.

    The NO-BREAK KS® is designed for single and parallel operation in several modules; it can be installed in plant rooms or enclosed containers designed in accordance with local standards. The NO-BREAK KS® operates in parallel with the utility power supply and the system consists of an alternator, accumulator (a kinetic energy storage device), electromagnetic clutch and a diesel engine.

    In Conditioning Mode, whilst the utility is present, the NO-BREAK KS® stabilises the voltage within narrow tolerances and the system provides power factor correction and protects the load from mains carrying harmonics.

    In Independent Mode, on utility failure or voltage deviations, the stored kinetic energy is retrieved and transferred to the synchronous machine, which is now acting as a generator. This occurs without any interruption, a zero-second transfer, to the critical loads. The system is designed to handle peaks or variation created by the fluctuating intensity of runway lights etc. Shortly after the utility failure, the diesel engine is started and coupled to the synchronous machine by closing the electromagnetic clutch. The energy for the synchronous generator is then provided by the diesel engine for a period only limited by the amount of fuel available on site.

    UPS systems are incorporated in most recent airport designs supporting air traffic and runway requirements and the NO-BREAK®KS is already installed at many national and international airports such as Madrid International Airport, Barcelona International Airport, Taipei Chiang Kai-Shek Airport, Brussels International Airport, Frankfurt-Hahn International Airport, and Bangkok International Airport, to name a few.


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