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Airport Bird Balls To Prevent Birdstrike, HDPE Water Filled Balls Reduce Evaporation From Emergency Water Supplies & Prevent Duckweed & Algae

Established in 1967 in Hungary, Euro-Matic manufactures over 140 different types of hollow plastic balls selling them internationally with various distribution agreements worldwide. In August 2016 Helena and Paul King took the UK business over and re-established new markets, making vast improvements to the business to offer a better customer experience.

The uses for plastic balls is surprisingly vast. It includes:

  • On open water, for example, ponds, airports and reservoirs to stop flocks of birds settling.
  • Protecting emergency water supplies in large-scale manufacture from clogging up with algae.
  • In reservoirs to stop algae forming so reducing the amount of chemicals the local water authority has to use – enabling wildlife to flourish.
  • Playpen balls for children (and adults).
  • To keep Koi carp ponds and the Koi carp they contain warm in winter.
  • Heating or cooling chemical or water tanks during manufacturing processes for a range of different products.
  • Every Henry Hoover contains a Euro-Matic ball as part of the valve system.

We pride ourselves on a quality product, with experience in handling a project from start to finish including quotation, transportation and after sales support. In the UK we have offices in London and a large distribution site in the midlands with our key manufacturing plant in Hungary. Much of the international business is also handled by the UK given the experience of large scale projects and the ability to source in country manufacturing facilities if required.

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Company Profile

  • Bird Control Systems: Bird Balls, The Perfect Solution to Camouflage Open Water Ponds at Airports from Waterfowl

    What are they? A simple solution to deter birds from open water ponds: Airport Rain Water Collection Basins.

    Waterfowl attracted to areas of open water put themselves and humans at risk. A floating layer of Euro-Matic Bird Ball™ successfully camouflages the liquid and birds fail to recognise the ponds.

    Bird Balls® are 100mm diameter UV stabilised black hollow plastic balls, manufactured in High Density Polyethylene. The balls float on the surface of a liquid, automatically arranging themselves into a close packed formation to completely cover the liquid surface. For areas subject to high winds where normal balls can be blown from the waters’ surface, we can provide the balls each filled with 200ml of water and become stable by sitting lower in the water.

    Euro-Matic Bird Balls are fully operational at Heathrow airport, London, UK.

    The advantages of the balls versus other birdstrike solutions is that they are a one time installation with no ongoing maintenance so once the investment has been made they can be left for around 20-30 years, this is because they are injected with a UV stabiliser (weather resistant) and made from a HDPE plastic. There are options such as netting whilst cheap to install does deteriorate very quickly and poses a hazard to wildlife as they can get trapped and require human intervention. Netting will also not prevent birds using the open water as they will still attempt to land, so therefore the risk is still apparent. Other options to deter birds are sounds/sonar/drones all of which scare the birds off but don’t prevent them from returning. Our bird balls are patented and the only option on the market which permanently deters birds and isn’t something that scares them away and then they return. Another benefit is that the blanket of balls reduce evaporation by 90% and reduces algae and duckweed so a EWP again becomes maintenance free. It is the most effective bird control solution irrelevant of the size of the airport.

  • Airport Drainage Solutions: Euro-Matic Bird Balls to protect emergency water supplies and drainage solutions

    A floating cover of bird balls on open water can also ensure the water supplies are fluid, and not prone to algae or duckweed, which in turn prevents chemicals or clean out and clogged up pump issues.

    Bird balls also reduce evaporation of water by 90% so for hotter countries where the EMS is essential and needs to be protected, the reassurance that the water will be there is key.

  • Play Pen Balls for Children’s play areas

    EURO-MATIC supply the widest range of Playpen ball sizes available in the market starting at the smaller 50mm and 60mm Therapy™ Playpen Balls suitable for special needs children which provide excellent physical support whilst giving more tactile and visual stimulation. The most common standard Playpen Ball diameter available is the EURO+Plus™ 75mm but we also offer the EURO+Plus™ 80mm for bigger Ball Pools and Pits. Common sizes are:

    • 50mm – Therapy™ Playpen Balls
    • 60mm – Therapy™ Playpen Balls
    • 75mm – EURO+Plus™ Regular Balls
    • 80mm – EURO+Plus™ Extra Balls

    Our most common playpen ball, the 75mm EURO+Plus™, is available to order online, in multiples of 500.


    • Standard stock colours are Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet, Pearl White and White
    • Standard mixed colour bags comprise of Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and White
    • Any other special colours can be produced to the Pantone scale subject to minimum order quantities and lead times. Ask for details


    The constituent materials that go into making Playpen Balls are all FDA approved. From the colourants through to the special mix of LD and LLD plastics (which includes a UV inhibitor), they are carefully chosen to ensure no degradation from U.V. sunlight and that they conform to stringent US and European flammability and toxicity legislation.


    Because of our strict quality control and rigorous testing procedures, we are the only supplier confident enough to offer a two year guarantee against splitting or breaking in normal use due to strict quality control and rigorous testing procedures. Of course you can expect them to last much, much longer.


    Our EURO+Plus™ Patented Technology (US Patent No. 5320887 and granted Patents in Europe) produces Playpen Balls of unrivalled quality throughout the World. Despite this, during every production run and colour change we put samples through a tougher environment than any playpen ball will ever experience by compression testing to 50% of their diameter and this is done 20,000 times per test. The strength and durability of our EURO+Plus™ Playpen Balls are second to none and certified by TUV according to the Directive 2009/48/EC.


    All our balls have the ability to be customised with you own logo to give that personal touch to your project or scheme. With very little investment you can have a unique design or motif on the outside of the ball to distinguish your product or for marketing purposes. We also offer a range of non standard colours and can colour match for events such as weddings/ charity fundraising events/ corporate events/ themed playhouses/seasonal requirements.


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