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Smoking Cabins / Air Cleaners for Tobacco Smoke, Dust, Gas, Odour & Grease

Euromate is specialised in indoor smoking cabins and high-quality air cleaners for airport smoking rooms/smoking lounges, baggage handling areas, kitchens, fast food and traditional restaurants, shopping centres, locker & changing rooms, warehouses, hospitality and entertainment businesses, offices, etc. Customers benefit from the extensive experience, expertise and service-oriented mindset that Euromate has developed since the company was founded over 40 years ago. The headquarters are based in Breda in the Netherlands and Euromate has a global distribution network that spans 55 countries.

Hospitality is very important in the airport business. Airports are public areas and smoking is only permitted in provided smoking rooms or smoking cabins. This applies to both passengers and airport staff. Euromate manufactures five different models of plug & play smoking cabins with five-stage filtration, featuring transparent walls. Euromate also manufacturers various types of air cleaners specifically designed to remove pollutants such as smoke, dust, gas, odour and grease.

Many Euromate smoking cabins and air cleaners have found their way around the world. They successfully provide clean air to smokers, employees, customers and visitors. Major airports where Euromate products can be found include Schiphol, Frankfurt, Abu Dhabi, Saharjah, Bahrian, Pulkov, Kolkata and more.

Unique selling points of the Euromate smoking cabins and indoor air cleaners:

  • A wide range of pollutants can be effectively removed from the air, including tobacco smoke, dust, gas, odour and grease.
  • The pollutants remain trapped in the filters.
  • Clean air is blown back into the same room => recirculation.
  • Airport smoking cabins are flexible; a wide range of models are available, in various sizes and capacities.
  • Plug & play: the smoking cabins and different types of air cleaners can be placed anywhere in the area; only electricity is needed.
  • No ductwork or ventilation systems required.

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Company Profile

  • Tobacco Smoke Solution, Smoking Cabins & Smoking Rooms

    Euromate has three different solutions for smoking areas: The Smoke‘n Go smoking cabin, the VisionAir Blue Line SmokeFree air cleaner and the soon to be introduced airport purifier.

    The Smoke‘n Go smoking cabin is flexible in size and equipped to handle regular smoking intensities. It effectively removes tobacco smoke and unpleasant odours. No external exhaust connection is needed. A smoking cabin with transparent walls (glass) is important so smokers can keep an eye on the flight information signs.


    • Four models, for up to 28 smokers
    • Electrostatic filter for high efficiency and low operating costs. Tested and certified by BGIA, TUV, ECN
    • Smoke and odour-free ashtray with valve
    • High quality materials (aluminium, safety glass, burn-free table top). Attractive, transparent design
    • Recirculation system
    • Low noise level
    • Motion sensor
    • No ductwork or ventilation systems required

    The Smoke‘n Go is controlled automatically, by a motion sensor. Once smokers enter the cabin the integrated fan gears up. Five minutes after smokers have left the cabin it goes back into standby mode.

    The VisionAir Blue Line SmokeFree is designed for designated smoking rooms. When there is adequate floor space, airports might choose to construct a separate smoking room. The Euromate VisionAir Blue Line SmokeFree can be installed in the smoking room to remove the tobacco smoke effectively. This is a recirculating system and therefore does not require any ductwork or external exhaust connection, just electricity. Euromate also manufacturers and supplies odourless smoking tables and table ashtrays to completely furnish a smoking room.

    Coming soon: The airport purifier! This is a flexible solution for airport lounges.

  • Indoor Air Cleaner for Tobacco Smoke, Dust, Gas & Odours

    The Euromate VisionAir Blue Line thoroughly cleans indoor air. Clean indoor air contributes to a better image for your organisation, good health and pleasant working conditions, all of which have a positive effect on productivity and absence due to illness. Complaints of headache, concentration problems, fatigue and sinus irritation will be significantly reduced.

    Depending on the room and the specific pollutants, the VisionAir Blue Line offers different filter combinations to effectively tackle any problem with your indoor air. A wide range of pollutants can be removed from the air, like tobacco smoke, dust, gas and odours. For different types of air pollution the VisionAir Blue Line offers a unique filter combination, such as the DustFree and OdourFree filter packages. This is a plug & play system, so no ductwork is needed.

  • Air Cleaner for Large Buildings, Warehouses & Industrial Buildings

    The HF Air Cleaner is a robust, volume air cleaning system that is built around a main filter and has an integrated fan. It extracts airborne pollution typical for large buildings where processes mainly concern processing, packaging, transport and storage. The HF Air Cleaner is a recirculating system and no external exhaust connection is needed, just electricity.

    Indoor air in large buildings is contaminated with various sources of pollution. The operational activities lead to the formation of dust that is constantly stirred up by all the movement. Moreover, outside air quality near airports is often quite polluted and fine dust enters the buildings and baggage handling area.

    The negative consequences are:

    • Health problems among the personnel
    • Impact on business processes
    • Contamination of products
    • Machine failures

    A clean, healthy working environment leads to smoothly operating processes, a good image and lower costs for cleaning and illnesses.

  • Kitchen Air Filtration to Remove Grease & Odours

    The SF Air Cleaner is specifically designed to capture kitchen fumes, cooking-related grease and odours. A good filter system reduces the risk of fire, provides healthy air for employees and visitors, reduces cleaning costs and ensures that unpleasant odours do not enter the areas around the commercial kitchen.

    Many airports have a large selection of hospitality services and souvenir shops. Unpleasant odours produced during cooking should not enter the dining area or neighbouring clothing and perfume shops.

    The SF Air Cleaner is fitted with a specific main filter depending on the most important problem:

    • SFE – Removes smallest grease particles
    • SFC – Removes odours and gases

    It is easy to install in an existing ventilation system, and in most cases the existing extraction fan delivers enough power for proper operation.


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