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PRM-Airport Access Egress and Evacuation Solutions and Cargo Stairclimbers

EVACCESS offer total solutions for Airport Access Egress and Evacuation Solutions, taking people up and down stairs using powered units with single person operation.

Manual evacuation chairs for downward only. There are many cases where upward evacuation or movement is required so purchase the correct piece of equipment (powered units). People can remain in their manual and powered wheelchairs. A large variety of options to cater for straight, spiral and flared stairs.

The equipment that we supply enables PRM to have a better quality of travel experience. EVACCESS ensure that we can offer the best solution.

If a lift is out of action the units can be used for access egress and evacuation.

Too often companies purchase fire evacuation chairs that are not suitable for access and egress and that only go down. Many situations require upward evacuation and therefore EVACCESS are market leaders as we recommend products that are multi-use and give you the option to go up and down.

  • Goods stair climbers to use on escalators, stairs and flat surfaces.
  • PRM Airplane Lifts
  • Wheelchair Mover taking the strain from operators letting the machine take the strain.
  • Evacuation & Direction App to assist with evacuation in an emergency and also to direct people around the airport

EVACCESS offer a complete package for your access, egress and evacuation needs. We think about the occupier or potential occupier of the unit plus the health and safety of the operator. For handling goods we have models that negate manual handling.

Company Profile

  • PRM – Variety of portable chairs to assist with access transit and evacuation across all areas with stairs or escalators

    We offer a range that go up and down stairs and don’t have to be lifted. Comfortable for occupant and negates manual handling for operators.


    • manual downward only Evacuation Chair which will only move downstairs if the handle is depressed. 15 year warranty.
    • Suitable for people who can transfer.

    Stair Mate Range

    • (2 models)– Powered and therefore upward and downward travel.
    • Push button operation and can be moved as required around buildings.
    • Suitable for a variety of non-powered wheelchairs. No need to transfer and the person still has their wheelchair to continue on their travels.

    Super Tracs / Stairmate Majors

    • (2 models)Powered and therefore upward and downward travel.
    • Suitable for powered and manual wheelchairs up to 240kg.
    • Cover for access, egress, evacuation and lift breakdowns.

    LG 2020

    • For those who can transfer for use on all stair types including spiral, flared and narrower stair cases.


    • as above but takes wheelchairs
  • PRM – App to aide with evacuation, incidents and direction. Passenger guidance for safety and direction

    Disability & Mobility Assistance – A PEEPs is completed on mobile phones.

    Airport – Upload evacuation routes showing routes for those with mobility issues and for able bodied.

    Person- check in on their phone when they arrive at the airport so if an incident they are advised and the airport knows they are on site.

    Part of airlines check in, would be to download the app and complete PEEPS.

    In an emergency the phone is activated to say there is an incident and person is directed to the correct exit, this could be up or down so the correct evacuation equipment must be available

    We heavily rely on signage but too many signs and confusion arises as they aren’t seen. Nearly everyone has a mobile phone and what better way to direct people around the airport than by their phone.

    Simple to upload plans and if there are refurbishments taking place in buildings then it is quick to change routes.

    Can also be used to direct people around the airport.

    The correct evacuation chairs (PRM) should be available to assist to ensure people’s needs are met.

    We have more than 10 to choose from as one model does not fit all requirements.

    Visit our website for more information

  • Goods - Stair climbers for Escalators and Stairs

    Goods are taken around airports and airport offices. There are often stairs involved and if a lift is out of action then our stair climbers can be used – reducing lifting and handling issues. SwallowEMP have a variety available to suit your requirements. Primarily powered to reduce injuries to operators.

    The Swift

    • is new to the market and can safely operate on escalators as well as stairs. The load is spread over a couple of treads on escalators.

    The Donkey

    • is for use on stairs and takes up to 180kg- simple to operate.

    The Goods Mate

    • tracked stair climber that can be used to take people in manual wheelchairs but also have a platform added to take goods up and down stairs.
    • Take items up to 130kg up and down stairs.

    Piano Plan

    • Take items up to 600kg up and down stairs.
    • Also powered sack trolleys for flat surfaces and slopes.

    We believe strongly in offering a choice and finding solutions.

  • PRM – airplane lift and other aides for mobility impaired people

    Portable Airplane Lift for PRM

    • Wheelchair users remain in their chairs and go up airport steps on a platform to board the plane.

    Flex Step

    • A set of stairs that change to platform lift and vice versa.

    Security Chair

    • Made totally of plastic, so can go through security. Those with mobility needs won’t need to be transferred. They are not collapsible and therefore difficult to remove from site if not authorised.

    Platform lift

    • For use to assist wheelchair users and PRM access to trains and areas where there is a difference in height.

    Transfer Sling

    • Transfer Sling to assist with moving people in small spaces and to transfer to and from seats and wheelchairs.

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