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PRM - Mobility Chairs for Passenger Boarding, Transit and Evacuation

Evac+Chair International – working with the Mobility Impaired

Evac+Chair International’s emergency solutions provide a complete package of products to cater for every eventuality whether that’s a life, property or health emergency. Evac+Chair International is the original manufacturer of the Evac+Chair, a universal evacuation chair that delivers smooth stairway descent for the disabled and mobility-impaired during an emergency. The business has also grown to offer a wide range of evacuation and life-saving emergency products, including the CardiAid Automated External Defibrillator.

With over twenty years of expertise, Evac+Chair International continuously looks to increases their worldwide network that already includes the USA, Germany, India, South Africa and China amongst others.

Evac+Chair International has extensive experience in supplying organisations across a number of sectors, including education, leisure, business and council buildings, and worldwide distributors alike with emergency solutions equipment.  As well as supplying quality products and training, expert advice on responsible evacuation planning forms a counterpart of the service.

Evac+Chair International prides itself on building strong links with customers to ensure they are aware of the comprehensive support available, whether that be training, maintenance or simply to talk through the right emergency solution required.

Company Profile

  • Mobility Chairs for Passenger Boarding, Transit & Evacuation

    The Air+Chair is a specially designed on-board transit chair to facilitate the movement of passengers with reduced mobility along narrow aisles and confined spaces.

    The folded design allows the Air+Chair to be manoeuvered on its own castor wheels.

    Features & Benefits

    • Lightweight
    • Narrow Design
    • For use on Air, Sea, and Rail Transport
    • Intelligent Design enables large payload
    • Meets FAA Flame retardant regulations
    • Meets minimum dimensional spec (DPTAC)



    Push Handles – Safety Belts – Foldable Transfer Board – Foldable Footrests – Foldable Backrests – 4 Swivel Wheel.

    Mobility Chairs for Passenger Boarding, Transit and Evacuation
  • Airport Evacuation Aids

    • Mini-Stretcher – A versatile handling device for lifting patients in bed to bed transfers, and for strategic stairway evacuation.
    • Ski Sheet – The Ski Sheet is widely accepted as a vital aid in the rapid evacuation of non-ambulant patients from hazardous situations.
    • Evacuation Cot – Evacuation Cot is designed for easy and safe evacuation of premature and new born babies in the event of an emergency.
    • Patient Carrier Seat – A portable transfer device for lifting incapacitated persons from a wheelchair into or out of an Evac+Chair.
    • Ski Pad – The Ski Pads flexibility enables safe patient evacuation through standard doorways, narrow fire escapes and twisting corridors.
    Mobility Chairs for Passenger Boarding, Transit & Evacuation
  • Airport Stairway Evacuation Chairs

    Evac+Chair is a universal evacuation solution for smooth stairway descent during an emergency.

    This single user operation ensures no heavy lifting or manual handling is required during emergency evacuation procedures.

    Our evacuation chair solutions consists of the following products:

    • Evac+Chair 300H MK4 – The standard model Evac+Chair featuring 182kg payload capacity and a blue textured finish with contrasting yellow hammock. Also available in AMB format.
    • Evac+Chair 440 – A two person operation enhanced Evac+Chair with an increased passenger payload capacity of 440lbs/200kg and for use on steep stairs (45°)
    • Evac+Chair 600H – The Evac+Chair 600H is a modified 300H incorporating 2 carry-handles that allows for two person operation for locations with difficult access, including upwards evacuation. Also available in AMB format.
    • IBEX Transeat – IBEX TranSeat 700H safely descends and ascends stairs without carrying or heavy lifting.
    Mobility Chairs for Passenger Boarding, Transit and Evacuation
  • ServiCare Annual Maintenance Contract

    As a Class 1 Medical Device, an Evac+Chair should be regularly serviced and maintained to ensure its safe operation. This requirement is included within the PUWER Regulation.

    To help clients meet this legal requirement Evac+Chair International offers an annual service contract, ServiCare. In addition to an annual service the ServiCare contract also includes one additional call out to site during the year.

    Evacuation Chair Training

    We offer two training courses, depending on the level of training necessary. All Courses, presented by Evac+Chair training specialists, cover every aspect of the roles of Dedicated Operators and Key Trainers. All Delegates receive reference and training material. On Course completion, all Delegates meeting the training standards are Certificated and deemed competent for their roles.

    Our Aim is to:

    • Ensure that all candidates complete the Course and achieve a level of competence which will inspire others to use the Evac+Chair confidently under any conditions.
    • Provide competent in-house trainers who will train Evac+Chair Operators/Dedicated Escorts to provide assistance to the mobility impaired – enabling them to reach a place of safety in the event of a fire or other emergency.
    • Ensure that you meet your legal obligations and be kept up-to-
      date with new regulations and adequately trained in Emergency Escape Procedures for all, including the mobility impaired
    Mobility Chairs for Passenger Boarding, Transit and Evacuation

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