Falck Airport RFFS

Airport Rescue & Fire Fighting Services / Healthcare / PRM Assistance / Consultancy


Falck provides a fully operational Airport Rescue & Fire Fighting Service, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year responding to emergencies in both airside & landside areas, within the airport terminals and all other critical buildings located at the airport in addition to responding to all Aircraft related emergencies.

Company Profile

  • Airport Rescue & Fire Fighting Service

    Falck Airport RFFS provides rapid intervention and incident management action in:

    • Extinguishing fires and operational accidents
    • Emergency rescue solution of crisis situations

    Falck provides training and fire safety activities to support airport safety systems:

    • Activity of the technicians for fire protection
    • Checks of fire extinguishers
    • Checks and maintenance of fire fighting hydrants
    • Training of airport employees in fire safety and use of fire fighting equipment

    Falck assumes the control for:

    • Inspections of fire fighting facilities
    • Repairs, purchase and service of fire extinguishers
    • Monitoring and maintenance of fire alarm equipment

    Outsourcing benefits:

    • Transfer of the total reliability for the Fire Brigade operation to Falck.
    • Space for airport management to devote attention to core business activity.
    • Enhanced quality of fire fighting services that are provided on a client oriented basis.
    • Increase in Fire Brigade operational efficiency with strict management and control over the costs and investments.
    • Financing and acquisition of new investments provided by Falck.
    • Budget of costs for the operation agreed in advance in the contract.
    • Employees become part of professional fire fighting company.
  • Airport Healthcare

    Falck can provide airport medical care targeting airport staff or passengers such as:

    • GP consultation, medical test/diagnostics and stabilising treatment
    • Laboratory tests
    • Dental clinic facilities
    • Muscle apparatus treatment (physiotherapy, massage, chiropractic etc.)
    • Prescriptions
    • Optician services
  • Airport PRM assistance (Persons with reduced mobility)

    Historically, the type of PRM assistance offered and its organisation was a decision of an individual airline. Some major airlines undertook the PRM service in-house, some outsourced the service and some airlines simply did not offer any or only limited PRM service.

    Falck has been working in partnership at Copenhagen Airport for decades with both the airlines and the airport administration. Initially the PRM service requested was primarily oriented toward the heavy lifting of PRM passengers from aircraft to either a wheelchair or a stretcher. The service was located predominantly near the aircraft with professionally trained staff either on/offloading stretcher patients into our own ambulances for onward transport to hospitals.

    Following the enforcement of the new EU regulation on PRM handling, Falck and Copenhagen Airport agreed to a partnership in the provision of services to the airport´s PRM clients (both incoming and outgoing).

    On 27th of July 2008 Falck began its full scope of PRM services aiming at:

    • Assistance service to PRM clients all the way through the airport from their point of arrival (i.e. by metro, railway station or car park) until they are seated on board the aircraft or vice-versa.
    • Check-in and baggage handling services to PRM clients.
    • Providing assistance reaction time of a maximum of 30 minutes for departing PRM passengers who have reported their arrival at the airport and have notified Falck in advance (without notification it may take longer as the service level guarantee would not apply).
    • Having all the required staff and equipment at the nominated gate upon flight arrival carrying pre-notified PRM passengers.
    • 100% client satisfaction.

  • Airport Consultancy

    Falck Airport Services offers expert technical assistance and advice. This is delivered by recognised experts in their field and who are all experienced in aviation legislation, regulation and all operational procedures.

    Falck offers services that are fully capable of supporting airport authorities, airlines, ground support companies and project support to ensure that effective and up-to-date regulations, procedures and practices are developed and implemented, helping to put in place robust systems that satisfy international safety oversight obligations.

    We can offer assistance in the following areas:

    • Task and Resource analysis
    • Operating in difficult environments
    • Emergency planning and training
    • Business Continuity planning
    • Disaster management
    • Incident & accident investigation and review
    • Risk management
    • Medical needs analysis
    • Developing Aerodrome Manual
    • Independent Airport Audits


Falck Airport RFFS
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