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Elevating the airport experience with a fully digitalized passenger journey

Appssenger is a platform developed by Five Flames Mobile (FFM), a company dedicated to the development of mobile solutions for its customers with a high level of innovation.

Founded in 2012, we primarily focus on developing, designing, and consulting corporate mobile solutions. We also enhance production processes and conduct research and development in mobility technologies through customized projects and our software-as-a-service technology. Our solutions cater to diverse market segments, including entertainment, marketing, advertising, education, and productive business environments.

Appssenger has been implemented since September 2017, developing, maintaining, and improving the passenger experience applications for Glasgow and Aberdeen. During this time FFM has grown gaining sufficient knowledge of airport and passenger experience to present new ideas and evaluate new features.

Appssenger; A limitless gateway to the digital airport.

Appssenger provides a personalized complete digital platform for your airport. Design to optimize management and reduce your passenger stress during their journey.

From a feature-rich website with extended contextual info, the native mobile application adapted to smartwatches, to a voice assistant, Amazon Alexa.

Accessible, responsive, and versatile, we take care of designing the best solution to improve your digital passenger experience focussed on three main goals:

  • Increase the airport’s revenues by offering passengers easier access to airport services and facilitating shopping through a complete e-commerce feature, including native payments.
  • Create a direct communication channel with the passengers through push notifications that can be triggered manually and automatically.
  • Reduce the stress of the passenger journey by providing all the information needed in an airport, from flight schedules to wayfinding in an interactive map and contextualized information and recommendations based on the step of the boarding process. Everything is accessible from the web and native mobile apps.

The passengers will be able to track flights, receive real-time flight updates, book airport services, check their baggage size using augmented reality or use the airport map with wayfinding to move inside the airport among other features.

On the other hand, the airport can dynamically manage the content of the app, connect with the passengers using the notification hub and track the passenger’s behaviour inside the airport.

You can download the Appssenger Product Sheet and know more about the Apps and Webs features by clicking here.

Passenger Area Features

  • Flight List
  • Passenger journey
  • Interactive Airport Map
  • In-app Ancillary Booking
  • Shops, food & beverage
  • News & Alerts features

And way more features

Customizable Management System

The CMS can provide secure access and features like Passenger’s location dashboard, wayfinding, app or web notifications and content, all customizable.

Useful optimized Airport management info, with plenty of functions for the airport team to implement in the day-by-day airport management.

You can know more about Appssenger or ask for a demo from the Appssenger web.


Appssenger – Flight List

This feature allows you to scan your boarding pass code to track your flight, giving you quick access to your flight details, including departure and arrival times, gate numbers and any updates or changes to …

Appssenger – Passenger Journey

Passenger Journey is a cutting-edge function within our digital platform that accompanies travellers throughout their entire airport experience. Here's what makes Passenger Journey truly exceptional: Boarding/Landing Process Guidance Contextual Suggestions and Advice Interactive Airport Map …

Appssenger – Interactive Airport Map

Airport Map is a game-changing function within our platform that revolutionizes the way passengers navigate airports. Here's what makes our Airport Map stand out: Immersive and interactive map for easy exploration of the airport with …

Appssenger – In-app Ancillary Booking

In-App Ancillary Booking allows passengers to book airport products and services directly from the app creating a new revenue channel for the airport, especially for in-airport ancillaries. Book parking, lounges, fast-track or other ancillaries available in the …

Appssenger – Shops, food & beverage

With our airport shops’ information feature, you can explore a wide range of stores, boutiques, and establishments within the airport. Whether you're looking for a specific brand, want to buy gifts, or simply enjoy a …

Appssenger – News & Alerts

Keep your passengers informed and up to date with the Appssenger News feature, your go-to platform for the latest news. Reach your passengers precisely with the message you want through push notifications to convey by customizing …

Company News

Two new airports adopt Appssenger to improve their digital passenger experience.

Shannon Airport in Ireland and Dalaman Airport in Turkey have adopted Appssenger to enhance their digital passenger experience, increase non-aeronautical revenues and open a new communication channel with the passenger.  Shannon Airport. Shannon Airport is the second …

Appssenger, The Digital Platform for Passengers is set to be announced at the FTE Ancillary and Retailing Expo in Dublin.

With the mission of enhancing passenger experience from the airport, Appssenger presents an all-in-one digital solution. Appssenger, a supplier of digital services for the travel industry, is excited to announce its participation in the upcoming …