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Enabling airports to provide a seamless and intuitive fully self-service passenger journey is at the forefront of Flight Solutions’ expanding portfolio of end-to-end passenger processing solutions.Advanced Passenger Processing Solutions

Alongside our Common Use solutions (CUTE/CUPPS), Departure Control Systems (DCS) and Passenger Verification products, our latest innovations in passenger processing include a full suite of self-service applications including kiosks, bag-drop and automated security gates. Combined with our proven passenger check-in and verification solutions, Flight Solutions offers seamlessly integrated self-service solutions that allow passengers to move efficiently and autonomously from arrival at the airport to boarding their flight.

Our growing suite of products now also includes our Airport Operational Systems (AOS). Developed to effectively and efficiently manage the complex data management and passenger information requirements of modern airports, the airport information management capabilities of AOS include a robust Airport Operational Database, and modules for Flight Management, Resource Management, Billing, Revenue capture, Tasking and Flight Information Display Systems.

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Company Profile

  • Departure Control Systems

    Flight Solutions’ eDCS is a full Departure Control System (DCS) which has been designed to be the most flexible DCS in the market. With modules for all standard functions for processing passengers in an airport, our eDCS solution provides airport and airline staff and/or handlers with the tools needed to process both departing and arriving passengers, crew and baggage.

    Standard functions of our eDCS include applications for Flight Management, Passenger Check-in, Baggage Processing, Bag Drop, Gate Boarding and Weight & Balance.

    eDCS includes modules for online Web Check-in using either a PC, smart phone, tablet, or mobile phone, as well as Check-in Kiosks, Bag Drop Kiosks, Payment Kiosks and Automated Boarding.

    Optional modules include:

    • Aircraft Weight & Balance Module, for the production of baggage Loading Reports (LIR) and Load Sheets.
    • Chat App, to allow real-time communications between Load Controller & operating station.
    • eDCS Mobile, which enables flight boarding functions to be undertaken in any location, as well as Baggage Reconciliation and Flight Status Updates to be performed on the move.
    • Android and iOS companion applications are available alongside the standard Windows client

    More information about our eDCS Departure Control Systems is available by clicking here.

  • Self Service Passenger Processing

    Flight Solutions’ offer a range of Self Service Passenger Processing capabilities, including kiosk applications and hardware, enabling airports and airlines to manage increased capacity and maintain service quality and efficiency, without the need to increase space requirements for traditional passenger processing infrastructure like check-in desks and baggage belts.

    Flight Solutions’ Self Service Check-In Kiosks include all the necessary hardware to facilitate the full passenger check-in process. Our standard Self Service Check-in Kiosk features passport readers, bag tag printing, receipt printing, payment devices and frequent flyer card reader.

    Providing Check-in Kiosks with Bag Tag Printing capabilities can help to free up agents and check-in desks, and ensure the passenger bag drop process flows efficiently.

    With an increasing emphasis on the provision of additional self-service baggage processing capabilities, Flight Solutions provides applications and hardware for bag tag printing and self-service bag drop. Flight Solutions’ dedicated Bag Tag Kiosks can be deployed in either a One-Step or Two-Step Self Bag Drop process.

    • One-Step Bag Drop – Either as floor standing or desk-mounted kiosk units, these kiosks allow a checked-in passenger to scan their boarding pass, check-in a bag, print and attach a bag tag, and load their bag onto the baggage conveyor belt autonomously.
    • Two-Step Bag Drop – Deploying bag tag printing kiosks in a separate location from the baggage belts allows passengers to scan boarding passes and print and fasten bag tags prior to presenting at a baggage belt. It helps to ease passenger congestion at the check-in desks and baggage belts by separating the process into two distinct steps and distributing the passengers between two different locations.

    Flights Solutions’ Payment Kiosks have been used for a number of years in smaller or regional airports for taking payments for airport fees and charges directly from checked-in passengers.

    More recently, Payment Kiosks are being used to offer supplementary paid-for services, such as additional baggage allowances, as well as lounge access and fast-track services. Flight Solutions’ Payment Kiosks feature devices more specific to retail applications rather than airport processing functions, such as NFC/RFID payment devices, chip-PIN readers, coin payment devices and barcode readers.

    More information about our full suite of Passenger Self Service Solutions is available by clicking here.

  • eDesktop - Common Use Platform (CUTE/CUPPS/CUSS)

    Flight Solutions’ eDesktop is a fully managed common use desktop platform for passenger processing (CUTE/CUPPS/CUSS) providing a shared common desktop for airlines, airports and handling agents. eDesktop supports many applications and airline systems operating on the same equipment at check-in, boarding gates and other key locations throughout an airport.Advanced Passenger Processing Solutions

    Our eDesktop solution allows the airport to share desks and equipment between airlines and ground handlers, and to switch quickly and easily between airline systems. The system is simple for staff to use and provides easy access to any application required at the airport.

    Available as a local desktop or a virtualised hosted desktop, the solution can operate from PC, laptop, mobile or thin client devices, and Flight Solutions manage and maintain the desktop environment to ensure high availability of the solution.

    Key features of eDesktop include:

    • Fully Managed Desktop, with remote monitoring and management tools
    • A secure Windows-based desktop providing access only to the required applications
    • System Dashboard of system usage and data capture of peripheral devices
    • Cloud Hosted or On-Site

    Optional hardware and applications can be provided including:

    • Standard hardware peripherals, such as printers and scanners
    • Self Service Kiosks
    • Bag Drop
    • Mobile Boarding
    • Self Service Boarding
    • Payment Kiosks
    • Mobile Check-in Counters

    More information about our eDesktop Common Use Solutions is available by clicking here.

  • eScan – Passenger Verification Solution

    Flight Solutions’ eScan solution provides validation for a wide range of boarding pass and ticket types to confirm access to passengers in various locations throughout the airport, including:

    • Pre-Security Boarding Pass validation for all passengers proceeding airside
    • Fast Track Queue ticket validation
    • Lounge Pass access validation

    eScan can operate on a fully automated gate, staffed desk or mobile device, and includes the following components, all of which are available as individual modules:

    • eScan Passenger Verification software,
    • Automated Security Gates
    • Solution service – hosted web service and database to communicate with on-site solution
    • Our Tracking & Reporting module enables improved business decisions on utilisation and throughput of the system through analysis of passenger verification data, measurement of queue times and tracking of scan locations.
    • Software maintenance and patching

    More information about our eScan Passenger Verification Solution is available by clicking here.

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