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Aircraft Refuelling Vehicles, AVGAS Bowsers, Hydrant Dispensers, Static Jet Refueling Systems, Helicopter Refuelling, Technical Services, Aircraft Refueling Spares,

Established in 1982, supporting the Global Aviation Fuelling industry for over 32 years. Flightline Support Ltd specialize in the design and manufacture of refuelling vehicles, hydrant dispensers, static refuelling systems and ground support equipment with valued customers in over 90 countries worldwide.

Offering total support solutions to the aviation refuelling industry, we also offer consultation and design for new operations, training for aircraft refuelling, maintenance and QC personnel and full service support and provision of spares. From major international airports to remote landing strips, FLS are your one stop partner.

Flight Line International’s success within the aviation industry is as a direct result of our work ethic and promise to offer our customers an unequalled level of through- life support. Understanding our customers and their needs:
FLS equipment is specifically designed for the environment in which it is to operate.

With specialized experience in providing equipment for harsh environments, from the extremes of high and low temperatures, snow and monsoon rains. All of our equipment is of the highest quality, constructed to international standards, rugged and robust, but equally importantly it will be simple to operate and easy to maintain, especially important where support and resources are limited.

Company Profile

  • Aircraft Refuellers, Bowsers, Avgas, JetA1 Refuelling, Helicopter Refuelling

    Our modern facility is purpose built for construction of large specialist vehicles, our designers utilise the latest in 3D CAD technology and we are equipped with a purpose built refuelling test facility.

    We offer a wide range of standard build refueling tankers as well as building to customer specifications.

    The refuelling hamper is built using the latest pumping and filtration technology to meet the pressure and flow-rate requirements of airlines and into-plane operators. Interlock and safety features are incorporated meeting international standards such as JIG. All welding is to the highest standards ensuring long life and minimal maintenance.

    Refuellers vary in capacity from 5,000 litre for the smaller general aviation application up to 70,000 litre capacity with elevating platform for latest wide body aircraft such as the A380. These can be of rigid construction or semi articulated.

    Tanks are of the highest quality and built in the UK, constructed of aluminum or stainless steel. We can design and manufacture to accommodate design features such as low height or minimum overall length.

    Recognizing that refuelling operations and equipment are often high profile and a reflection of corporate image and reputation.  This makes reliability and appearance equally as important as operational performance.

  • Hydrant Dispensers, Hydrant Carts, Hydrant Servicers, Towable Aircraft Refuelling

    Hydrant Dispensers range from 2000 lpm flow rate to 3800 lpm (1000 USG/Min) which features an ultra-stable high reach platform for refuelling most aircraft up to the Airbus 380.

    Our mini hydrant dispensers are designed to refuel low wing aircraft, with a reduced flow rate and height, they can be mounted on lower cost, smaller GVW chassis.
    We also manufacture towable units (Hydrant Carts) with varying flow rates and levels of specification which can be used for static stands or on smaller hydrant systems where vehicle mounted units are not required.

    Our dispensers are built to internationals standards such as JIG and incorporate reliable and robust safety and interlock monitoring systems.
    We don’t use over complicated electronic systems as the market tells us they want simple, reliable and easy to maintain equipment.

    We can build using most international brands of Filters, flow meters, refuelling nozzles and aviation refuelling hose.

    We also supply dispenser modules only for local integration onto local chassis, a great way to get superior hydrant dispensers at reduced price.

    We focus on providing high quality equipment and maximum return on your investment, with Flightline’s hydrant dispensers you’ll be certain of reliable high performance refuelling and the most professional looking vehicles on the apron.

  • Aviation Bulk Fuel, Tanks, Containerized JET Fuel Systems, Aviation Fuel Farms, Jet Fuel Filtration and Dispensing, Helicopter Refuelling Systems

    From initial concept to manufacture, commissioning and training of your personnel.
    Our project managers and installation team can oversee the whole project in the UK or World-wide.

    Recent projects include the high capacity 3600 cubic meter facilities at Baku Airport in Azerbaijan.

    Our stand-alone storage and dispensing units ranging in capacity from 5,000 ltrs to 150,000 ltrs and can be shipped by container to any world-wide location. Our engineers can then install and commission the system ready for a fast start up.

    Containerised systems can easily be expanded, they are easy to transport and install, requiring minimal site preparation and can also be easily relocated.

    For remote locations fully self-contained units with diesel engine powered pumps are able to off load fuel from bridgers, fuel aircraft or load refuelling vehicles. We have a range of standard units available or can build specific equipment to meet your requirements.

    • Specifically design to meet you operational requirements
    • Self-bunded, double skin tanks
    • Capacities- from 5,000 ltrs to 150,000 ltrs
    • ISO containerised units or skids available
    • Integral pumping module
    • Options on pump type (Electric or Diesel powered)
    • Off-loading and dispensing options

    We can also carryout modifications to existing facilities including relocation, increasing capacity, updating, repair and maintenance.

  • Mobile Aircraft Refuelling Equipment, Refuelling Steps, Towable Bowsers, Additive Injection, Jet Fuel Filtration, Hose Testing

    Towable Refuelling Steps in aluminum and stainless steel for strength and corrosion resistance.

    • A380 Deck height range from 2690mm to 3730mm in the fully elevated position.
    • 777 Deck height range of 2130mm to 3170mm in the fully elevated position.
    • 757 Deck height range of 1520mm to 2120mm in the fully elevated position.

    Additive Injection Trolley for aviation fuel additives at any ratio between 50 and 300 PPM, whilst an aircraft is being refuelled:

    • Injection ratios can be easily adjusted.
    • Mounted on a robust stainless steel trailer with brake.
    • Injects additive at ratios between 50 and 300ppm.

    Filtration and Transfer Skids manufactured to your specific requirements of flowrate, filtration, and maintenance capability. With all necessary safety and quality control systems.

    • Fuel receipt from road delivery vehicles.
    • Fueller loading from storage
    • Small Hydrant systems
    • Into-plane operations from storage.

    Fuel Recovery Trolley
    Manufactured from 2mm 304 stainless steel with dial contents gauge. It has an aircraft type fitting (FC107), a calibrated 4” pressure gauge and shut off valve to enable fuel sampling and testing.

    • 200L capacity.
    • Hinged access lid with coupling attachment.
    • Removable mesh strainer.
    • Hose sample point and test gauge.
    • Spill collection tray with drain.
    • Rear steer locking wheels.
    • Earth bonding.


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