Manufacturer and Service Provider for NDB and Air-Band VHF Transceiver

FLUGCOM GmbH is a leading manufacturer and service provider of air navigation and communication systems.

We has been growing with our clients by dint of many years strenuous efforts that leaded obtaining valuable experiences. FLUGCOM employs expert engineers and technicians to provide the best support to its customers.

We are customer satisfied oriented and provide our best for our clients.


NDB125 Non Directional Beacon

FLUGCOM NDB125 is modern NDB system. It is fully compliant with ICAO annex 10 requirement and has been designed to use in offshore or land sites. Various antenna such as umbrella, T and long wire …

FRC100 wireless NDB monitoring system

FLUGCOM FRC100 monitoring system is used to check proper NDB transmitter performance. It is installed independently and measures and displays the received signal intensity on TFT LCD. Key Features: Operational frequency range: 150-1300 KHz Frequency step: …

FRT100 digital NDB remote/monitoring system

FLUGCOM FRT100 digital NDB remote/monitor system is connected to NDB system and displays all working parameters of FLUGCOM NDB125 system on 5.5 inch TFT LCD. Also, operator can turn on/off the NDB and switch between main/standby …

FXR100 50W VHF AIR-BAND Transceiver

Key features: Transmitter Output Power: 50 Watts Frequency Range: 118.000 to 136.975 MHz Up To 760 Programable Channels Single Or Redundant Structure Equipped By Changeover System Equipped By Remote System


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