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Founded in 1967, Fluid Transfer International utilise 44 years of industry experience to design, develop, and manufacture aircraft refuelling vehicles, systems, and associated equipment that lead the market in terms of quality, performance, and reliability.

Our aviation refuelling products include bulk refuellers, hydrant dispensers, electric powered hydrant dispensers, hydrant cart dispensers, helicopter refuelling solutions, and offshore refuelling systems. We also manufacture an extensive range of aircraft refuelling components, and offer services such as equipment repair and refurbishment, meter testing and calibration, and onsite maintenance programmes.

We are the preferred partner to the world’s major oil companies, into-plane operators, and military defence organisations worldwide; serving the global aviation refuelling market from our base in Nailsworth, Gloucestershire, UK.

Company Profile

  • Aircraft Refuelling Vehicles - Aircraft Refuellers

    We manufacture aircraft refuellers for fuelling the smallest private aeroplane to the largest commercial passenger fleet, and also military aircraft refuelling vehicles. Our products range from 5,000 litre rigid vehicles to 65,000 litre articulated and drawbar trailer units, and are fitted with modular systems tailored to meet modern day aircraft refuelling pressure and flow-rate requirements.

    Options for our aviation refuellers include low profile vehicle designs, and defuelling capabilities. Utilising the very latest electronic metering equipment and safety systems, our aircraft refuellers employ the newest proven technologies, are built to the latest standards (including JIG), and are the industry benchmark for both reliability, and performance.

    FTi also provides leasing options for both new and refurbished aircraft refuellers, offering flexible solutions for your aviation refuelling needs.

  • Aircraft Refuelling Vehicles - Hydrant Dispensers

    From dispensers that feature hi-lift platforms capable of reaching the highest refuelling point of any wide-bodied aircraft in service today, to ultra-low profile dispensers specifically designed to refuel low wing aircraft such as the Boeing 737-800 and the Airbus A320, FTi manufacture hydrant dispensers that are capable of meeting the aviation refuelling needs of any customer.

    As the market leader in the development and manufacture of fuel dispensers, Fluid Transfer International have now launched the “Razer” electric powered hydrant dispenser; providing aircraft refuelling from a vehicle producing zero emissions. Our hydrant dispenser modules feature equipment that has redefined industry standards, and are one of the most important recent developments in aviation refuelling, providing competitively priced modules in a much shorter manufacture time.

    All dispensers contain state of the art safety and operating systems, and have a wide range of options. This, coupled with our ability to design and manufacture tailor-made designs to exact specifications enables us to manufacture aviation refuelling vehicles to meet the requirements of every customer.

    Our hydrant dispenser modules are pre-qualified, performance tested, and then shipped from our factory for mounting on locally sourced chassis units around the world. We also produce a range of compact, towable, hydrant carts dispensers, providing aircraft refuelling solutions for HUB and short haul operators.

  • Aircraft Refuelling Components and Spares

    With 44 years’ experience supporting fuelling companies around the world, FTi has designed, developed, and evolved various niche components which have been incorporated in our vehicles and systems.

    These components are now being specified by operating companies and utilised by other original equipment manufacturers. Our depth of stock enables us to provide essential components quickly, ensuring the downtime of your vehicles is minimised.

    FTi stocks safety equipment such as easi-lifts, aviation hose pressure test pumps, earth bonding and lanyard reels, and electronic deadman systems; quality control systems such as closed circuit fuel sampling units; hose assemblies, reels and pumps; swivels and venturi; couplings; and meters.

    Our comprehensive spares catalogue details all essential components required to keep your fleet operational.

  • Aviation Refuelling Equipment Services

    Timely response to our client’s product support needs is our number one priority. Our highly experienced and extremely knowledgeable customer support team are able to draw on the resources of our extensive stock holding of spares and components and our team of field service engineers to provide solutions to all refuelling vehicle servicing need, whether it be routine maintenance or emergency repairs.

    We are able to provide support in-situ worldwide, or at our purpose built facility at our factory. Meter proving, hose and HEPC pressure testing can be conducted, along with new meter installations.

    Vehicle refurbishments, chassis replacements, overhauls, rebuilds and conversions are also carried out regularly by our team of highly skilled engineers on all types of refuelling vehicle, regardless of whether they were originally from FTi or another manufacturer. We also offer refuelling vehicle operator and maintainer training at our facility or at your premises.


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