The FOD Control Corporation

Airport Runway Sweepers and Other Critical Foreign Object Debris (FOD) Control Products

The FOD Control Corporation is a leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of Foreign Object Damage, Debris Control Products for airports, airfields, heliports, hangars, workshops and related facilities.

Our mission is to support our customers’ FOD programs, maintain compliance with their FOD-related safety requirements, and contribute to their quality and safety assurance efforts.

Our product lines include airport sweepers, OSHA-compliant disposal containers, temporary test fuel storage, work clothes for sensitive environments, tool and parts control kits, aircraft covers, safety awareness signs and other media, staff training materials, and other tools for assuring workplace safety and product quality.

We also offer a free, email-based consulting service to facilities that desire guidance in developing or improving their FOD program, as part of our effort to improve industry safety and best practices. In addition, our website has an extensive library of white papers, articles, forms, templates and other online resources.

Foreign Object Damage, Debris Control ProductsSince our founding in 1983, we have served Foreign Object Damage, Debris Control Products to a variety of government and private-sector markets, including:

  • U.S. and foreign military services
  • major aerospace manufacturers
  • law enforcement agencies
  • civil airports and MRO’s
  • commercial airlines
  • private aircraft fleets
  • manufacturing plants
  • automotive proving grounds

Company Profile

  • The FOD-Razor™ Airport Runway Sweeper

    The FOD-Razor™ Airport Runway Sweeper is an affordable, high-quality version of the popular friction mat sweeping system that busts your FOD, not your ground support equipment budget.

    Our upgraded design features durable construction, streamlined hitch assembly, superior wheel design and a new, lower pricing structure. The FOD-Razor™ has an impressive 95% to 98% capture rate in a single pass, tows at up to 40 kph and collects FOD just as efficiently in rainy, damp or dry weather.

    Hitch it to any motor vehicle equipped with a pintle hook, coupler, tow-ball, tug hitch, or straight hitch. Sweeping width ranges from 244 cm to 701 cm, depending upon the configuration. The mat weighs approximately 27 kg, so you can roll it up, carry it by hand, and transport the entire assembly in a helicopter or light truck.

    There are no moving parts or electrical systems repair, plus it is easy to clean and you can store it anywhere. Friction mat sweepers are regularly deployed for FOD prevention by US, NATO, and other air forces, civilian airports and airlines of all sizes, aerospace manufacturers and automotive proving grounds.

    The FOD-Razor™ is built in the USA, ships worldwide and is backed by an iron-clad guarantee.

  • The FODBUSTER® FOD Sweeper

    Lower your risks of Foreign Object Damage with this workhorse! Make runway and ramp sweeping a breeze with this compact and efficient mechanical brush system for removing sand, rocks, metal parts, chipped concrete, asphalt, safety wire and other ferrous and non-ferrous objects.

    Get top-notch value for your sweeping dollars — your FOD removal costs drop dramatically when you hook up one of these efficient, traction-driven FODBUSTERS® to your flight line vehicle and turn it into a powerful sweeping machine.

    Benefits of the FODBUSTER® FOD Sweeper:

    • Picks up larger objects like broken pavement chunks, aircraft maintenance debris and ramp-service litter.
    • Easy, one-person operation makes hitching and operation a piece of cake. If you can drive a vehicle towing a trailer, you can sweep with a FODBUSTER®.
    • Lower maintenance costs. Our innovative design eliminates motors, hydraulics, vacuum attachments and fuel – along with the parts, labor and downtime required to service them.
    • Saves you money on replacement parts with our durable, long-life nylon brushes – rated for 6000+ sweeping miles.
    • Long Service Life — expect a lifespan over a decade long with this reliable sweeper.
    • The optional Power Bar™ Magnetic Sweeper attachment enhances the collection of ferrous metal debris in areas where this is of special concern.
    • Made in the USA!
  • Specialty Sweepers for Difficult FOD Collection

    The FOD Control Corporation offers a range of specialty sweepers for hard-to-reach or unusual debris collection.

    Our CrackSweep High Performance Suction FOD Killer is designed exclusively to rid your ramp of embedded Foreign Object Debris in recessed areas, such as grounding points, cracks, aircraft tie downs, concrete expansion joints and door tracks; no other walk-behind vacuum has the ability to suck FOD from cracks and holes like the concentrated suction of the CrackSweep.

    Our RAMP VAC Walk-Behind Vacuum Sweeper (nicknamed the “Fodzilla”) will hunt down Foreign Object (FOD) across broad sweeping areas inaccessible to other sweepers, such as hard stands, passenger gates, fences, GSE parking spots and hidden corners between buildings; for instance, use it to sweep along the perimeter of your operations ramp where treacherous FOD can blow onto your aircraft operations area without warning.

    For collection of ferrous metal FOD, look no further than our line of POWER BAR™ Magnetic Sweepers, which will rid your site of nails, screws, nuts, bolts, dropped tools, metal scraps and general iron-based debris; our powerful, black anodized permanent magnetic bar assembly will keep your facility safe, clean and compliant using the strongest ferrite/ceramic magnets commercially available, with a 3.5 Million Energy Product.

  • Additional FOD Control Products

    In addition to our line of sweepers, The FOD Control Corporation supplies a wide range of containers, coverings and other equipment to enhance your foreign object debris control program.

    Our FOD Bags provide convenient and portable soft carriers to hold your personal items and small debris, while our FOD cans are OSHA-compliant oily waste safety containers for quick disposal of debris, used parts and trash.

    Our FOD & Fuel Caddy provides secure temporary storage of test fuel and small FOD on your heliport or other flight area. Our versatile Trey™ Small Parts Organizers portable tool and parts kits offer effective inventory control in a shop or field environment.

    Our FOD Suit™ coveralls and Yuleys® footwear covers keep your workers clean and protect their workplace from personal FOD contamination. We also provide durable aircraft covers for civilian airliners and military fighters and helicopters.

    Finally, our catalog of signs, posters, banners, pamphlets and promotional items will improve FOD awareness at your facility.

  • Free FOD Educational Resources

    Are you new to foreign object debris control in an airport, aerospace or military environment? Do you need to learn more about damage prevention, improve your staff’s awareness of safety issues or get a handle on tool and parts control?

    The FOD Control Corporation’s website has an extensive library of free educational materials for program managers, safety directors, crew chiefs, technicians, shop workers and anyone else who would like to learn more about FOD.

    Our practical, non-technical articles are designed to get you grounded in the basic elements of a FOD control program.

    Our white papers offer interesting and useful information about various aspects of FOD and related issues, such as bird strikes and clean rooms. Our blank forms and templates – such as audit checklists and incident reports – will help you to organize information management.

    In addition, if you would like to contact us for guidance in developing or improving a FOD program, we will be happy to offer you advice, resources and suggestions, all at no charge.


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