Baggage Handling Conveyor & Processing Belts for International Airports

When it comes to equipping international airports with baggage handling conveyor and processing belts, there are good reasons why Forbo Siegling is the market leader.

With over 50 service centres worldwide and the experience gathered in numerous major projects, we are the partner for OEMs and airport authorities when it comes to planning, construction and after-sales service.

Our product range is tailored to meet the needs of modern airports and undergoes constant improvement in cooperation with OEMs and end users.

As the volume of baggage and cargo continues to increase, so do the demands for speed and reliability. With our experience, the results of ongoing research and development and our high quality standards, our products are always “one step ahead”. And that’s why handling systems throughout the world use Siegling Transilon conveyor and processing belts to convey baggage and cargo.


AmpMiser™ 2.0 – Energy saving conveyor belts

Due to a significantly reduced coefficient of friction, AmpMiser™ 2.0 belts make an impact where energy losses in a conveyor are usually the greatest: in the friction between the bottom of the belt and slider …

Belts for Checked Baggage Screening (CBS) Systems

New CBS systems for the reliable, efficient and thorough inspection of baggage were developed to meet the safety regulations of international aviation organisations. Specially-developed products from Forbo Siegling are decisive components when it comes to the …

Siegling Prolink – Plastic Modular Belts

Because of their construction conventional conveyor belts are not suitable for certain applications. Siegling Prolink plastic modular belts are an excellent solution in these cases: The material is rot-resistant, durable and physiologically safe (all standard …

Siegling Transtex Conveyor Belts

Global logistics service providers have been using Siegling Transtex successfully for years when typical conveyor belts for light-materials handling reached their limits. They have also proved how good they are in conveying raw materials, very …

Belts for Check-In

Forbo Movement Systems offers robust, double-ply polyester types with a rhomboid pattern or specially developed check-in patterns. The size and thickness of both are designed in such a way that they guarantee to grip trolley …

Conveyor belts for X-Ray Machines

Regardless of the equipment’s used, tension members, coating materials (PVC or urethane) and surface patterns (e.g. quartz sand pattern) can be selected from a large portfolio. We offer belts for any x-ray machine that come …

Accelerated and Inclined Conveying

Our portfolio offers a variety of hard-wearing belts with excellent grip. Regardless of the application concerned, PVC and PU coatings can be used with various degrees of Shore hardness or also come in high grip …

Horizontal conveyor belts

Forbo Movement Systems can supply the ideal belt for each conveyor’s requirements from its large portfolio of robust types. Both fabric-based and polyester-felt belts are used. We ensure our belts are exceptionally low noise by using …

Drag Band Conveyors / Twin Belts

Twin- or triple-ply belts with fabric undersides offer a combination of exceptional tensile strength and smooth operation. Coating materials with a high friction coefficient and longitudinal grooves (LG patterns) deliver the required grip. Types with …

Curved conveyor belts

Thanks to a special tension member fabric, our curved belts guarantee excellent distribution of force within the belt. Belts with C-fabric offer ideal force ratios of 1:1:1 lengthways, crossways and diagonally. Suitable surface patterns are …

Belts for Merging and Discharging

Forbo Movement Systems supplies belts with low friction fabric undersides and top faces with strong grip for both types of conveying. Belts with special, very flexible curved belt fabric and polyurethane as the coating material …

Belts for Loading and Unloading Aircraft

Belts with robust fabrics and weatherproof coating materials ensure conveying is reliable and doesn’t disrupt processes. The most suitable ones are Transtex types from the PHR line that often have rough top (AR) or nonslip …


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