Boutique Air Traffic Management Consultancy

FoxATM, Air Traffic Mangement Consulting Services, was founded to provide consultancy services, market intelligence and data analytics to the air traffic management community. With decades of experience working for leading ANSPs and industry providers in various domains, our consultants can provide excellent services in all aspects of ATM.

One of the values FoxATM stands for is connecting the dots in the air traffic management community, fostering transparency and spreading information, while building bridges between potential partners and assisting them in preparing their business proposals for the industry. If we can not respond to your challenge ourselves, we certainly can put you in touch with someone who can.

The main activity of the company is a mix of consulting and market intelligence services. The company was founded in 2018 and is based in Frankfurt an Main, Germany. The staff of FoxATM has a collective experience of over 50 years with various ANSPs, airports and airlines in Europe and the Middle East. In addition, the company collaborates with a wide network of external experts in the aviation field. ATM is a small but important part of aviation and we love this fascinating niche.

Capabilities & Services

FoxATM specializes in extensive expertise in the ATM industry, provides consulting services and tools to facilitate data-driven decision-making in the ATM and airports industries.

Consulting: Our team is made of experienced ATM consultants to support short and long term projects. No project is too small for us. Our experience is an important asset as it allows our consultants to be immediately effective.

Besides technical and operational consulting, we can also provide support in market watch and market research (know who the competitors are, products, pricing …), as well as with defining the strategy, both for ANSPs and industry providers.

We also provide support in replying to calls for tenders (networking, administrative process, writing and reviewing offers).

Data analytics: FoxBox was built to extract valuable intelligence from surveillance data or public sources, to evaluate and monitor performance. FoxBox easily produces KPIs like runway capacity, runway occupancy, traffic flows, taxi time, holding and approach times and more. It is a powerful toolbox which we can use to build the indicators you need. Our solutions integrate seamlessly into your dashboard, APOC, ACC or NOC, but we can also create a full website for your company’s KPIs, either on-site or in the cloud.

FoxATM Market Radar: When it comes to understanding the ATM market, finding information isn’t the hard part. The key is to catch high-quality, timely, relevant insights in the jungle of news, annoucemennts, press releases, calls for tenders, research papers and more.

The Market Radar is a reliable market intelligence source to support the activities of busy sales managers, make them more efficient and free up time to focus on relationships with their customers, leads and partners. Stay connected with what is going on in the industry, especially when it comes to calls for tenders, contract awards, jobs, industry news, incubators & accelerators and more. The radar relentlessly scans the market and informs about what is happening in the industry in a filtered way, tailored to your niche. In addition, it gives access to a large network of contacts at relevant companies as well as introductions to speed up the business processes.

FoxATM Business Development Workshop

We offer a business development workshop focused on the ATM and airport industries. The duration is a day and it can be pre-booked at your own convenience. This is dedicated to one company at a time, but multiple departments from the same company can participate (up to10 participants per session). We bring our knowledge and expertise to the table, skills and experience in this niche industry and help you analyze the current status of the business development of your company and share opinions on best practices. During the workshop we setup structure and tools which you can take and use to align your business development strategy. We will also deep dive into the specifics of doing business development in the ATM and airport industries.

Radar Contact – The Air Traffic Management Podcast

Radar Contact Podcast is dedicated to the Air Traffic Management industry and everything that makes this field a vital part of the skies. Our guests have vast first-hand expertise from various branches, businesses, concepts and projects of this diverse and connected part of aviation.

Company Profile

  • Air Traffic Management Consulting

    FoxATM provides long term support to major European ANSPs. Our consultants are integrated in the project teams and significantly contribute to activities at technical, integration, project management and procurement preparation levels. All our consultants have experience working either for ANSPs, airports or the industry for multiple years.

    The technical activities range from system anylsis and integration, requirements engineering, project management and more, coverina all the lifecycle of ATM and UTM

    projects. We have been involved with drone-related activities as early as 2019 and gained experience in both the UTM and drone detection domains. Working for multiple actors of the ATM industry allows us to let our customers benefit from experience gained in other similar and related projects.

    FoxATM also has experience in tedering, on both sides of the process. We can help ANSPs prepare requests for information (RFI), requests for proposals (RFP) and process the responses. We can also help industry providers to respond to such requests and we have experience in writing, finalizing and translating bids. Our domain experience makes us a valuable partner, beyond simple redaction and translation.

  • Air Traffic Management Market Intelligence

    The FoxATM Market Radar is a market intelligence service designed on the basis of the experience of our consultants who held sales management roles in the ATM industry themselves. Our internally developpeed tools scan hundreds ATM-related websites on a daily basis, to immediately capture and archive news, calls for tenders, contract awards and context-relevant information. All the information is validated by domain experts to ensure a high levelof relevance, thus mixing the relentlessness of algorithms and the irreplaceable expertise of human experts.

    The infromation we collect is guaranteed to be of high quality and we also tailor it to your niche, because even if ATM is a small industry, some actors are interested in only a niche of it. Each user of the service receives a tailor-made bulletins which contain hand-picked information and we constantly adjust the selection process to make it the best for each reader. Nobody needs to read 50 news items a when only 3 are relevant to their very own activity.

    The FoxATM Market Radar goes way beyond a weekly bulletins per email. First of all, when we capture time critical information like a newly published call for tender, we immediately alert users to give them the maximum of time to act. The service also includes perdiocal briefings which can be used for market research, strategic consulting, products and competition analysis and networking. Thanks to our extensive network, we can put our customers in touch with potential customers, partners or suppliers. Our understanding of the ATM industry also allows us to suggest new connections to partners that are often unknown to the users of the FoxATM Market Radar.

  • Air Traffic Data Analytics

    The FoxBox toolkit is designed to extract valuable intelligence from surveillance data to evaluate and monitor performance. FoxBox easily produces KPIs like runway capacity, runway occupancy, taxi time, holding and approach time, sector load but also detailed information about traffic flows. Using the FoxBox toolkit, fully customized solutions can be built rapidly and provide data using graphically or via APIs to be integrated in any APOC, ACC or NOC.

    FoxBox can be used to build cloud-based or on premises solutions and can also be made available as a service. Applications include capacity and operations monitoring, detection of unusual operation and safety relevant occurrences.


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