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Frequentis Orthogon GmbH located in Bremen, was founded in 1987 specialising in Air Traffic Management (ATM), Airport Airside and Visualisation software.

Frequentis Orthogon has over 30 years of experience integrating complex projects from all around the world. Since its foundation, the company’s culture and management have been shaped by its values of ATM engineering skills, mathematicians, customer focus, industry standards thought leadership and team spirit. The company’s employees offer a unique blend of domain knowledge in prediction and planning software for the aviation domain and user interface software development tools, equally guided by market-driven software products, and targeted, yet flexible project implementations. Research and development (R&D) activities contribute to the long track record of successful projects with satisfied reputable customers. Frequentis Orthogon has been pioneering new ways of increasing and optimising capacity in the air traffic domain.

Frequentis Orthogon GmbH is a member of the Frequentis Group headquartered in Vienna.

Company Profile

  • The Orthogon Product Portfolio

    To be competitive, airports can no longer only look at on-time departures, but need advance intelligent arrival flow data and departure harmonisation with Air Traffic Control (ATC) available TMA and Airside capacities. Both are being addressed by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) with the Aviation System Block Upgrades (ASBU) as well as Eurocontrol in the ATM Master Plan. The Orthogon product portfolio recognises this with its solutions for Air Traffic Synchronisation and Airport Airside Solutions both being support by the Orthogon Integrated Visualisation Suite.

  • Airport Airside Optimisation

    The only predictable factor within the airport environment is the fact that airlines are very rarely in a position to fly their planned and published schedules. In combination with limited capacity, both in the air (airspace) and on the ground at the airport, this is leading to more and more flight delays impacting passengers and more and more regulations being put into place.

    Airport Airside Optimisation Suite contains:

    • Demand Capacity Balancer (DCB)
    • Pre-Departure Sequencer (PDS)
    • Stand Optimiser
    • Airside Monitor
  • Air Traffic Synchronisation

    Frequentis Orthogon has been the leading provider of arrival management and departure management solutions for ANSPs and airports for more than 30 years. The company is recognised worldwide by customers and Air Traffic Management system integrators as the leader and innovator in traffic synchronisation solutions. The focus is on ICAO Aviation System Block Upgrades (ASBU) Thread Runway Sequencing (RSEQ).

    The Orthogon decision support systems were designed to improve operational performance and efficiency while operating in the very complex environments of the busiest airports and surrounding airspace. The concept of this suite is to generate planning advisories for air traffic controllers to improve ATC and airport operations.

    Air Traffic Synchronisation Suite contains:

    • Arrival Manager (AMAN)
    • Departure Manager (DMAN)
    • Integrated AMAN/DMAN
    • Extended Arrival Manager (E-AMAN)
  • Integrated Orthogon Visualisation tools

    With the ODS Toolbox™, Orthogon has acquired a worldwide reputation as a specialist for air traffic Controller Working Positions (CWP) development software. Since its market entry in 1994 the ODS Toolbox™ has been accepted by many large Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) and system integrators as the tool of choice for graphical user interface development.

    The ODS Toolbox™ is a precursor and prepared the development and market entry of the newly developed ODS™ Open Platform, which became the standard user interface software platform for all new customer projects of Frequentis Orthogon since January 2013. The entirely new concept of ODS™ Open Platform allows an open data and programming environment enabling collaborative development with multiple contributors.

    Integrated Orthogon Visualisation Suite contains:

    • ODS Toolbox™
    • ODS™ Open Platform
  • Delivering Tangible Benefits to Air Navigation Service Providers and Airports

    • Improves efficiency by enabling harmonised traffic flows, early arrival planning as well as delay absorption, and balancing arrivals with departures (E-AMAN/ AMAN/ DMAN)
    • Increases capacity by optimising the utilisation of terminal and runway resources (AMAN/ DMAN)
    • Improves environmental sustainability: early delay absorption during the en-route flight phase reduces required time in fuel-intensive holding stacks (E-AMAN)
    • Improves predictability and stability by calculating precise target times (E-AMAN/ AMAN/ DMAN)
    • Enables pre-tactical decision making with alternative Airport Operation Plans (AOPs) and an enhanced time horizon for Airport Collaborative Decision Making (DCB)
    • Improves stand usage through dynamic, event-driven optimisation algorithm (Stand Optimiser)
    • Development flexibility: architecture ensures lifelong flexibility for constantly changing environments all the time (ODS™ Open Platform)


Demand Capacity Balancer (DCB)

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Orthogon ODS™ Open Platform

With the ODS Toolbox™, Orthogon has acquired a worldwide reputation as a specialist for air traffic Controller Working Positions (CWP) development software. Since its market entry in 1994 the ODS Toolbox™ has been accepted by …

Company News

FREQUENTIS Orthogon wins sustainability award at World ATM Congress 2021

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FREQUENTIS Orthogon supports the Airport Operations Plan with its Demand Capacity Balancer solution

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FREQUENTIS acquires Orthogon, a leading international supplier of air traffic optimisation solutions

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