FRICKE AirportSystems GmbH

Second - Hand Ground Support Equipment

Fricke Airport Systems offers all types of second-hand ground support
equipment for aircrafts ranging from LD cargo dollies and tractors, air start
units and ground power units, through to aircraft deicing units and aircraft tractors. Whatever your aircraft or cargo handling need, at Fricke we can supply equipment to current technical standards.

Company Profile

  • FRICKE Service Level

    All equipment on offer is technically checked and approved by our engineers,
    and ready-for-action at the customer’s airport. If required we can
    arrange the land-, air-, or sea-transport of the ordered equipment to every
    country in the world. We are also in the position to offer technical training
    on location, in order to ensure that the operators are confident with the use
    and maintenance of the delivered equipment.

    Airport Winter Service Equipment

    Our winter-service equipment range includes snowploughs, runway sweepers,
    runway deicing units and bolt-on equipment to keep the runway clear
    throughout the winter season. Aircraft deicing units are also available
    ready-for-action straight from our storage facilities.


    Fricke Airport Ground Support Equipment
  • Airport Cargo Handling Equipment

    For cargo handling we offer LD container transporters, cargo highloaders and special cargo loaders to suit all of the requirements of airport ground cargo operation. Furthermore we have cargo dollies and baggage trailers available in addition to diesel, liquid-gas and electro tractors for cargo and baggage use, along with aircraft towing tractors for light, medium sized and wide-body aircrafts, and for helicopters.

    Airport Ground Power Unit

    The Fricke product range includes aircraft ground power units and air start units as towable, trailer and truck-mounted units.


    Fricke Airport Ground Support Equipment
  • Air Conditioning Units

    We can supply air condition units for commercial aircraft as well maintained pre owned units.

    Airport Passenger Stairs

    Passenger stairs are available as hand-operated towable units, as
    electrically/hydraulically operated towable units, or as self-propelled and
    truckmounted motorsteps.

    Aircraft Maintenance Equipment

    V2500, CFM56, JT8D, CF6-50 Engine shipping stands, various aircraft jacks, engine stands, engine trolleys and engine cradles, 400 Hz frequency converters, and hydraulic power-
    test units are now on stock at our aircraft maintenance equipment and tool
    section to satisfy the needs of commercial aircraft maintenance bases.

    For more information or any further questions please do not hesitate to
    contact us.

    Fricke Airport Ground Support Equipment


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