Gate Technologies AF Ltd

Specialists in the Design, Supply and Integration of Airport Terminal Furniture and Equipment

Gate Technologies AF Ltd has over 25 years’ experience manufacturing and installing industry-leading airport terminal furniture, security and baggage handling systems. GTL have a dedicated and experienced team able to directly liaise with you throughout your project. By paying careful attention to detail and using 3D modelling we provide a high quality of product and service, fully integrated with all related systems and architecture.

Company Profile

  • What We Do:

    Gate Technologies AF Ltd offer a comprehensive service for the design and supply of bespoke furniture including all counters, check-In desks, passport counters, immigration booths, airport concessions and airline flight desks. In addition, we install cutting-edge airport security screening systems, such as walk-In human scanners and all types of luggage scanning equipment and conveyors.

    Turnkey Projects:

    GTL provide a single source of expertise and experience in many specialist areas that might otherwise involve several contractors. From ensuring compliance and compatibility to sourcing, installing and calibrating of equipment, machinery and systems. We have comprehensive experience of supplying complete projects with a range of equipment including baggage conveyors at departures and arrivals, FIDs, signage and customs equipment.

  • Design and Manufacture:

    At project inception we use the latest 3D modelling software to illustrate project proposals vividly and dynamically. Our manufacture process involves the use of precision CNC and computer operated processes to deliver engineered component furniture of an extremely high standard.

    Fixed Costs:

    A fixed cost solution can be developed to keep passenger handling operational with minimum risk of interruption.

  • Recent projects:

    Please see below our portfolio of past projects, which demonstrate our capabilities.

    We have standard products or we can provide totally bespoke designs. Quality is key and GTL are accredited to ISO 9001.

  • Europe

    • Anghiolos Airport, Greece
    • Alexandroupoli Airport, Greece
    • Belgrade International Airport, Serbia
    • Benbecula Airport, UK
    • Brussels South Charleroi Airport, Belgium
    • Brussels Zaventum Airport, Belgium
    • Bournemouth International Airport, UK
    • Granada International Airport, Spain
    • Guernsey Airport, UK
    • Karpathos Airport, Greece
    • Kaunas Airport, Lithuania
    • London City Airport, UK
    • London Gatwick Airport, UK
    • London Heathrow Airport, UK
    • London Luton International Airport, UK
    • London Southend Airport, UK
    • London Stansted Airport, UK
    • Manchester International Airport, UK
    • Ostende Airport, Belgium
    • Palanga Airport, Lithuania
    • Rhodes International Airport, Greece
    • Southampton Horizon Cruise Termianl UK
    • Teesside International Airport, UK
    • Vilnius International Airport, Lithuania
  • Caribbean & US

    • Antigua International Airport
    • Argyle International Airport, St Vincent and the Grenadines
    • Grand Bahamas International Airport
    • Grenada International Airport
    • Kingston International Airport, Jamaica
    • Santo Domingo Airport, Dominican Republic
    • St Pierre and Michelon
  • Africa & Middle East

    • Abu Dhabi Airport T1, T2, T3 , UAE
    • Aqaba International Airport, Jordan
    • Amdjarass Airport, Chad
    • Asmara Airport, Eritrea
    • Banjul Airport, Gambia
    • Cairo Sphinx Airport, Egypt
    • Berbera International Airport, Somalia
    • Dar es Salaam Airport, Tanzania
    • Dakar International Airport, Senegal
    • Doha International Airport, Qatar
    • Harare International Airport, Zimbabwe
    • Kigali Airport, Rwanda
    • Khartoum Airport, Sudan
    • Lagos International Airport, Nigeria
    • Livingstone International Airport, Zambia
    • Medina Haj Terminal, Saudi Arabia
    • Merowe Airport, Sudan
    • Mukhaizna Airport, Oman
    • Muscat International Airport, Oman
    • Nairobi International Airport T2, Kenya
    • Riyadh International Airport, Saudi Arabia
    • Salalah International Airport, Oman
  • India & Indian Ocean

    • Bangalore International Airport, India
    • SSR International Airport, Mauritius
    • Mahe International Airport Terminal, Seychelles
    • Papeete International Airport, French Polynesia
    • Mahe Domestic Airport Terminal, Seychelles
  • Eastern Europe & Russia

    • Borispol International Airport, Kiev
    • Simpferopol Airport, Ukraine
    • Ekaterinberg International Airport,
    • Khabarovsk International Airport
    • Uzhno Sakhalinsk Airport
    • Irkutsk International Airport
    • Samara International Airport
    • Sheremetyevo terminals, Moscow
    • Sochi International Airport
    • Vladivostock International Airport
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    We are always happy to discuss possible options and provide costing without obligation. Please contact us to discuss how we can best help with your project.

    Request a brochure to see our projects in greater detail. Available in PDF format.


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