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Gemalto (Euronext NL0000400653 GTO) is the global leader in digital security, with 2017 annual revenues of €3 billion and customers in over 180 countries. We bring trust to an increasingly connected world.

In the civil identity sector, Gemalto provides secure documents, robust identity solutions and services that address government programs for ID management, eGovernment/mGovernment infrastructures for trusted eServices, and Border and Visa management requirements.

For airports and airlines, we are committed to providing passengers with a unique, enjoyable and memorable travel experience.

Gemalto also addresses public safety and law enforcement challenges, offering best-in-class biometric solutions.

The company’s products and solutions are deployed in over 200 active programs worldwide, with specific expertise in secure document issuance, biometrics, document readers, authentication, ID management and data protection.

Our 15,000 employees operate out of 114 offices, 40 personalization and data centers, and 35 research and software development centers located in 47 countries.

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Company Profile

  • New Gemalto AT10K Document Reader

    Gemalto launched its latest generation document reader at Passenger Terminal Expo Stockholm 2018: the “Gemalto AT10K Document Reader”.

    The Gemalto AT10K document reader can inspect, authenticate and capture data from electronic travel and identity documents quickly and reliably. Ergonomically designed and easy to use. Functions include optical document analysis, anti-glare technology to reduce document laminate reflections and ambient light interference, and optional support for biometrically enabled travel documents (eIDs and ePassports).

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  • Gemalto Cogent LFIS check

    The Gemalto Cogent LFIS Check combined with Gemalto’s Document Readers performs a facial authentication between a live person, a printed image on an ID, and the digital image on the chip of an ePassport/eID verifying the traveler against the presented document ensuring that the traveler did not alter their identification photo.

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  • Gemalto LFIS Watch (Live Face Identification System)

    The Gemalto Cogent LFIS Watch (Live Face Identification System) is a video-based facial recognition system that automatically recognizes multiple faces simultaneously from live/imported footage to identify individuals from dynamic, uncontrolled environments.

    Real-time alerts can be sent to any connected computer or mobile device so you can take action quickly. Designed with integration in mind, LFIS Watch offers flexible server deployment and compatibility with a wide range of cameras.

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  • Gemalto Automated Border Control Gates

    Gemalto introduces a brand new second generation ABC gate, to speed up the border control process at the airport with a reduced footprint and with hardware flexibility. The new Gemalto ABC gate solution is modular: a 2 door gate with a mantrap, ideal for entry management with maximum security, or a lighter one door gate, very well suited for exit management. The traveler authentication process can be integrated or segregated, with document verification performed at the first door and then the passenger biometric authentication taking place before the exit door.

    Benefit from a fast and secure border control and greater traveler satisfaction. With this new ABC gate, you can enhance airport flows while streamlining your operations and allocate border and airport staff to value added tasks as behavioral security and customer satisfaction.

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  • Gemalto Fly to Gate

    Fly to Gate offers the possibility to set up a biometric pathway through the airport, from check-in to boarding, using biometrics as a traveler authentication method at all passenger touch points.

    Automated biometric and document verification technologies allow for partial or end-to-end self-service experience, according to the needs of airports and airlines and to the pace at which they wish to deploy.

    Passenger satisfaction is at the heart of the Fly to Gate concept, as they will benefit from best in class security with reduced queueing, and more free time to relax and shop before boarding their planes.


Gemalto Document Reader AT9000 MK2

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Gemalto MRZ and MSR Swipe Reader CR100M

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Gemalto Document Reader KR9000 OEM

Ideal for self-service kiosks Completely hoodless, the Gemalto Document Reader KR9000 OEM​  ideal for self-service check-in kiosks and automatic gates or eGates. The KR9000 quickly reads and processes images from documents, ePassports, and 2D barcoded boarding passes, …

Gemalto AT10K OEM Document Reader

The Gemalto OEM Document Reader AT10K is designed with a low profile and simple shape to make it ideal for integration with self-service kiosks, counters and eGates at airports and other locations such as railway …

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