Airport Baggage Handling Specialists

Glidepath has been a supplier of turnkey Baggage Handling Systems to the North American aviation industry for more than 28 years. In 2004 our commitment to this market was reinforced by establishing a dedicated USA engineering and manufacturing facility in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. More than 40 specialized professionals utilize industry leading technology and fully intergrated design and manufacturing systems to produce world class baggage handling solutions.

Glidepath is especially experienced in providing integrated EDS screening solutions with more than 23 projects in 13 countries and integration of over 54 Explosion Detection System (EDS) machines. These design solutions integrate EDS computer tomography (CT), X-ray machines and explosive trace detection devices (ETD’s). Glidepath’s in-line security screening software provides automation of fully intergated EDS systems.

Glidepath can provide ongoing operation and maintenance of newly installed and existing systems. Operation and maintenance teams can also be contracted to provide airport authorities with full building facility management, including aerobridges, conveyor systems and general building maintenance.

Company Profile

  • Baggage Handling Systems

    Glidepath manufactures a complete range of baggage handling products and systems. Glidepath designs and manufacturers a full complement of baggage handling equipment including check-in conveyors, make-up carrousels, merges, queues, diverters and belt conveyor. Glidepath can meet all airport BHS requirements including large software driven baggage sorting systems for high capacity international airports.

    Airport and Baggage Security Systems

    Meeting international requirements for airport safety and security, Glidepath has developed a full range of software security systems and integrates explosive detection systems (EDS) including computer tomography (CT), x-ray machines and explosive trace detection (ETD’s) for efficient and reliable hold baggage screening. Glidepath’s in-line security screening software provides automation of  the explosive detection system and the automatic collection of bag security status data.

    Software Control Systems

    Glidepath has developed a full suite of system-management software. Software packages, GlideControl – PLC control, GlideView – System Control & Data Acquisition and GlideSort – Automated Sortation Control are designed to interface between airport and airlines information networks, EDS machines and Glidepath’s baggage handling systems.


  • Cargo Handling Systems

    Robust and durable products, which include orientation decks, scissor lifts, traversing vehicles, transfer tables, roller decks and ball decks. Glidepath cargo handling systems can be manual or fully automated and are designed to transport ULD’s weighing up to 15,400 lbs.

    Software Operations and Services

    Manufacturing: Mechanical, Electrical and Software Design, System Design and Layout Preparation

    Three-dimensional Computer Aided Design (CAD) facilities are used to design the most suitable installation and to optimize available space and throughput while complying with building physical constraints. Glidepath utilize three dimensional scanning technology to survey existing site conditions in order to reduce cost and risk.

    Systems Integration

    Glidepath integrates mechanical, electrical and software systems to provide fully automated systems. Glidepath can integrate explosive detection systems and specialized sorter equipment, sourced from key strategically allied suppliers for 100% screening of hold baggage and highspeed sortation. Our software packages are designed to interface with airport and airline networks.

    Manufacturing: Mechanical, Electrical and Software Design

    Glidepath manufacturing facilities have been developed over 35 years and provide reduced production times coupled with flexibility to incorporate customer specific changes at short notice. Glidepath has a comprehensive test rig for new product and pre-site software testing.

    Operation and Maintenance Programs

    Glidepath can provide ongoing operation and maintenance of newly installed and existing systems. Operation and maintenance teams can also be contracted to provide airport authorities with full building facility management.

    Project Management and Site Installation Services

    Glidepath’s highly experienced project management teams ensure that projects are completed to the highest quality standards within budget, timeframe and specification. Site managers work closely with local contractors, provide commissioning to fine-tune customers’ requirements, demonstrate performance compliance and provide training to customer’s staff.

    24×7 Hour Remote Support

    Glidepath’s Internet/dial-in based 24 hour remote support provides immediate on-line system monitoring to support on-site operation crews.

    Problem diagnosis via remote login allows for the download of system reports and system incident logs, enabling our system engineers to quickly trace faults and restore normal operations. In addition our 24 hour telephone hot-line gives you access to experts on call. Glidepath can also provide remote internet networked communications.


  • Powerwalk - Moving Walkways


    The Glidewalk is a versatile pedestrian conveyor consisting of crescent-shaped pallets linked together to form an endless flat conveying surface. Installed in aquariums and entertainment complexes throughout the world the Glidewalk is designed to move large numbers of people and provide throughput control. Ideal for tourist attractions and exhibitions, the Glidewalk adds a further dimension to the entertainment experience.

    Flexible Configuration

    The Glidewalk’s flexible design allows a variety of configurations and layouts to be achieved. Comprised of straight modules and curved modules, the length of the straight modules is adjustable as is the curve radius of the curved modules. Using modern computer animated design facilities, Glidepath can provide different layouts to suit client requirements.

    Glidewalk Project References

    The first Glidewalk installation was completed at Kelly Tarlton’s Underwater World, Auckland, New Zealand in 1981. The success of this installation has led to many further Glidewalk projects around the world including Shanghai Underwater World, China and the Kattegat Aquarium Centre in Denmark.


  • Airport Security Systems

    To meet international requirements for airport safety and security, Glidepath has developed a full range of software security systems.

    These include baggage reconciliation for automatic passenger-bag matching and 100% hold baggage screening for verification of baggage content safety and security. All software communicates with GlideBase – Glidepath’s overall system management software.

    GlideBase also provides system interfaces to airport and airline networks. All Glidepath’s software security systems are designed to run on industry standard hardware providing low cost of ownership, reliability and future expandability. Please see Glidepath’s “Baggage Handling Systems” page and the “Santiago Airport” case study for more information on Glidepath hold baggage screening.


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