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GDP is a manufacturer and supplier of Airport Access/Temperature Screening and Virus Sanitising Solutions. With offices in over 20 countries we partner with the best local talent and innovative solutions available and bring them all together in one place. All products are unique to us and have been thoroughly tested and verified at the highest levels to perform as we claim they perform.

  • Our Airport Screening Solution recognises over 30,000 faces as a security/entry system, whilst also observing temperature checks and mask wearing should that be required. This can be easily installed at business entrances, at check-in desks or at the security gates before passengers are allowed entry into the security check area. It doubles up as a Security Access system with a database of up to 30,000 faces for verification.
  • GHS Hydroxyl Generator for Virus Sanitising and Eradication uses nature’s own system of atmospheric Hydroxyls to continually cleanse a space and keep it viral free at all times. This is perfectly safe and you can work in the same space as the system is operational. Hydroxyls are nature’s way of cleaning our atmosphere and are proven against methane gas, bio-terror agents and all known viruses and bacteria.
  • Our 100-wash Spandex or Cotton face masks use silver yarn/ion technology to ensure 99% biological protection is given to the wearer at all times, even after the 100th Made for comfort, they can be personalised to include corporate logos or given to all cabin crew and personnel as the very best protection they can be given. Over the duration of 100-washes (100-days) they deliver in excess of FFP3 protection for the equivalent of £0.15 per person per day.

More products are under final review currently and will be added to our website when they have passed all the necessary government and statutory tests we expect of them. All our claims are supported by the relevant data which can be access or requested at any time from us.

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  • SmartPass - Passenger Health/Security Screening and Temperature Check System

    Do you need a secure entry system for your building or transport and at the same time be able to accurately produce temperature check readings and decide whether to allow access with or without a face covering? Developed in Korea and widely used on all public services in the country, we have the AHP system for global distribution available now.

    • 8-Inch IPS FULL-VIEW LCD display
    • Powerful processor : RockchipRK3288 Quad Core
    • Stable and reliable aluminium exterior, waterproof and dustproof design
    • 30,000 face database support
    • Face comparison recognition rate exceeds 99.7%, liveness detection accuracy rate is 98.3%
    • Supports accurate face recognition and comparison while wearing a mask
    • Industrial binocular wide dynamic camera and night infrared and LED double photo floodlight
    • Optimal distance for temperature measurement is 0.5 metre, max. 1 meter, measurement error ±0.5 ℃
    • Automatic alarm for abnormal body temperature and guidance when the mask is not worn
    • Temperature measurement data is exported in real time
    • Supports various peripheral expansion such as ID card reader, fingerprint reader, IC card-reader, 2D code reader

    You can see the system in action by visiting here.

  • Atmospheric Hydroxyl Generator for removal of virus and bacteria from all surfaces.

    Can you be virus free on all surfaces without disrupting a schedule or closing down parts of a facility to allow “deep cleaning” to take place…? The system we present is non-chemical, near zero-maintenance (optic/filter change annually) and perfectly safe that it can run in the same area as people are congregated?

    Atmospheric Hydroxyls are a natural component in the air we breathe. They are generated in nature by the reaction of the sun’s ultraviolet light-rays on water (H2O) vapour. This process alters the composition of the water molecule and produces the hydroxyl (depicted as OH or HO·), which is highly reactive. Hydroxyls seek other molecules to bind with, and in so doing, alter their molecular structure, through reduction chemistry. In this process the hydroxyl molecule interacts with and cleanses the atmosphere of pollutants, toxins, bacteria, mould, virus and more. This reduction process results in the formation of neutral, harmless and odourless by-products. In essence, this process cleanses our planet and makes life on earth possible. These hydroxyls are called “Mother Nature’s Broom” and without them life as we know it simply would not exist. This reactive process interacts with organic and inorganic contaminants in the air and on surfaces. These atmospheric hydroxyls are safe to animals and humans because they do not pass through the exterior cellular barrier. There are no known human or animal toxicity from atmospheric hydroxyls.

    The Hydroxyl Generator mimics the sun’s ability to create these hydroxyls by artificially generating multiple wavelengths of ultraviolet light. Any trace ozone existing in the air stream would be filtered by one of the UV wavelengths in the reaction chamber. The remarkable aspect of the generator is that the hydroxyl molecule can now be created indoors. The generated hydroxyls mimic those created atmospherically. Hydroxyls react so fast that they do not accumulate in nature or in the environment of the generator itself.

    Hydroxyls produced by the generator have the same reactivity and mimic the behaviour of nature’s hydroxyls in their ability to neutralize contaminants/pollutants from both the air and surfaces.

    This process means that in any working environment, Hydroxyls can now be generated in the same quantity as in nature, they bind to the virus or bacteria pathogen and neutralise it. No more need for bleach-based products, fogging systems or UV light wands. They are effective on all surfaces – glass, fabric, plastic, metal, wood. Designed to run continuously, the system is provided as a standalone model, which could be installed into any public space providing 24/7 protection against all known pathogen build ups.

    There are 5 different models of system currently, designed for different areas and square footage. The smallest unit delivers up to 500sq ft, going right up to 500,000 sq ft+. We can also, for larger areas such as terminals, work with the existing schematics of an aircon or HVAC system and integrate the Hydroxyl generating component into that.

    More information on the Hydroxyl System can be sent to you or by visiting our website.

  • Re-usable Face Masks, 100-wash 99% Protection

    We are introducing nano technology in the face-mask segment; Nano particles have been used as an anti-microbial agent for more than 100 years.

    Anti-microbial mask are embedded with Nano Smart® (Silver nano particles), these particles are embedded at the molecular level into natural and synthetic fibres to provide anti-microbial protection.

    These masks can be easily handwashed, as the technology is embedded into the cloth allowing the mask to be re-used for 6 months or 100+washes (tested).

    Normal face masks are highly inefficient, not only are they mostly single-use but they are made from material that offers no barrier to a virus nor does it allow a close fit to the facial contours hence leaving gaps between mask and skin rendering them ineffective as the pathogen simply bypasses any filtration that exists.

    Our masks come in Spandex for the ultimate comfort fit and also Cotton with a head-band that allows the mask to be worn for long periods without using ear loops. They are fully customisable, in terms of colour and design (with a small minimum order) and we also provide 4 different sizes of mask , Infant, Child, Teen, Adult.

    To see some of the designs we have and the difference between Spandex and Cotton, please contact us directly.


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