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The Gray Vehicle Bodies Aircraft Wheel Changing Truck was designed over a period of three years, and has been in use at Airports for the past three years trouble free and with great success.


  • Reduce the length of delays if a wheel needs to be changed or Tyre pressure checked during a scheduled stop…
  • More effectively utilise a skilled workforce as a result of its design
  • Provide a safer and more controlled environment when staff perform wheel changes
  • Demonstrate a very visible commitment to the department in respect of “Providing the right training, and equipment for the working environment”

Prior to the introduction of a WHEEL CHANGING TRUCK to the Ground Support Area, the process for undertaking a wheel change on any aircraft will be disjointed, cumbersome and time-consuming. The majority of wheel changes take place during night time maintenance; the issues experienced are primarily associated with the inefficient utilisation of staff. However, when a wheel has to be changed during a scheduled operation the impact is more severe and lengthy flight delays are almost guaranteed.

Company Profile

  • Aircraft Wheel Changing Truck

    Prior to the introduction of a Wheel Changing Truck to the Ground Support staff, the set up time to perform the wheel change is extremely high as two pieces of equipment (a box-trailer and a nitrogen rig) had to be towed to the aircraft separately. The box-trailer transports the wheels to and from the stores and it is also supposed to carry the tools that are required to perform the change.

    The reality is, tool storage environment’s do not lend themselves to proper stocking or control of equipment and of consumables, so a third journey will often be required to get missing items.

    The Wheel Changing Truck will improve conformity with current Health and Safety guidelines in respect of the equipment associated with the processes and the level of manual handling required is also a driver in changing the process to a Wheel Changing Truck

    Using the Wheel Changing Truck will result in a reduction in the wheel change process time from approx 50-55 mins to approx 25 minutes.

  • Specification

    The Wheel Changing Truck will accommodate two Landing and two nose wheel’s for either a A320’s and for A330s The Wheel Changing Truck can accommodate one of each of the differing wheels sizes required for each size Aircraft, the vehicle is also fitted with a bespoke Nitrogen rig with hose reel dispensers, and the vehicles has PTO driven mechanical hydraulics to lower it to Ground level.

    The truck will also carry nose wheels and brakes for both A321 and A320 aircraft.

    Key features of the new trucks are:

    • Second hand or new vehicle chassis can be used
    • Isuzu truck with low height cab and body improves the safe movement around aircraft
    • Wheel jack, and wheel lifter loaded, and unloaded at ground level
    • Automatic gearbox supplied for ease of use
    • Mechanical (PTO driven) hydraulics are provide to lift and lower truck body to ground level
    • Roller doors fitted on all sides of the truck
    • Tool storage box supplied
    • 110 Volt power supply fitted to Leisure battery with split charger
    • Reversing camera fitted
    • LED exterior and interior lights fitted to improve worker safety when working at night
    • Audible safety warning devises installed
    • Clear roof fitted to improve light levels within the vehicle day and night
    • Built in support storage for 4 Nitrogen bottles
    • In built inflation reels
    • Storage for 2 main wheels
    • Storage for 2 nose wheels
    • Storage for brake unit
    • Storage for nose and wheel jack
    • Comprehensive storage for tools and equipment
    • Storage for consumables
  • Benefits

    This equipment will:

    • Reduce response times for adhoc mid operation wheel change requirements which in turn supports the delivery of the corporate punctuality and delay targets
    • Possibly provider’s a full and efficient wheel change capability across the entire fleet
    • Reduce the man hours to perform wheel changes
    • Eliminate Health and Safety concerns associated with old equipment and associated processes.
    • Provide a very visible demonstration of the M&E endorsement and commitment to a Lean working environment which will in turn support and encourage ongoing initiatives.


Aircraft Wheel Changing Truck

Aircraft Wheel Changing Truck Prior to the introduction of a Wheel Changing Truck to the Ground Support staff, the set up time to perform the wheel change is extremely high as two pieces of equipment (a …


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