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Belting Solutions for Airports, Baggage Handling and Baggage Screening

Across the range of Airport Baggage Handling and Screening Systems, Habasit provides belting solutions to meet the high demands and expectations of these applications.

Habasit’s decades of experience in the belting business and expertise in meeting a huge variety of application needs is the basis for our extensive consulting capabilities.

With many years of direct experience in the industry spanning global projects, Our offering extends from traditional lightweight fabric belts to plastic modular belts and chains, to timing belts – developed for the specifics of airport environments and usage – ensuring that you can find the optimal solution for any application.

Habasit is the world’s leading manufacturer of conveyor and processing belts, power transmission belts, plastic modular belts, chains, and timing belts. Along with our quality products, you can profit from our expert, solution-oriented consulting and services, short lead times, and global network.

Our traditional belts have won an excellent reputation at major airports, distribution centers and supermarket around the world. Countless conveyors equipped with Habasit products support logistics and manufacturing processes in a wide variety of industries.

Habasit is one of the few belt suppliers that can provide solutions for material handling across the entire spectrum. Consulting, fabrication, joining and tools, installation and maintenance support, global service, and products backed up by more than 60 years of belting experience – with Habasit you get much more than a belt.

Company Profile

  • Check-in and Take-away Conveyors

    For areas accessible to the public such as check-in and take-away conveyors, the visual appearance of belting material is crucial.

    Perfect belt tracking, low noise properties, wear-resistant belt edges and belt surfaces, antistatic properties, clean joints and high-grip surfaces – high quality Habasit conveyor belts ensure long-term trouble-free operation of your check-in equipment.

    Many of our belts for check-in and take-away conveyors meet flame retardant properties according to ISO 340/DIN 22103 standards.

  • Inclines / Declines and Curved Conveyors

    Depending on the degree of incline or decline the selected belt must have the right degree of adhesion.

    Other key features that include low noise properties, wear resistance, mechanical stability and flame retardant behaviour are part of the Habasit offering.

    For directional changes, power turns provide high flexibility as different angles and even changes of level can be realized.

    Curved belts can be cut in one piece, alternatively they can be tailored out of a number of segments.

    In the case of airport applications, flame retardant properties may be required. For proper belt functionality, accurate belt tailoring is key.

  • Induction Belts, Crossbelt Sorters and Baggage Screening

    For various induction and merge systems (pushers and diverters), selection of the appropriate belt is of greatest importance in order to avoid jams or missorting.

    Thanks to gentle handling combined with maximum sorting precision and flexibility, cross belt and tilt tray sorters have become very popular for use in baggage sorting.

    Habasit offers a variety of high quality conveyor belts to ensure reliable and precise system functionality for all sub-systems such as induction, cross belt sorting and discharge steps.

    For luggage screening devices a non-scratch belt, with excellent, long lasting surface properties is the right choice.

    Excellent mechanical belt stability combined with a robust belt surface and outstanding tracking behaviour are required if heavier items such as suitcases and other baggage items are to be screened.

  • Aircraft Loading / Unloading System

    In the unloading and loading sections, goods have to be handed on and off the belts. Due to this relative motion medium-adhesive or non-adhesive belt surfaces are required.

    Low noise running and anti-glare properties are especially important where people are exposed to belt emissions. For telescopic loaders with reversing belt movement, excellent belt tracking is critical.

    For loading narrow-body aircrafts the sliding carpet loading system provides the most efficient results.

    The sliding carpet consists of a specially designed conveyor belt which features mechanical strength, excellent wear resistance, low friction running side and suitability for nose bars.


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