Handle-iT Ltd

Manufacturers & Suppliers of Airport Baggage Trolleys and Carts

Handle-iT offer bespoke solutions that include airside and landside handling to meet the needs of our customers and their employees.

We can take care of baggage transportation, including secure VIP baggage management through to waste segregation, collection and gas storage and retrieval. Whether you need a one off bespoke transport cage or the replacement of your existing traveller’s baggage cart fleet.

Always using a keen eye for your health and safety requirements, we have years of experience in dealing with bespoke design, tailoring our knowledge to meet your goals, providing an efficient and safe solution to your handling requirements.

Company Profile

  • Airports: Manufacturers & Suppliers of Airport Trolleys and Baggage Carts

    Replacing Your Fleet of Airport Trolleys & Baggage Carts

    Handle-iT make a range of baggage trolleys, each with superb build quality that is achieved through a variety of materials and cutting-edge technology including; laser cut steel, stainless steel and aluminium to produce the cart’s frame. The completed frame has excellent strength, longevity and a low self-weight.

    High quality wheels are fitted to the frame. The wheels contain self-lubricating bearings and highly durable non-marking tyres for years of maintenance free use. Brakes were developed that cup the tyres, thus reducing wear whilst providing exceptional braking dynamics.

    Plastic and aluminium composite panels are used to maintain the low self-weight and offer a fantastic space for branding or saleable advertising opportunities, maximising your commercial returns.

    Handle-iT offers airports anywhere around the globe a range of handling equipment either from stock or on a made-to-order basis, including environmental assessment to ensure longevity.

    For more information with regards to our range and availability visit www.handle-it.com or contact us via email: sales@handle-it.com or call: (0044) 01803 875222.

  • Handle-IT:

    Parcel Cages and Security Cages made to your requirements

    Moving sensitive loads in any environment is a headache, however when it’s an extremely busy airport terminal it becomes critical that high value stock is protected and potentially dangerous goods are transported safely.

    Increase your productivity and efficiency by increasing the volume of goods you can transport securely at any one time.

    Take the security as far as you wish; choose from a standard padlock, lock and key, digital key pad or keyless swipe card locking and entry systems.

    YOU can guarantee the levels of security that you require based on the sensitivity of the load being transported.

  • Balance Baggage Cart:

    Baggage Trailers & Porters Balance Trolleys

    We are also proud to offer a complete design and manufacturing service, whether you need a team of tug drawn trailers, security cages or baggage carts we can provide a variety of equipment to cope with your needs.

    It doesn’t matter if your needs are for a small obscure helipads, Regional Airport or international hub.

    We are available for and experienced in, the design of bespoke airport trolleys, prototyping and manufacturing. Please contact us via email: sales@handle-it.com or call: (0044) 01803 875222.


‘Trafficker Range’ | Aluminium Baggage Trolley | 3 Wheels

At the head of the Trafficker Range, the Aluminium Baggage Trolley is one of the most popular airport trolleys available. Its lightweight aluminium frame makes it easier to manoeuvre than other trolleys of similar size …

‘Explorer Range’ | Stainless Steel Luggage Trolley | 4 Wheels

As the most popular trolley in the Explorer Range, 4 Wheel Stainless Steel Airport Trolley is a popular and flexible airport trolley available. Its heavy-duty steel frame makes it far tougher than other trolleys of …

‘HIPOW’ | Airport Trolley Powered Tug/Pusher

Management of airport trolleys around your facility can be an expensive job, which unfortunately is critical to ensuring a smooth operation. Moving your airport trolley fleet is not only physically difficult to manage, but moreover …

Porters Trolley For Airports

The Porters Trolley is an important tool in airports, for portering customer luggage at VIP points. With a 1500kg capacity on the Aluminium Centre Castor with Polyurethane Tyres option, the trolley is highly durable and …


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