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Airport Security Barriers, Safety Barriers & Fencing, Hostile Vehicle Mitigation, M.A.S.S, Blast Defender & Airport Delineating

Hardstaff Barriers are the preferred service provider for the management and deployment of the UK government National Barrier Asset protection (NBA).

Hardstaff Barriers manufacture and supply hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM), security and safety barriers with our professional turnkey service. From the emergency protection of vulnerable infrastructure, to full design and implementation of perimeter security solutions; we offer a full planning and consultation of the barrier deployment ensuring you have the most effective and cost-efficient product that matches your requirements.

We offer barrier sale and rental, with our inhouse teams we can provide advice, design and installation of our systems.

Our product approvals include EN 1317, IWA 14-1 and PAS68 giving protection in all transport and construction sectors including Highways, Aviation, Nuclear and Ports for protection and delineation. We are market leaders in event Hostile Vehicle Mitigation & perimeter security and pride ourselves in solving industry challenges by creating safe solutions and executing exemplary service levels, in order to keep people safe.


Airport Security Barriers, Safety Barriers & Fencing


Company Profile

  • Concrete Barrier System Multibloc & Maxibloc

    Our Concrete Barriers, also known as TVCB and THVCB, have been tried and tested; with decades of successful service across a broad spectrum of applications, these concrete security barriers have a multitude of uses and applications including Road Way Delineators, Perimeter Security, Farm and Field security as well as Hostile Vehicle Mitigation.

    Multibloc TVCB concrete barriers are designed to deflect an errant vehicle away from local hazards within or immediately adjacent to the highway which have the potential to cause danger to the occupants of an errant vehicle, the workforce, or others. (Per TD19-2006, Chapter 8)

    Multibloc concrete barriers are useful throughout their whole life and are offered in various conditions. They are available for both hire and purchase and a complete painting service or branding options are available on request.

    The Multibloc concrete barrier offers N2/W3 containment, weighs roughly 2500kg and is a Highways England approved product.


    • The Multibloc concrete barrier is a tried and tested product that has seen decades of successful service across a broad spectrum of applications. As the name Multibloc suggests, these concrete barriers have a multitude of other uses and applications, effectively providing:
    • A safe working area – protecting the workforce from vehicles travelling next to the site.
    • Protection for the travelling public from roadside and site hazards.
    • A safe and effective separation between opposing traffic streams in contraflows, preventing ‘crossover’ accidents, whilst maximising available carriageway width due to low deflections.
    • Prevention of unauthorised vehicular access to site compounds, forecourts, car parks, fields or other property.
    • A temporary flood defence or water-retaining structure (when used with other items).
    • Temporary aggregate bays or other storage areas.
    • Direction and protection for pedestrians or light vehicles in quarries, airports or other industrial, commercial or public areas.
    • In conjunction with Hardstaff Multifence – a high-security, easily moved temporary perimeter fence.
  • Perimeter Security

    Concrete Security Barriers utilising Multibloc prevent unauthorised access and enhance the safety of the general public and site workers via delineating roadways, paths and parking areas within temporary secure compounds. A range of Hoarding, fencing and access points allow the system to be completely secure.

    The Multibloc system can be enhanced to protect premises and compounds from Hostile Vehicles – Please see our range of PAS 68 products.

    Our concrete barriers require no foundations and can be installed to follow a curve and go from a flat surface to an incline with ease; giving a mobile, durable high-security solution for situations that require temporary to long-term protection.

    Additional hoardings and fencing products provide quick, easy and cost effective solutions to the issue of site security. Sites of critical importance, the fence product can be changed to a more robust solution using our Hostile Vehicle Mitigation range of products.

    Hardstaff Barriers’ Multibloc concrete barriers have been approved for use by Highways England and have been tested to meet the stringent quality standards of BS EN 1317 Part 2 (vehicle restraint systems). So can be placed along the road side.

    Features and Benefits

    • Concrete blocks available up to 1.4m in height
    • Suitable for use on hard and soft terrain
    • No anchoring required
    • No foundations required
    • Considerable space saving over separate concrete blocks and mesh fencing solutions
    • Available for rental or purchase
  • Multifence and Multigate

    A truly universal, fully integrated concrete safety barrier & temporary fencing system that works in conjunction with our Multibloc and Maxibloc concrete barrier system. This affordable and highly capable fencing system is suitable for use across the whole spectrum of perimeter security applications, including preventing access to dangerous or vulnerable sites and compound security.

    This high-performance system provides the ultimate protection against anti-climb and cut-through. Suitable for use in schools, prisons, data centres, utility sites, power plants, airports and secure units.

    Designed for demanding applications. The system can have multiple additional features to aid additional security including detection, electrified fencing and razor wire.

    All detection systems are fully compatible with Multifence -358.

    Perfectly suited for high security applications, the system provides excellent see-through visibility and is extensively used with CCTV.

    Multigate is an “a-frame” vehicle gate designed to work in conjunction with our TVCBs. The gate makes use of galvanised steel posts that fit directly onto the end of our TVCBs and act as hinge and latch posts. A simple 3.5-meter gate frame made of galvanised steel SHS completes the system.

    Multigate is ideal for works where our TVCBs are required to form a temporary perimeter around a site. This gate is a great deterrent against potential trespassers in vehicles, whilst ensuring that site owners retain the ability to access their when required.

    Multigate uses a common latch design, featuring a male pin on the latch plate with a hole drilled through it to accommodate a padlock. The padlock is then protected by a steel box structure. Multigate is available to purchase or hire alongside our TVCBs and is not a stand-alone product.

  • Perimeter Security Solutions - Permanent

    High-performance security fencing for every application including boundary demarcation and safety, multi-use games area sports enclosures, high-security fencing, maximum security gates and fully implemented anti-terrorist installations including Hostile Vehicle Mitigation.

    Understanding the importance of security in today’s world, Hardstaff Barriers provides ultimate perimeter security systems and can ensure confidentiality on all projects entrusted to them.

    Neither scale nor complexity is a problem to Hardstaff Barriers – capability, competence and attention to detail set them apart. If just one thing differentiates Hardstaff Barriers from others, it is the ability to manage complexity on a scale that few can accommodate.

    Regularly commissioned to perform effective delivery of perimeter security systems, Hardstaff Barriers is an acknowledged leader when it comes to planning, designing and implementing. From large infrastructure challenges to innovative bespoke designs in the private and public sectors, Hardstaff Barriers is at the forefront of delivering the solutions that such projects demand.

    Hardstaff Barriers expertise and first-class record of smooth and efficient installations are beyond question. Such capability, and the experience that goes with it, enables Hardstaff Barriers to approach projects with confidence, providing a comprehensive response to client’s needs.


M.A.S.S. - Multi Applicational Safety System

M.A.S.S. is a steel barrier in highly visible colours that provides a base unit with a range of options that connect on the top of the barrier for various solutions. M.A.S.S. 1 is designed to EN1317 …


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