Airport Surface Drainage & Runway Drainage Channels

Airports make the highest possible demands on the load bearing abilities of airport surface drainage channels. HAURATON offers product selling new technologies and products for precipitation water treatment, and distribute them worldwide with great success.

In this connection the company has specialized in airport surface drainage solutions which must be capable of resisting heavy loads or maximum velocities.

Many product solutions are nowadays considered as technological milestones in the field of rainwater management.

Innovative drainage products from HAURATON make sure that water flows away in proper courses and that buildings remain safe all over the world.

Our strengths are the flexibility and individuality of a family owned company with short lines of decision making and a consistent market orientation.

The success of the company is based on its international sales orientation with 20 subsidiaries and a sales network in more than 50 countries.

Company Profile


    • Drainage and retention in one assembly
    • Channel bodies made of eco-friendly, recycled and non-breakable PE-PP – They are very lightweight and due to their low weight easy to install. They are non-breakable and easily connected with groove and tongue joints.

    Grating versions:

    • Type F – PE-PP funnels with integrated gratings on top, made of high- quality spheroid ductile iron GGG-50

    • the channels are manufactured from a fibre reinforced concrete which makes them extremely strong
    • the SIDE-LOCK boltless locking system gives ease of installation saving time and money
    • there are many different gratings available giving the range enormous flexibility

    • bespoke channels with very high lateral strength
    • length of channel can vary giving a flexibility and making it quick and efficient to install



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