HELLA Induperm

Innovative LED Airfield Lighting Solutions

Fresh innovation with a long tradition.

With the acquisition of the HELLA and Induperm Airport Lighting Business on 1st August 2016, TKH has strengthened its position in Airfield Ground Lighting.

An exciting combination of a market-leading AGL portfolio and USE System Engineering, a TKH company which has developed future standards in energy and data management.

Airports all over the world will benefit from this unique combination in many ways.

Company Profile

  • Safe and powerful AGL

    You can expect a comprehensive range of Airfield Ground Lighting products from Induperm.

    It includes powerful, highly reliable top of the range LED lighting products as well as future-proof technologies to better power and communicate with your LED lights.

    Your AGL will benefit from less effort on your side, more efficiency and a truly innovative technology.

  • Massive Savings and Improved Ecological Balance

    “Guiding lights” are needed along runways to guide airplanes safely. However, many lights on airfields represent a very high energy consumption and considerable maintenance expenditure for airports – a cost burden.

    Therefore, Induperm is providing a product concept for in-pavement lights and elevated lights – efficient, durable and requiring little maintenance, thanks to state-of-the-art LED technology.

    The conversion to LED in-pavement lights pays off in many ways: It´s not only because with around 50,000 hours the service life of LEDs is many times longer than that of halogen light sources – their power consumption is up to 85% lower.

    The lower energy consumption also significantly reduces CO2 emissions.

    In addition to this, LEDs are mercury-free.

    Moreover, the significantly reduced maintenance costs, resulting from the long service life and simple replacement during operation, are another positive feature.

  • Induperm's diverse product range

    Starting with an 8” external diameter and 6.3 mm installation height for the runway center line and touchdown zone, Induperm’s taxiway lights and 12” variants for the runway edge are designed with equally small dimensions in mind.

    Such a low installation height provides huge benefits like low rolling resistance and fewer contact points for cleaning machines, snowplows and aircraft, thus significantly reducing the likelihood of damage.

    Shatter- and scratch-proof glass, as well as high temperature resistant material, ensures long service life, which is important, particularly for unprotected runways which can be exposed to extreme summer and winter temperatures.

    Induperm is also providing Constant Current Regulators and LED Signs.

  • Contactless Energy & Data Distribution – CEDD® the future

    CEDD® is the revolutionary connectivity system for your AGL that makes installation and management easier than ever before.

    We use an innovative technology called CEDD® (Contactless Energy & Data Distribution) based on a safe, inductive system without any galvanic contact.

    CEDD® provides power and data via one cable, reducing installation efforts and improving system safety, thus overcoming the limitations of “traditional” AGL systems.


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