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Hi-Lite is a global leader in airfield safety maintenance serving airports around the world. We offer innovative and sustainable maintenance solutions to maximize airport operations, safety and meet the stringent requirements of FAA Part 139 and ICAO Annex 14. Our core services include airfield markings, runway rubber removal, friction testing, and pavement maintenance.

Hi-Lite is a centralized source of solutions with a full range of services in airside safety. By assessing the current conditions of an airfield Hi-Lite can offer the right solution. The company tailors programs to meet stringent airport requirements, adapt to operational schedules, and provide environmentally sound solutions.

Creating a more efficient, sustainable airport, while ensuring the safety of the traveling public is the top priority of the entire airport community. In order to satisfy the demands of the airport of the future, Hi-Lite has created the AMS+ (Airfield Maintenance Services) program. AMS+ is positioned to alleviate constraints while helping airports reach their maximum potential.

We are constantly evolving and adjusting to keep pace with industry needs and standards. Every day, our services enable airports to carry out efficient and safe airfield operations. In addition to safety issues, we are committed to helping airport operators achieve their corporate and regulatory missions. At Hi-Lite we prepare airports today for a successful tomorrow.

Company Profile

  • Preparing Airports Today for a Successful Tomorrow with AMS+

    Industry experts predict that air travel will double in the next decades. Indeed, we are witnessing the expansion and development of airports around the world to sustain this forecasted travel demand. As airports expand, there are many challenges to overcome in all aspects of airport operations. For instance, in the airfield areas some of the challenges include:

    • Consistency in airfield visual aids
    • Increased landings in runways leading to skid resistance danger
    • Pavement degradation of critical airfield assets: runways, taxiways, and aprons

    Undeniably, creating a more efficient, sustainable airfield, and ensuring the safety of the travelling public have been the priority on stakeholder’s agendas. In response to these issues and the increasing air traffic demand, Hi-Lite has developed the AMS+ (Airfield Maintenance Services) program, a fixed priced maintenance contract with bundled services focused on safety and ensuring FAA and ICAO compliance.

    With increasing passenger and aircraft demand, it is important now, more than ever to put in place efficient, environmentally conscious technologies to optimize capacity while minimizing safety risks. AMS+ is an all-inclusive solution to:

    • Satisfy all airfield maintenance needs
    • Improve capacity without physical expansion
    • Streamline operations of airside infrastructure
    • Avoid expensive downtime
    • Prepare airports for Part 139 inspections
    • Maintain curb appeal while achieving 100% airfield safety compliance
    • Pavement preservation techniques
    • Adhere to clients’ budgetary controls

    AMS+ is centered on the core components of airfield safety including a comprehensive airfield markings program, runway skid resistance management, pavement preservation, with options to include additional related services. These solutions enable airport operators navigate through the challenges of balancing compliance and budgetary constrains.

  • The AMS Difference

    Airports around the world are dealing with numerous critical safety issues brought on by increased traffic, budget restraints, and the absence of a long-term comprehensive maintenance solution. Multi-year contracting of airfield maintenance is a common solution airports have implemented to address their safety, compliance, and budgetary challenges. In addition to long-term contracting, an on-call contracting service strategy is another approach airports and state jurisdictions apply to standardize maintenance and compliance initiatives.

    Under the AMS (Airfield Maintenance Services) umbrella, Hi-Lite is offering an on-call service solution for airfield maintenance. The AMS model encompasses the following:

    • On-call contracting service resource
    • Execution of required scope of work based on work orders
    • Periodical airfield inspections and reporting
    • Local presence in community
    • Cost-effective solutions

    Hi-Lite is equipped to meet the expectations of airports with an AMS contracting strategy. AMS enables airport operators to achieve:

    • Airfield Safety
    • Compliance with FAA/ICAO
    • Consistency in Airfield Markings Layout
    • Operations Optimization
    • Reliability of Experienced Contractor
    • Partnership with Worldwide Leader in Airfield Maintenance

    AMS is an alternate strategy or in some cases supplemental approach to expensive airport equipment acquisitions. Working along with airport staff, the AMS solution contains all the aspects necessary to achieve safety and compliance.

  • Our Core Services, Airfield Markings & Maintenance, Best Practices

    Given airports’ prominent status as the backbone to the transportation industry, Hi-Lite understands the importance of procuring a qualified contractor to execute critical airfield maintenance services. Markings, along with visual aids, play an important role for any airport to carry out safe operations with minimal disruptions. We specialize in all areas of the airfield including runways, taxiways, ramps, aprons, and gates.

    Reducing the number of runway incidents and excursions is one of the aviation industry’s top priorities. In order to achieve this priority, Hi-Lite’s airfield markings program features:

    • High quality, durable paint
    • High performance airport glass beads
    • The safest levels of retro-reflectivity
    • FAA approved paint trucks capable of applying markings up to 3 feet wide in a single pass
    • The utmost visibility available in the industry today
    • Minimal disruption to daily operations and fewer runway closures
    • Quality Control
    • Innovation Procedures

    When planning an airfield markings project, the Hi-Lite team is a valuable resource due to our three decades of experience in horizontal signage. Every project is different and we can recommend the best solutions specific scopes of work. Some projects require certain surface preparation methods while others require complete paint obliteration and resurveying to comply with latest FAA/ICAO regulations.

    As the industry adapts to accommodate growth, Hi-Lite is a reliable partner airport operators can trust.

  • Our Core Services, Runway Rubber Removal, Friction Testing, Skid Resistance Management

    Carbonized rubber deposits on airport runways cause a dangerous loss of friction making the touchdown zone slippery and hazardous, endangering the lives of pilots, passengers and the ground crew.

    Hi-Lite’s modern, specialized equipment and well-trained staff make Hi-Lite the premier airfield rubber removal company in the industry. Hi-Lite offers:

    • Highest production rate per hour
    • Impeccable safety record
    • Environmentally sound practices
    • Dependable service
    • Top quality work

    Hi-Lite has perfected the art of responsible runway rubber removal from airport runways and taxiways enhancing the safety of airfields around the world. Hi-Lite has dedicated itself to developing a variety of ways of performing high quality rubber removal including the R4 process, waterblasting and the chemical process.

    Chemical Process:

    Hi-Lite uses AEROGREEN Runway Rubber Remover, a very effective chemical cleaning technology, in combination with the heavy duty scrubbing action, to dissolve the carbonized rubber residue build-up that can make the touchdown zone on airport runways hazardous.

    Waterblasting Process:

    Hi-Lite’s custom built “Rubbernator” waterblasters can perform a six foot wide cleaning pass, removing up to 30,000 square feet of rubber per hour. The waterblasting equipment are equipped with rear view cameras, monitors and auxiliary lights for safe, productive, high quality work in all conditions, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    R4 Combination Process:

    Hi-Lite’s innovative R4 (Responsible Runway Rubber Removal) process is the most effective way to remove dangerous rubber from the runway surface. It involves pre-treating the built-up rubber on the runway with AEROGREEN Runway Rubber Removal followed by light waterblasting.

    Friction Testing

    Airplanes depend on friction between runway and tires to be able to safely land the aircraft. Over time, the skid-resistance of runway pavement deteriorates due to weathering, usage, aging and contaminants. The most persistent contaminant problem is deposits of rubber from tires of landing jet aircraft. Heavy rubber deposits can completely cover the pavement surface texture causing loss of aircraft braking capability and directional control, particularly when runways are wet.

  • The Software and Services to Simplify and Automate Airfield Maintenance

    The Spec-Rite® patent-pending software platform will transform how you manage your airfield.

    It has been developed by Hi-Lite, the leading global airfield maintenance company. Our patent-pending Spec-Rite software is revolutionizing the airport industry. Developed by a dedicated team that knows airports ensures that it is effective at making your airfield safe and compliant. The driving force to Spec-Rite is the Airfield Digitization Engine. The engine is a proprietary technology where we develop a complete inventory digitization and quantification process customized to your airport. Our software and services are being requested by many of the largest airports in the world. Let us show you how we can make a difference at your airfield. Request a demo today.


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